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Aftermath of the Spanish American War Chapter 10.2.

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1 Aftermath of the Spanish American War Chapter 10.2

2 U.S.A. wrap up foreign affairs. U.S. interests are established in: Cuba Philippines Puerto Rico Hawaii China

3 Cuba The Treaty of Paris Signed December 1898 Conditions -Spain will recognize Cuba as independent -Spain to give USA control of their interests in the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico (these places become unincorporated territories with no statehood ambitions)

4 Teller Amendment Passed before US enter Cuba stating US would not take Cuba and add it as a State. However….US occupied Cuba for three years after the peace treaty. Argued that “they need us” to look after their interests. US were concerned about their interests and business plans. Establishment of a Military government US establish education, economic stability, medical aid,& yellow fever cure.

5 Philippines US and Philippines worked together vs. Spain as they extend the Spanish - American War. Philippines wanted independence at the end of the war, US ignored this claim. Emilio Aguinaldo led Philippines vs. USA 3 years of war. 7000 US dead or wounded 216,000 Filipinos' dead

6 Puerto Rico US Territory under military rule till 1900 Establish education, infrastructure, policed. Foraker Act: US troops withdraw and we set up Civil Government under US control. Jones Act 1917: Granted Puerto Ricans US citizenship Still set up this way today under US control.

7 Hawaii Trade relationships restored over Sugar. -duty free sales of sugar to USA Lease of Pearl Harbor to US Navy White Hawaiians force a constitution on the King, his sister comes to power later. Queen Liliuokalani tries to force US out, US Marines help Sanford Dole overthrow her. Dole claims a Hawaii Republic and asks to be annexed into the USA.

8 China All modern countries want a piece of trade. Spheres of Influence: Gt.Britain, Russia, Germany, Japan, France, want to divide China into sections for trade that they would control. USA did not want this. (They were not included) John Hay writes for “Open Door Policy” - every country should have access

9 Chinese rebels form a group called “ The Righteous & Harmonious Fists” to fight West call them “Boxers” War starts between them and foreigners. - 300 foreigners massacred USA send 2 nd Open Door note calling for peaceful trade and states that “we shall defend this peace” Tensions eases but still US and others are at odds.

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