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A. Explain how rising communism and socialism in the United States led to the Red Scare and immigrant restriction.

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1 SSUSH16 The student will identify key developments in the aftermath of WW I

2 a. Explain how rising communism and socialism in the United States led to the Red Scare and immigrant restriction.

3 Rise of Communism/Socialism
After the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks took over in Russia and created a socialist government. Socialist government: State owns most of the property, regulates the economy, and runs most of major industry. Karl Marx advocated the rise of communism( system in which people in society cooperate and own property mutually.)

4 Rise of the “Red Scare” Once the Bolsheviks took over Russia, they began installing a government they believed would lead to communism and believed everyone else in the world should establish socialist governments. The United States citizens and leaders feared that this type of government was going to come to the United States and this period was known as the “Red Scare” People started to fear anyone who might be a communist or cause restrictions on Americans freedom.

5 Palmer Raids When anarchists(people against government) tried to assassinate Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, as well as John D. Rockefeller, many associated this attacks with communism. After this threat, Palmer introduced the “Palmer Raids” in which anyone expected to be a communist was arrested and jailed. More times than not, people that were arrested were innocent. At the end of the raids over 500 immigrants were deported back to their countries of birth.

6 Immigration Restrictions
As a result of the Red Scare, citizens of the U.S. started to put pressure of the government to place immigration restrictions. 1924 Congress passed a temporary ban on the number of immigrants and then in 1929 a permanent was put into place. The restrictions were supposed to allow less immigrants from Far East and more from Western Europe. This lead to a drastic number of Catholic and Hispanic immigrants(both legal and illegal) The KKK saw a resurgence, but this time it was just for African Americans but now targeted Jews, Catholics, Communists. The KKK grow to a national force, not just a southern force of hatred.

7 b. Identify Henry Ford, mass production, and the automobile.

8 Henry Ford He was NOT the first to invent the automobile.
Ford WAS the first to perfect and successfully market it. Mass production- He produced enough automobiles that he could sell them at a cheap prices, thus allowing the “ordinary people” to purchase them. Assembly lines- Again, assembly lines had existed, but Ford had his employees just stand in one spot and master that craft.

9 c. Describe the impact of radio and the movies.

10 Radio and Movies Long before television, radios was the main source for mass communication. Radio brought together a nation and allowed everyone to listen to the same shows and same news reports. Movies came along around the same time and people began to flock to the theatre. People started to relate with the people on the screen and began dressing just like the stars they were watching. Due to this… movie stars became national icons.

11 d. Describe modern forms of cultural expression; include Louis Armstrong and the origins of jazz, Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance, Irving Berlin, and Tin Pan Alley.

12 Louis Armstrong Jazz music became a hit post WWI as the music brought with it a fast paced rhythm and a care free spirit. Louis Armstrong was one of the most notable singers and trumpet players of this booming jazz era.

13 Hughes and Harlem Renaissance
Langston Hughes wrote poetry, short stories, and even plays about the black experience that reminded Americans of their African heritage. Female write, Zora Neale Hurston, gained fame from her novel Their Eyes Were Watching God. Much of this cultural movement took place in New York City and became known as the Harlem Renaissance.

14 Tin Pan Alley Tin Pin Alley referred to various music houses in New York City where songwriters and musicians composed and published songs. Irving Berlin was known as one of the most famous artist to come from Tin Pan Alley because Berlin composed over 3,000 songs during his career, despite the fact that he could barley read music. Famous hits are: “White Christmas” “God Bless America” and “There’s No Business Like Show Business” from the Broadway musical Annie Get Your Gun.

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