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The Creation & Aftermath Defining Fresh and Local.

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1 The Creation & Aftermath Defining Fresh and Local

2 “Plant Cedar Meadow Farm Lancaster Growers Genuardi’s Family Markets to Plate” Plant to Plate

3 Irrigation and Nutrients Soil Labor Weed Pest Production Management

4 Irrigation –Drip irrigation and fertigation for all tomatoes 28 acres –High tunnel more intense Soil –No-till cover crop practices Re-builds soil Helps protect tomatoes & cucurbits Minimizes erosion

5 Production Management Weed –No-till cover crop minimizes weeds. –Uses minimal herbicides and cultural practices. –Uses a black ground cover in the high tunnel. –Biggest concern is Night Shade. Pest –Sprays according to #’s in pheromone traps –Other concerns Groundhogs - $5k in damages Spider mites - Tomato Plant Crows and other birds - Tomato Ground cover reduced weeds by over 90%

6 Production Management Labor –Hired a field manager to simplify problems –1st year with international program –Accounts for 50% of expenses Biggest Problem is finding dependable labor Last Year Hired 38 Different People

7 Market Management Management Marketing Logistics Finance

8 Market Management Management, Logistics and Marketing –Outsourced to Lancaster Growers for the Genuardi’s account. –Father deals with the local accounts (Restaurants and Auctions). 3 local auctions Premium for early season Any type, grade, and size sold Avg. ~$30/25lbs Early SeasonAvg. ~$30/25lbs Avg. ~$9/25lbs Late Season Avg. ~$9/25lbs 33 stores No premiums Only # 1’s and Mediums All Season Set Price $9/25lbs

9 Market Management Finance –Uses net profit to finance overhead, depreciation, and family living expenses –Land assets split up between family. Ownership is transferred over time

10 Tomatoes Field Grown v. High Tunnel

11 High Tunnel –1 Acre –Weather Not a real variable –Volume 30% more per acre –Quality 80% #1 grades –Margins Nets $15-20,000* –Labor Requires more labor –Investment $25,000 + Labor for set up. Field Tomatoes –7 Acres –Weather Biggest factor –Volume Less per acre –Quality Suffers due to weather –Margins Nets $5-10,000* –Labor Less Labor intensive per acre * Does not account all expenses such as equipment, land, own salary, etc.

12 Lancaster Growers/Genuardi’s Relations –Strategic management Early season pricing higher than Lancaster Price Sells off full supply (1200 dozen in one morning, trying to expand cucurbits) –Farm Price v. Consumer price On farm price ~$.30/lb In store price ~$.99-4.00/lb

13 Lancaster Growers/Genuardi’s Supplier –5 Farms, 5 Trucks –Just In Time (JIT) approach 7:30 pick up Reach all stores by 3pm Sweet corn within 12hrs Tomatoes within 24hrs VINEVINE RIPERIPE

14 Lancaster Growers/Genuardi’s Demand –High demand for fresh products Expansion to other products –Constant throughout the summer New Jersey v. Lancaster Products –High competition within –Stores advertise according to area

15 Conclusion

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