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The Loss of Acadia and its Aftermath

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1 The Loss of Acadia and its Aftermath 1694-1755

2 Losing Acadia French and English were involved in War of Spanish succession France fighting for control over Spain, while doing this English took over Caribbean 1713 Treaty of Utrecht allowed France to keep Caribbean if they gave up Acadia; officially became a British colony


4 Louisbourg Louisbourg was built on modern day Cape Breton
It was a fortress intended to prevent the British from sailing up the St. Lawrence River and attacking New France Was not effective; the area was fogged in which meant they could not get ships out due to bad weather



7 Expulsion of the Acadians
Oath of Allegiance was a statement of loyalty to the British King; it was used to prevent revolting of the French King was English Protestant and French were Roman Catholic, Acadians refused to take the oath In 1755 approx. 12,000 people of French Acadian origin lived in Acadia, by 1760 about 10,000 of them had been expelled Many went to New Orleans

8 Imagine you were a member of French Acadia society when the English gained control, do you think you would take the oath of allegiance? Why would you? Why would you not? Please write a paragraph to explain your decision.

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