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All Souls Trilogy Costume Research & Development by Sharon Ali

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1 All Souls Trilogy Costume Research & Development by Sharon Ali

2 Something Wicked This Way Comes [the Scottish Play – W. Shakespeare]

3 My Thoughts on the importance of capturing preliminary “ unspoiled” ideas: -Sharon Ali

4 Mere colour Unspoiled by meaning & Unallied with definite form. Can Speak to the Soul In a thousand Different ways -Oscar Wilde

5 Concept Development

6 Concept begins with an idea of how to string together multiple components…. The order of things. [origins]

7 Something has to come first. Grabbing a thread… Tying the First Knot.

8 And so it begins…

9 the first knot Part 1 Research for fashion collection inspired by the personalities of All Soul’s Trilogy characters. Matthew –Diana-Ysabeau-Phillip [sketches coming soon]

10 A Time Study of the History of Jackets 14 th Century 16 th Century 19 th Century 21 st Century

11 History of Modern Jackets c 1950 Modern Jackets [ motor cycle jackets] share common ancestry with protective outer wear of the Alpha Male.[ Race Car / Motorcycle drivers in the 1940’s / 1950’s.


13 History of Jackets 1500s Elizabethan Fencing Doublet Motorcycle or racer jackets are based on doublet cuts of the 1500s

14 Metropolitan Museum New York Elizabethan Doublets were based on the protective armour of knights [1300’s]


16 All Souls Trilogy 2 nd knot Part 2 Costumes and character research




20 Hard Book Case


22 Ring Compass

23 Time Pieces Through the ages

24 Ice Block Telescope

25 Juliette Durand’s Bedroom fire place” “a little off kilter”

26 Ysabeau Pocket Telescope?

27 Ysabeau If she had a laptop… maybe it would look like this…. Somehow both analog and digital

28 Telescopes See into other worlds and places so far away it is in another time.

29 3 rd Knot Character Studies Illustrations Capturing Mood of Character through Body Language

30 Ysabeau In Hunting Attire Taking Diana to the woods..she stalks her prey.

31 Satu’s Engraving Aged blood [dried on Diana’s clothes…. Blood should look like it is a fiber … “woven” into fabric A visual foreshadowing of Diana being a weaver

32 Diana in the Garden A vulnerable moment The moment before Satu picks her like a flower from the Garden of Sept Tours

33 Satu As she descends gracefully and skillfully at Gibert’s Castle

34 Matthew At the Bodlian on Mabon Just before they met. Mathew leans against a column casually observing his prey… unaware that the predator is about to be smitten

35 Diana A broken Diana looks across the Obelisque confronting its ghosts and her own.

36 Matthew & Baldwin The moment Baldwin arrives at Sept Tours and finds out Matthew has “taken up” with a witch.

37 4 th Knot Part 4 Period Research Plates

38 Louisa New Orleans

39 Ysabeau


41 Accessories [ Louisa] 19 th Century

42 Elizabethan Doublet Details

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