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The Aftermath of WWII When all is said and done… What is the world going to do?

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1 The Aftermath of WWII When all is said and done… What is the world going to do?

2 Immediate Effects of WWII Deaths – both military and civilian Destruction – many countries need to rebuild from war and bombings Debt – lots of deficit spending during WWII Desire for Peace – led to creation of United Nations Decolonization – many countries gain their independence

3 The Death Toll CountryCivilianMilitaryCountryCivilianMilitary Germany700,0003,500,000USSR10,000,000 Japan350,0002,000,000China7,500,0002,500,000 Romania160,000300,000France350,000250,000 Hungary290,000140,000USA--400,000 Italy80,000330,000Britain62,000326,000 Austria104,000230,000Canada--37,000 Finland2,00082,000Greece140,00020,000 Poland5,700,000100,000Australia12,00023,000 Czechoslovakia 215,000200,000Bulgaria10,000 Denmark1,000400India13,00024,000 Belgium76,00012,000Albania2,00028,000 Netherlands198,00012,000 New Zealand 2,00010,000 Source:

4 A Return to Peace After Japanese Surrender Japan is occupied by the United States – General MacArthur sets up a democratic gov’t with a new constitution modeled after United States Born out of the League of Nations and ideas expressed by FDR, the United Nations is established in 1945

5 The United Nations Created in 1945 with Charter signed by representatives from 50 countries in San Francisco Main purpose is international peacekeeping organization – resolves conflicts between countries, peacefully if possible. Today UN includes 191 Member States

6 Some Other Consequences of WWII Many countries emerge under new leadership or gain their independence Division of Germany Creation of Israel Other countries (especially the USSR) seek technology and materials for Atomic weapons

7 Independence and Decolonization Countries that gained independence shortly after WWII IndiaVietnam JordanIceland SyriaKorea LebanonLaos IndonesiaPhillipines PakistanSri Lanka BurmaAnd Most Importanly …


9 Israel-Palestine and the Jewish People Israel occupied by Jews for much of Ancient History. Israel conquered by Babylon – 5 th Century B.C.E. - Diaspora Controlled by Roman Empire from about 30 B.C.E. until 7 th Century C.E. (Palestine)

10 Conquered by Arab Muslims 7 th Century – Islam is founded and Muslims conquer most of Middle-East, including Palestine Some Jews still live in Palestine, but as second-class citizens. Jerusalem becomes Holy site for Muslims

11 Medieval Europe Anti-Semitism in Europe leads to harsh treatment, segregation of Jews. Crusades in 11 th and 12 th centuries lead to the deaths of many Jews in both Europe and Palestine.

12 World War I Ottoman Empire is defeated – territory in Middle-East divided between Britain and France Great Britain controls Palestine In Europe, The Zionist movement is founded encouraging Jews to return to their homeland in Israel or create a new Jewish State.

13 World War II Britain puts tight restrictions on Jewish immigration to Palestine in 1939 Holocaust After discovery of death camps, United States and other countries urge Britain to allow Jewish immigration to Palestine

14 After WWII Zionist movement becomes extremely popular among Jews – Want to go to Palestine United Nations puts together a plan for the division of Palestine between Jews and Arabs

15 1948 Great Britain releases control of Palestine Israel Declares Independence as a Jewish State Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon invade Palestine

16 After the 1948 War Israel Drives Arab forces back and takes territory beyond 1947 border Arab regions controlled by neighboring Arab countries Jerusalem divided between Israel and Jordan

17 Why this is Important Tensions between Israel and other countries in the Middle East still produce a lot of conflict and violence The history of United States support for Israel is a major reason why many Arabs see the United States as an enemy today.

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