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Buford’s Massacre and Bloody Tarleton, the Tide Turns.

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1 Buford’s Massacre and Bloody Tarleton, the Tide Turns


3 Discussion Points The People of America 1775 and Their Politics The State of the War in 1778-79 British Leaders and War Plans for 1780 Invasion of the South and the Siege of Charles Town

4 Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton the British Legion & Col. Abraham Buford and the 11 th Virginia 3 rd Detachment Battle of the Waxhaws The Aftermath The Battlefield Today Friends of the Buford Massacre Battlefield

5 People of America 1775 Population of the colonies and there ethnic origins The great majority of the population of both North and South Carolina is in the Western mountains and the bulk of these people are Scots-Irish.

6 Politics of the South Supporters of the American Cause are called Whigs or Patriots and by the British those damned Rebels. Those that are in favor of remaining with the British Crown are called Tories or Loyalists. Before the British invasion of 1780 the population of the Carolinas is equally divided in their politics with one third of the population Loyalist, one third Whig and the remaining third being neutral.

7 The State of the War in 1779 Most of the battles prior to 1780 are fought in the Northern and Middle Colonies By 1779 the war had evolved into a stalemate. American forces controlled most of the rural areas, and port cities however British blockades disrupted commerce.

8 General Sir Henry Clinton and the Southern Strategy

9 Charles Lord Cornwallis, First Marquis of Cornwallis (1738 - 1805)

10 The British Siege of Charles Town

11 Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton 1754- 1833

12 Col. Abraham Buford (1747-1833)

13 Uniforms of the British Legion and 17th Light Dragoons

14 Uniforms of the 11th Virginia and British Legion Infantry

15 Battle of the Waxhaws Col. Buford and his 3 rd detachment of the 11 th Virginia Regiment is one of 3 reorganized Virginia Detachments. The 1 st and 2 nd detachments, are captured at the surrender of Charles Town He is ordered to retire to North Carolina and safety.

16 Battle of the Waxhaws Cornwallis sends the British Legion in pursuit. After a hard ride Tarleton and his Legion overtake the Americans near a crossing in Northern, South Carolina near the intersection of present day SC Route 9 and 522.

17 Early Drawing of Tarleton’s Charge at the Battle of the Waxhaws

18 Casualties and Recriminations of the Battle 113 Americans are dead on the field 150 are wounded most so severely from saber cuts they will die in days or weeks. 50 Americans are captured and interred in prisons ships in Charles Town (most will die during their captivity) British casualties are 5 dead and 15 wounded

19 The Aftermath - Kings Mountain a Resounding American Victory American Casualties 29 killed 58 wounded [2] [2] British Casualties 290 killed 163 wounded 668 captured [ [

20 The Aftermath – Battle of the Cowpens and Tarleton’s Defeat American General Daniel Morgan developed and executed a strategy which utterly destroyed forces led by Tarleton, this included his British Legion loyalist troops And British regulars.

21 The Aftermath – Yorktown and Final Victory

22 LANCASTER COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA Metal Detector Survey and Battlefield Delineation of the Buford’s Massacre (Waxhaws) Revolutionary War Battlefield, SC Route 9 and SC Route 522 Intersection Improvements The Battlefield Today

23 Artifacts collected on the battlefield tell us a story of how the battle was fought where the opponents were located and the size of the battlefield.

24 A few.68 to.70 diameter musket balls for the.75 Brown Bess were also recovered

25 Other items recovered on the battlefield included personal items and fragments of weapons



28 Mass Grave Burial Site Located at the Buford Massacre Battlefield

29 Friends of the Buford Massacre Battlefield

30 Battlefield Clean Up – 2012, Buford High School JROTC


32 The Buford Battle Flag


34 Setting the Flagpole at Buford Massacre Battlefield

35 Our Helpers and Miss Emily

36 New Flagpole for the Buford Battlefield

37 JROTC Color Guard Raising the Flags and Revolutionary Re-Enactor Honor Guard

38 The American and Buford Flag Fly for the First Time in 232 Years over the Buford Massacre Battlefield

39 To Honor and Remember

40 Mission Statement of the Friends of the Buford Massacre Battlefield It is the mission of the Friends of the Buford Massacre Battlefield to promote, preserve and improve this battlefield memorial; to provide an educational experience so that the memory of these fallen heroes and their supreme sacrifice is not forgotten nor the significance of this battle denied it’s place in history.

41 Rendering of Future Buford Massacre Memorial


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