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In its broadest sense, an investment is a sacrifice of current money or other resources for future benefits. You can either deposit money in bank account.

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3 In its broadest sense, an investment is a sacrifice of current money or other resources for future benefits. You can either deposit money in bank account or purchase a long term government bonds or invest in the equity shares of a company or contribute to a provident fund account or acquire a plot of land or invest in some other forms…. The two key aspects of any investment are TIME and RISK. The sacrifice takes place now and is certain. The benefits is expected in future and tends to be uncertain. Almost everyone owns a portfolio of investments. The portfolio is likely to comprise Financial Assets (Bank deposit, bonds, stocks, and so on) and Real Assets (Motorcycle, house, and so on). Your economic well-being in the long run depends significantly on how wisely or foolishly you invest.

4 As an investor you have a wide array of investment alternatives available to you. Investment Alternatives Non- Marketable Financial Assets Bonds Mutual Fund Schemes Real Estate Financial Derivatives Equity Shares IPO’s Money Market Instruments Life Insurance policies Precious Objects

5 Non Marketable Financial Assets :- 1 Bank Deposits 2 Post Office Deposits 3 Company Deposits 4 Provident Fund Deposits Equity Shares :- 1 BlueChip Shares 2 Growth Shares 3 Income Shares 4 Cyclical Shares 5 Speculative Shares Bonds :- 1 Govt Securities 2 Savings Bonds 3 Govt Agency Securities 4 PSU Bonds 5 Debentures of Pvt Companies 6 Preference Shares Money Market Instruments:- 1 Treasury Bills 2 Commercial Paper 3 Certificates of Deposit

6 Mutual Funds :- 1 Equity Schemes 2 Debt Schemes 3 Balanced Scheme Life Insurance :- 1 Endowment Assurance Policy 2 Money Back policy 3 Whole Life Policy 4 Term Assurance Policy Real Estate :- 1 Agriculture Land 2 Semi Urban Land 3 Commercial Property Precious Objects:- 1 Gold and Silver 2 Precious Objects 3 Art Objects Financial Derivatives:- 1 Options 2 Futures

7 Bank Deposits Post Office Deposits Company Deposits Provident Fund Deposits BlueChip Shares, Growth Shares, Income Shares, Cyclical Shares, Speculative Shares Treasury Bills, Commercial Paper Certificates of Deposit Govt Securities, Savings Bonds Govt Agency Securities, PSU Bonds, Debentures of Pvt. Companies, Preference Shares Equity, Debt Related Funds Depends on Market Insurance Policies Double Money in approx. 20 year In Real Estate returns cant be defined bcos of non listing we expect Wealth to double in approx. 4 year Gold and Silver, Precious Objects, Art Objects These are the hedging tools use to hedge profit and Losses.

8 A) Transacted Quickly B) Transaction cost is low c) Price change is negligible D) Debth, Breadth, Resilience FOR EVALUATING AN INVESTMENT AVENUE, THE FOLLOWING ATTRIBUTES ARE RELEVANT. A) Initial Tax Benefits B) Continuing Tax Benefits C) Terminal Tax Benefits Can the investment be made readily and looked after easily?





13 YearSensex YOY Return 19911909.000 19922615.0037% 19933346.0028% 19943927.0017% 19953110.00-21% 19963085.00-1% 19973659.0019% 19983055.00-17% 19995006.0064% 20003972.00-21% 20013263.00-18% 20023377.003% 20035839.0073% 20046603.0013% 20059398.0042% 200613787.0047% 200721078.0053% 20087697.00-63% 200917530.00128% 201021004.0024% 13787.00 21078.00 17530.00 21004.00 7697.00 9180.00 16180.00 12680.00 Graph for Last 5 Years Market comes down due to the Subprime Crises in the U.S and Uncertainity of Govt. in INDIA (Election in Centre) Market Rebound Due to UPA-II. And U.S Slump, major FII’s Investment coming in INDIA.


15 Our Services:- 1)Shares Trading (NSE, BSE, F&O). 2)Commodity Trading. 3) Investment in Mutual Funds, Insurance and ULIPS. 4) Portfolio Management Services. 5) IPO’s 6)E Broking.

16 Soumendra Nath Lahiri (Chief Investment Officer) – MBA (IIM Banglore), 20 yrs exp, Co-Head Equities With DSP Merill Lyunch Fund Managers. Sanjoy Bhattacharya MBA – Ahmedabad, 25 yrs exp, CIO HDFC Mutual Funds, assocaiated with UBS, CRISIL, ICRA. Krishna Kumar Karwa CA, 22 yrs exp, involved in research, advisory, fund management, co founder and promoter for Emkay Global. Om Ahuja CA, 14 yrs exp, Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Private Banking Vertical, responsible for PMS at Emkay K K Karwa Prakash Kacholia Promoters Portfolio management is an amalgam of an idea, passionand conviction. It is the cofluence of expertise, experience and discipline.The PMS team aims to deliver superior wealth creation by way of Long term compounding effect, with investments in good business run by great business managers. !! Essential ideas serve as the foundation: Focus on long term. View investment as conferring proportionate ownership of the business. Seek a margin of safety. Maintain a balanced outlook on the market. Price to Value. !! Set of well established but flexible principles that draw on the concept of “economic” earning power and cash return on investment as understood by the owner of a business. !! Assess investment value, based on detailed and rationale analysis of facts. Create Analytical models that serve to identify “robust business, run by high quality managers, at a reasonable price”.

17 !! Emkay is positioned to build wealth by investing in “Great Business backed by good management” not by introducing themes / varitaions that can only confuse customers. !! No Profit Sharing. !! Our Fee Structure is Transparent and we don’t charge set up fee & Entry loads. !! Low portfolio churn vis-à-vis competition. Period Emkay Avg of Top SensexNiftyBenchmark PMS(%)Mutual Funds(%) (%)(%)S&P CNX (500)(%) FY 09-10126.3497.89 77.01 71.53 85.50 2 years155.45 125.73 100.45 92.98 101.02 23 Months135.50 103.69 80.00 74.27 82.69 12 Months 10.63 8.44 8.48 8.35 2.90 9 Months 2.72 4.37 5.69 5.26 1.44 !! S&P CNX 500 Portfolio Management begins with a minimum investment of Rs 25 Lacs. Investment Amount 25 – 50 lacs 50 – 100 lacs Above 100 Lacs Management Fees2.5%2.25% 2.00% Performance FeesNilNil Nil Brokerage of 0.15% will be charged, Withdrawl of corpus, permitted, under specific, windows – First 10 days of the calender qtr i.e July, Oct, Jan, April

18 Gaurav Jain +91 9818122497 M/s Gee Ess Financial Services 1D/59 A, N.I.T Faridabad. 0129-4002497.

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