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Hurricane Katrina The Role of Internet Media: Before, During, and After By Chris Greer.

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1 Hurricane Katrina The Role of Internet Media: Before, During, and After By Chris Greer

2 Role of Blogs and Internet Media “Mr. Loy's posting that Friday afternoon came three days before the hurricane struck and two days before the mayor of New Orleans, Ray C. Nagin, issued an evacuation order” New York Times notes that a blog was the first to urge an evacuation Weather nerd sounds alarm A weblog (now more commonly known as a blog) is a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles (normally in reverse chronological order). -source: Wikipedia

3 Role of Blogs and Internet Media “What's more, blogs have jumped to the fore in shaping the mainstream media's coverage of the hurricane aftermath. Indeed, bloggers have served as a legion of fact checkers for political claims and spin efforts.” BLOGS Some more articles on the role of blogs in the news and media BBC article Proceed with caution Defining moment Neighborhood specific news Blogs journal Katrina

4 As Katrina Approached Articles that were written years ago began to appear and circulate online “ A major flood could submerge much of central New Orleans beneath 20 feet of water, leaving many of the metropolitan area's 1.3 million residents clinging to rooftops ” The Furious Storm New Orleans Vulnerability

5 As Katrina Approached “If the worst happens -and at this point it seems implausible that it won't…Dirty nasty foul water full of chemicals and raw sewerage. Further, the bathroom facilities are only expected to function for the first day” Blogs began to summarize expert opinions, as well as add some of their own Wizbangblog A watchful eye was turned towards Katrina

6 During Katrina “I'm updating from's data center on the 10th floor of 650 Poydras. Lots of windows out all over the building. ” A small group of people ride out the storm in downtown New Orleans Here is their hour by hour account Breaking news from the New Orleans Times- Picayne blog

7 The Katrina Aftermath Missing persons websites CraigsList Katrina Wiki I'm Ok Registry Hurricane Damage Slidell Damage New Orleans Damage Many more blogs on or near the Gulf coast Bloggator coverage Many sites

8 The Katrina Aftermath Anger and Frustration Firebrownnow blog Lessons Learned Red Cross Frustration Racial Intolerance Political Finger Pointing Use the buses! “Why wasn't the National Guard called out sooner to maintain order?” “The state Homeland Security Department had requested-- and continues to request--that the American Red Cross not come back into New Orleans following the hurricane. Our presence would keep people from evacuating and encourage others to come into the city.”

9 The Katrina Aftermath Donations and Volunteers donation list Skippy donation challenge Blog donation log “Instapundit readers have donated $360,000 and counting” Free Housing CraigsList Housing Hurricane More Ways to Help Knox Blog

10 Create your own blog

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