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2 POWDER COATING: WHAT IS IT. Well Powder coating is really just a powder that uses static electricity to cling to objects. You then bake the Powder coated part in a special oven which will cause the powder to flow and appear smooth. This is a special process but in the end is about 10x stronger and more durable than paint. COLORS: We will now be offering anodized colors as we improve our work and to offer better choices of colors and quality. As we grow we will offer more ovens, more guns, more colors to better our business and customer satisfaction. Our new oven, that will be able to hold dirt track cars, will allow us to do more jobs then ever. What is the size of our new oven? It will be 5 feet wide, 10 feet long, and 4 feet high, which means we can do bigger parts than ever before. ABOUT US: We have been working hard to become a better business over the last 12 months. We have upgraded our powder coat guns, our ovens, and our customer satisfaction as we strive to become bigger and better. We now have more color options and can support bigger part’s. We believe in working in a personal relationship with our customers

3 Before any other work is done, this is what the part looked like. After we are done it will look completely different.

4 Here it is inside the sandblaster, getting cleaned and ready to be powder coated. This process takes time to do because it affects the rest of the job, therefore, you want it done well.

5 This is the final prep before this job gets powder coated. It takes more than just sandblasting to make a job look good, and here you can see that we are sanding it to make it smooth. After it’s all done this step will make it look much better

6 And finally a cleaning to get all the dirt and dust off of it.

7 Here it is in the booth getting powder coated. In this picture you can actually see the powder coming out of the gun and clinging to the part. This is a better way of understanding how powdercoating works.

8 Here it is, after it was baked and cooled, it is now finished and ready to be picked up. This was a great job for us and the outcome was excellent. For more pictures of our jobs please click herehere

9 BEFORE AFTER This is a bicycle that we did. We raffled this off at the fair this year. The boy that got it was really happy and the picture does not show it but it has blue LED lights.

10 This is a multi-colored butterfly that we did, this is actually a lawn ornament A before and after of a motorcycle frame

11 Here are some chrome rims that we did, the guy we did these for was really happy with them.

12 Before and after of a Honda valve cover Before and after of a pedal car we did for this guys grandchildren

13 HOURS: We understand that it is difficult for people who are working to sometimes get to businesses before they close, for this reason, we have set our hours as follows to better serve our customers needs. Please call first to set up a time for the following days Monday through Friday 10am to 7pm Saturday 11:00 am till 2:00 pm Please feel free to set up other times that is better for you. VISITVISIT US ON FACEBOOK. or our main sitemain site


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