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MANDALAY, MYANMAR. Hla myo Mandalay City Development Committee September, 29, 2014.

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2 Hla myo Mandalay City Development Committee September, 29, 2014

3 The biggest economic and cultural center in Upper Myanmar. Regional and international “Hub City” with air routes, roads, railways and inland water ways. Second largest city of Myanmar, and the biggest center in Upper Myanmar. Historical heritages of ancient city and ancient sites around the city. The second biggest city in Myanmar with 1.2 million population. 3


5 LOCATION Mandalay Region (7 Districts, 31 Townships) Study Area 228 km2

6 ROLES AND CHARACTERISTICS YANTANARPORN CYBER CITY (ICT town in Pyinoolwin Township) MOGOKE (jade and ruby production center, connecting to China) TADA-U (Mandalay new satellite town project) NAY PYI TAW (new capital city) BAGAN (tourist attraction town) 4 old capitals & last royal capital Second largest city Center of Burmese culture, Buddhism & tourism Regional center of Upper Myanmar Commercial Logistics Transit trade with China & India Innwa Amarapura

7 POPULATION 2009 Total Population: 1,114,068 (incl. Amarapura) Average Growth Rate: 1.7% Average Density: 9,082 persons/km , , , ,703 65, , ,114,068 (9,082 persons/km2)

8 POPULATION forecast 291, , , ,047 78, , , , , , ,580 Year Aung Mye Thar Zan Chan Aye Thar Zan Ma Har Aung Mye Chan Mya Thar Zi Pyi Gyi Ta GonAmarapura TOTAL POPULATION Average Density Growth Rate1.45%/yr Density (persons/k m2) 1.23%/yr Density (persons /km2) 1.76%/yr Density (persons /km2) 2.30%/yr Density (persons /km2) 7.8,1.77%/yr Density (persons/k m2) 1.70%/yr Density (persons/k m2) ,7469,498224,30018,251227,92014,733194,7037,460153,2724,63665,1276,8121,114,0689, ,17910,354241,37119,640253,07316,359223,1748,551227,1846,87272,0597,5381,289,15210, ,41811,127256,58520,878276,14117,850250,0479,580248,0147,50278,3968,2001,402,83411, ,16711,958272,75822,193301,31219,477280,15610,734270,7548,19085,2908,9221,526,99412, ,54012,850289,95023,592328,77721,253313,89012,026295,5808,94192,7909,7061,662,63913, , , , ,703 65, , ,114,068 (9,082 persons/km2) 1,402,834 (11,436 persons/km2) 1,662,639 (13,554 persons/km2)

9 In 2014 In 2040 Note: an extra 245,000 people live in other rural areas of Amarapura and Patheingyi outside proposed development areas. The total estimated Mandalay population is million (CENSUS 2014) In 2040 Population Densities

10 Location : E Lat: 21 ° 51 ´ 47 ˝ & 22 ° 01 ´ 27 ˝ N Long: 96 ° 03 ´ 17 ˝ & 96 ° 03 ´ 47 ˝ Area 6 townships, 96 wards Amarapura (After 2010 expansion area: 217 sq km) Total road length : km (not including village roads) Annual Rainfall : 810 mm/y Current City

11 ADMINISTRATIVE STRUCTURE Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC) directly controlled by Prime Minister’s Office 5 townships, 88 wards (area: km2) Amarapura (Committee expansion area: 9.56 km2) Aung Mye Thar Zan Chan Aye Thar Zan Ma Har Aung Mye Chan Mye Thar Zi Pyi Gyi Ta Gon Amarapura

12 LAND USES Old Airfield Dumping Site

13 Transport Planning  Mode of Transport – Per 100 HH - Private Car 27, Motor Cycle 146, Bicycle 64 Preferred means of Transport – To work : Motorcycle used by four times as many people than go by bike or walk (2nd and 3rd) – To shop: Almost equal number walk or go by motorcycle, almost 5 times those by bike (3rd most popular) – To school : Twice as many go by motorcycle than walk (1st and 2nd) and five times as many as go by bicycle (3 rd ) – For recreation : Motorcycles twice as popular as private car and almost three times use of bus (2nd & 3rd) – Very few use the train

14 Public Transportation in Mandalay City

15 Transport mode in Mandalay city > Motorcycles > Mini-buses are popular for public transport (Large-sized buses or taxis ) > Railway( Circular train) Change of transportation mode Majority of Modal Share Bus/ Train (Public transport) Private carMotorcycleBicycle 15 Mini-bus

16  An organization of the operations better adapted to high capacity / high efficiency  Buses: one main “big company” vs. grouping small operators?  MRT/LRT/BRT: separated operator vs. common with the buses?  Fare system and ticketing that do not discourage transfers during the trip (full integration?)  Integrated passenger information, service coordination, common Operations Control Center? 16 Also an institutional and organizational issue Main bus routes Source: MCDC / Roads and Bridges Dept

17 17 The street today  No clear hierarchy nor distinctions between streets  All transport modes mixed on the same space  Few continuous trees alignment  Poor legibility, security, accessibility, quality of the public space  Railway system insufficiently integrated in the transport network, low level of service


19 Mandalay City & Regional Development Plan. DHSHD. MOC (2040) To develop the land use control zoning plan for Mandalay City Area (2011) sq-mile ( sqkm) Area (2013) sq.mile Population(2010) million Population (2040) million Mandalay City Yadanabon ICT City TadaOo Hotel Zone (5000 acres) Semekhon Port Myo Thar Industrial Zone (20000 acres) TadaOo International airport Airport Based EPZ, SEZ Conceptual Master Plan For Future Mandalay Growth

20 Sr.No f Organization' s Name Project's Name Assistance Amount USD $ million Investment Amount USD $ million ) 1 ADB 8251 Capacity Building Support for Project Identification ADB 8472 Project Preparetory Technical Assistance for Mandalay Urban Service Improvement Project 2 3 ADB G9177 Pro - Poor Community Infrastructure and Basic Services 2 4JICA Water Supply System for Pyigyi Tagon Township (30%) 20 5 AFD Enhancement of MCDC 's Water Supply system and procurement of Technical equipment 3 6 SAFEGE Green Mandalay City Project VEI Netherland Technical Cooperation for Water Supply System Kitakyushu Technical Cooperation (Water Treatment operation and water quality Analysis) Hydrotek Public (Thailand) ( Central Waste Water Treatment Plant & Collection System, Mandalay) Organic Group ( Thailand ) ( Solid Waste to Energy ) 44 Total Assistance and Investment Amount of International Organization


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