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2006 WDL Scholar. Preparing to Become a World Deaf Leader Fernando Ayala Gallaudet Undergraduate Program.

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1 2006 WDL Scholar

2 Preparing to Become a World Deaf Leader Fernando Ayala Gallaudet Undergraduate Program

3 My family

4 My Chilean friends

5 Background Born in Santiago, Chile  Born in 1977  Second deaf in immediate family.  Grew up in deaf school.  Involved in deaf events, community and many other deaf related issues in Chile.  English Language Institute in spring 2002.  Undergraduate student in fall 2004.

6 Academic and Career Goals  Develop organizational and management skills in business.  Contribute to deaf community.  Graduate from Gallaudet University with a degree in accounting and business administration.  Increase awareness of deaf culture and identity in Chile.  Have Chilean sign language legally accepted in Chile as well as to promote and defend deaf civil rights.  Set up financial programs for deaf people to acquit independence, and wise budget.

7 Awards 1996 in ASOMUCH (Deaf Association of Chile) Award for raising funds to build a house for the caretakers on the association’s property. 1996 in Andalican Integrated School (school for the hearing and deaf) communication and Solidarity Awards. 2002 in CRESOR (the authentic Chilean Deaf Citizens’ Association) Certificate and Award for Leadership in the Deaf Community, as a founding member of the organization. 2003 in Gallaudet University English Language Students Organization, Certificate of Achievement for having served as vice president of the organization from 2002- 2003.

8 Involvement in Organizations  SBG in Chile.  Class Treasurer for my school.  Founder and Member of the Youth Committee for Chilean Association for the Deaf.  CRESOR: The Authentic Chilean Deaf Citizens’ Association.  Vice President of English Language Institute Student Organization at Gallaudet.  Multicultural Student Assistant at Gallaudet.

9 Deaf People in Chile Do Not have professional interpreters Education is limited. no high school for deaf Most mainstreaming school have no interpreter Deaf can not drive motorcycle Not enough deaf teachers. Limited access to technology not VRS pager is too expensive

10 Empowering Deaf Organizations through Management Training Project Purpose - Won scholarship - Show promise for improving lives in Chile. - Give Deaf aware of their rights. - Passion to help and continue. - Not limited to financial but different aspect at lifestyle.

11 My project in Chile after graduation - When I return to Chile provide workshops. - When I return to Chile provide workshops. -Same communication method. -Provide training to deaf business. -Provide advices to deaf and deaf family (buy house, taxes, retirement) -Middle man between financial and deaf consumers. -Provide information to avoid loss of money or property.

12 Empowerment Project - Live in Capital. - Teamwork. - Give tasks to other Deaf. - Pass dawn leadership skills to other Deaf. - Spread at skills - Give ideas and information about Deaf and World Deaf.

13 Importance of Project to Deaf Chileans  I plan to go back to Chile to help deaf people.  Set up courses to help teach deaf people in Chile so they can improve some issues.  Help deaf people who have their own companies by teaching them how to balance their accounting and marketing.  Help with organizations or associations of the deaf as well as deaf schools.

14 Gallaudet University and the Nippon Foundation

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