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1 Mr. P. Lui


3  For centuries, the Tuareg people have lived as nomads, herding their animals from field to field just south of the Sahara Desert in Mali, near Timbuktu.

4  But this way of life has become IMPOSSIBLE due to a change in the climate.  Over the past 40 years, prolonged drought has forced the Tuareg to give up their wandering way of life.  To survive they have had to start settling in villages and cultivating land to secure a food supply which is less affected by drought.

5  Tea ceremonies are one of the traditions that the Tuareg nomads have held onto. While some Western influences are welcome, some villagers worry their traditions will slowly erode.

6  Some nomads near Egypt worked for the tourists, keeping their camels and taking pictures with tourists.

7  The government can encourage nomadic herders to rear LESS cattle and grow FAST- growing pastures.

8  The government can build IRRIGATION canals and dig WELLS to provide irrigation water.


10  The government can teach people to grow crops of higher YIELD. Irrigation scheme in Israel

11  AFFORESTATION can protect the land against soil EROSION.  Villagers plant sacsaoul trees in Minqin County, northwest China's Gansu Province,Mar. 11, 2009.  Minqin County, located in between the Tengger Desert and the Badain Jaran Desert, is surrounded on three sides by the deserts.  The county fenced about 8667 hectares of sand land and artificially afforested other 4500 hectares in 2008.  The county planned to artificially reafforest some 5400 hectares of sand land this year.

12  Villagers water sacsaoul trees in Minqin County, northwest China's Gansu Province, Mar. 11, 2009.

13  Develop RENEWABLE energy, such as WIND and SOLAR power.  People do not have to cut trees and grass for FIREWOOD.

14  A man rides his motorcycle through the desert as wind turbines spin at the Dabancheng wind farm site.  This wind power facility is China's largest wind farm. China, home to 16 of the worlds 20 most polluted cities, is beginning an aggressive initiative to pursue renewable energy.  Its held that China has the most wind power potential of any country in the world, taking into account its inland and offshore sites.  By 2020 China is expecting to produce 10% of its energy from renewables: namely wind, solar energy, hydroelectric dams and biowastes.

15  Women walking by an advertisement for Prudence condoms in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Condoms are an effective way to block sexually transmitted diseases, including the HIV-AIDS virus.



18  Lack of CAPITAL and TECHNOLOGY  Lack of GOVERNMENT support  Natural CLIMATIC change  Farmes are poorly EDUCATED  unwilling to rear FEWER animals, grow FEWER crops and practise BIRTH control.  Population PRESSURE is great as population grows rapidly.

19 SOLUTIONSEFFECTIVENESS  Less cattle + fast-growing pastures  Irrigation canals +wells  higher yield  Afforestation  soil erosion ↓  Renewable energy = wind + solar power = firewood ↓  Birth control + family planning  Capital  Technology  Government support  Education level  Behavioural factor  Natural climate change


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