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FRANKISH KINGDOMS By: Tressa Freberg Meredith Varner.

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1 FRANKISH KINGDOMS By: Tressa Freberg Meredith Varner

2 Rise of the Frankish Kingdoms  Franks originally Roman federati (could occupy lands in Roman Empire)  Franks lived in tribes each with own kings  Roman Empire falls  Clovis, a tribe leader, began killing off family members (other chiefs) and absorbing their tribes  Within 5 years he had united Franks

3  Clovis began expanding immediately  Clovis died in 511  Empire was divided among his 4 sons  Began the Merovingian Dynasty Rise (continued)

4 Conflicts with Islam  Pre-Invasions Purpose Empires  Leads to Franks New invention “Greek fire”

5 Conflicts (continued)  719 Starting  721 Defeated Continue to fight  732 Ending

6 Conflicts (continued…again)  During this Time New “born” leader End “once and for all”  Aftermath Not all great at once Took time to “cleanse” and adjust  Next Dynasty New leader New Dynasty Future- Great Leader

7 Charlemagne  Born of Pippin III  Ended the Merovingian  Starts Carolingian Dynasty  Charlemagne rules from 768-814  Ruled with his brother Carloman  Carloman dies

8 Charlemagne (continued)  Determined to strengthen realm and bring order  30 year plan  Expanded through conquest  Promoted education  Christian

9 Charlemagne (continued…again)  Crowned Emperor in 800 by Pope Leo III  Died in 814  After Charlemagne  Divided into regions  Struggle for power  Vikings raid weakens empire

10 Collapse  Last Dynasty in Power Carolingian Dynasty  Pre-Fall Charlemagne appointed by Pope Lucrative Wars Result  Lead to problems among- Income, Loyalty, Leader  Large Kingdoms Split into 3 sections

11 Collapse (continued)  What occurred for the Split? Civil War  When 840-843 A.D  Treaty Verdun Treaty  Evolving Sections Part 1- France Part 2- Germany Part 3- Italy, Burgundy, Lotharingia

12 The END!

13 Citations

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