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The Katherine Region. The Katherine Hospital The Pharmacy Department.

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1 The Katherine Region

2 The Katherine Hospital

3 The Pharmacy Department

4 The “Rural” Pharmacy

5 The Clinics Bulman Kalkaringi Lajamanu

6 The Australia Day1998 flood The day before

7 The day

8 The day (Cont’d)

9 Where to go? Emergency Centre at Police/Fire Station at East Katherine

10 What to do? Help the needs of people without a home

11 How to help them? What a mess!

12 Preparation Patient records Stock to be waterproof Essential medicines isolated STAGE 2 Stand By The Chief Pharmacist or Deputy will:- a) Receive information from Emergency Coordination Centre re: 1) severity of emergency 2) anticipated number of casualties 3) anticipated time of arrival of casualties. b) Brief available staff/attend the hospital. c) Nominate staff for emergency duty. d) Nominate staff for stock moves. e) Take note of current stock levels of essential supplies. f) Notify off duty/on call staff as appropriate. g) Prepare community shelter emergency packs if necessary. h) Notify Emergency Coordination Centre of preparedness.

13 Emergency Centre setup Records Supplies Containers Reference books Record activity STAGE 3 Call Out The Chief Pharmacist or Deputy will:- a)Receive information from Emergency Coordination Centre. b) Ensure that all imprests are fully stocked, and that anticipated extra requirements are met for individual areas such as the Emergency Department and Operating Theatre Suite. c) Ensure removal of stock from lower ground floor (if needed). d) Ensure preparation of additional stocks as appropriate/required. e) Maintain a pharmacy service to all areas of the hospital. f) Provide assistance to the Emergency Coordination Centre Team if possible.

14 Contents of a Cyclone Kit DRUGS ADT Benzyl Penicillin Cephazolin Injection Povidone Iodine Solution Procaine Penicillin Diazepam Injection Diazepam Tablets Haloperidol Injection Lignocaine Injection Pethidine Injection Morphine Injection Paracetamol Syrup Paracetamol Tablets Paracetamol/Codeine Tablets Promethazine Tablets Salbutamol Inhaler Water for injection Normal Saline IV 1000ml

15 EMERGENCY DRUGS Adrenaline 1/1000 Aminophylline Injection Atropine Injection Benztropine Injection Frusemide Injection Hydrocortisone Injection Naloxone Injection

16 The aftermath Be ready for “well wishers” ….and the Prime Minister

17 The aftermath More mess!

18 The aftermath Lengthy delays …still one month later

19 Expectations? Three months later!!

20 Clean Up operation Environmental issues i.e. where to put waste Legal issues i.e. who can dispose of waste Donations of emergency supplies Volunteer workforce

21 In the meantime… STAGE 4 - Cyclone Warning Increasing threat to Darwin. At this time an official announcement will be made to the public to take shelter. 1. Pharmacy staff to shelter in Pharmacy Department Rest Rooms. STAGE 5 - Cyclone Warning Declared when destructive winds have reached the outskirts of Darwin. 1. Staff to remain in shelter area. 2. Prepare to implement the Mass Casualty Plan on instruction from Emergency Coordination Centre.

22 A cyclone caused this flood

23 …and so…

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