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Lebanon and Camp David (1976- 1984) IAFS/JWST 3650.

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1 Lebanon and Camp David (1976- 1984) IAFS/JWST 3650

2 Reminder Paper workshop Thurs Drafts to group Tuesday by 5pm Do you have a group?

3 Outline Lebanese Civil War Camp David Talks Life in West Bank Early 1980s Tensions 1982 Israeli Invasion of Lebanon

4 Lebanese Civil War Tensions between Maronite Christian militias and Palestinians in Lebanon PLO-controlled refugee camps near Beirut, in southern Lebanon

5 Lebanese Civil War Israeli security concerns: – Syrian influence in Lebanon – PLO base in Lebanon Mar 1978: PLO raid in Israel, Israeli invasion of Lebanon

6 Camp David Talks Menachim Begin of Israel and Anwar Sadat of Egypt 5-17 Sep 1978

7 Camp David Accords Future autonomy of West Bank and Gaza Strip Israeli-Egyptian peace Vagueness re “legitimate rights of the Palestinian people”

8 Camp David Accords 1978 Nobel Peace Prize to Sadat and Begin Mar 1979 signing of Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty

9 West Bank Life Palestinian disappointment with Israeli-Egyptian accord Boost to Yasser Arafat’s prestige West Bank economic integration into Israel

10 West Bank Life Benefits, costs of economic integration Increased social and economic separation between West Bank Arabs and Jewish settlers Increased alienation of Israeli Arabs and growing sense of Israeli Arab-West Bank Arab identity

11 Early 1980s Tensions Clashes between PLO and pro-Israeli Lebanese militias Jun 1981: Begin re-elected, Sharon defense minister Oct 1981: Sadat assassinated Ariel Sharon

12 1982 Lebanese Elections Syrian- and Israeli- backed candidates Israeli support for Bashir Gemayel Bachir Gemayel

13 Israeli Invasion of Lebanon (1982) 3 Jun: Assassination attempt vs Israeli Ambassador in London Israeli cabinet approval of limited invasion Sharon ordered troops to Beirut

14 Israeli Invasion of Lebanon (1982) 15 Jun: Israeli troops outside Beirut 12 Aug: ceasefire 23 Aug: Gemayel elected president

15 Israeli Invasion of Lebanon (1982) 14 Sep: Gemayel assassinated 16 Sep: Sabra and Shatila massacre Kahan Commission reportreport

16 Lebanon War Aftermath Multinational Force (MNF) tasked with supervising PLO withdrawal, protecting civilians US involved in reformed MNF 1983 Marine barracks bombing 1984: MNF withdrawal

17 CLIP Themes Historical focus Balance Student contributions

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