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Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority YouTube ‘Uppercut’ Mary Shaffer.

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1 Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority YouTube ‘Uppercut’ Mary Shaffer

2 Timeline October 11: Video First posted on YouTube First media calls that evening, talked with CEO Viewed video, operator was suspended October 12: My busiest day at RTA. September 18: Actual incident date Police report, 8 pages, witness statements Never any mention of a punch by anyone

3 Posting of videos Six videos, the first is the closest, second farther back (both added websites) Operator Artis Hughes vs. customer Shi’dea Lane (see video one and two) Created transcript of incident from the first video, in case of arbitration and lawsuits Still see this video daily in Cleveland, hearing about the ‘infamous uppercut’

4 Public/Media Responses How we heard from people emails, phone calls, FB posts and tweets What were they angry about? What did they do about it?

5 Media Relations What we did Crafted a message: media statement, phone operators, facebook, twitter, emails, general calls; kept track of comments/calls Created a media/public information request spreadsheet Pulled operator Artis Hughes file and info Shared the redacted police report quickly

6 FB Page ‘Uppercut OG support’

7 FB ‘Shi’Dea Lane’ page

8 FB and Twitter Comments Drivers should be armed with tasers!!!! She got what she deserved...old school Something needs to be done about this level of disrespect shown by passengers. Everybody should be held to a high standard, customers included. She started it and he finished it! Bout time someone shut these nasty little mouths up. She should be banned from RTA

9 More comments I hope he presses charges for her hurting his hand. she totally got what she deserved. Act like a man, get knocked out like a man. I will never agree that any man should hit a woman You can ride the bus out of the hood, but you can't ride the hood out of the bus.

10 Follow Up News Reports Continuously using the same video Searching: “Are operators safe on RTA? Is RTA doing enough to protect them? Is this common on RTA? What laws protect drivers/customers” Fox 8 found a new ‘Shi’dea Lane’, who had retained a lawyer (see this video) Customers continue to ask why Hughes would be fired (via email/phone/sm)

11 Aftermath Hughes fired on November 6; silence Political events City of Cleveland proposed stricter penalties for unruly customers State lawmakers proposals More uniformed and undercover officers riding the system daily

12 Aftermath (cont) Legal changes – union vs. mgmt handling drivers for court Discussions about safety, balancing safety messages for all Lane and Hughes: Days in Court in March No lawsuit against RTA at this time

13 Focus on Security Safety & Security Committee - Board Committee; Labor/Mgmt Comittee Testing two enclosure used elsewhere Asking for operator feedback Positive/negative Feb 19 RTA Board approved $2.5 million in camera systems (upgrades and new cameras and recording devices)

14 Questions/Comments Thank you! Mary Shaffer 216.566.5211

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