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U.S. Imperialism in Asia

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1 U.S. Imperialism in Asia

2 I.The Philippines A. The Treaty of Paris (1898) called for American Annexation of the Philippines. 1. Emilio Aguinaldo and his followers vowed to fight for their freedom, when they heard the terms of the treaty.

3 B. The Philippine American War 1.Filipinos used guerilla tactics. 2.Americans forced Filipinos to live in designated zones where many died from disease

4 C. Aftermath of the War 1.After putting down the rebellion The U.S. set up a government 2. The U.S. President would elect a governor who appoint the upper houses of the legislature

5 II. China

6 A. Open door Notes 1. Letters to leaders of imperialist nations proposing that the nations share their trading rights with the United States. http://www.

7 B. Boxer Rebellion 1.Chinese rebels pledge to rid the country of “foreign devils” 2.Troops from the occupying nations, put down the rebellion

8 C. Protecting American Rights 1.Following the Rebellion the U.S. issued a second series of note announcing that the U.S. would “safeguard for the world the principle of equal and impartial trade with all parts of the Chinese Empire.” 2.This became known as the Open Door Policy

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