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1/??. 2/?? A few words about FEMA 23 members 17 countries Representing all PTW users.

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1 1/??

2 2/?? A few words about FEMA 23 members 17 countries Representing all PTW users

3 3/?? Representing and promoting riders’ interests in the EU and in Geneva Working closely with the whole Motorcycle Community A few words about FEMA

4 4/?? Citizen organisation Independent / Expert / No commercial interest A few words about FEMA

5 5/?? Office in Brussels 4-person Secretariat 3 Brussels-based employees 1 safety expert (UK- based) A few words about FEMA

6 6/?? Current FEMA important issues 1.Motorcycle safety 2.Infrastructure and related EU standards 3.PTW Integration in transport policies

7 7/?? 1. Motorcycle Safety Motorcycle safety = sensitive issue: –Strong emotional side –The safety paradoxe: safety (restriction, control) >< freedom (motorcycling essence) –Overall lack of knowledge (% other means of transport) –Lack of motorcycle experts (motorcyclists) –Many preconceived ideas (about motorcycling and motorcyclists)

8 8/?? 1. Motorcycle Safety Overview of motorcycle use in Europe Motorcycle safety into context Key safety aspects –Human factors –Vehicle factors –Environmental factors –Social factors References & scientific evidences

9 9/?? 2. Road Infrastructure

10 10/?? From all cases: 30% road surface defects 7.7% environment→ primary contributing factor 8% environment → secondary factor 6% design defects 6% hazardous traffic situation 10% inappropriate maintenance, design, road furniture or signs The role of infrastructure in motorcycle accidents

11 11/?? EU institutions & Infrastructure Motorcycle casualty rates highlighted by EC and EP during the mid-term review of the RSAP EP 2005/2007 report on road safety: “Infrastructure in particular, must be thought and developed considering the needs of all road users including the more vulnerable ones, namely motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.”

12 12/?? The Infrastructure directive: –Discussed at EP –Can be really effective in reducing road risks (hence motorcycle fatalities) providing common instruments to strengthen safety:  Road safety impact assessment  Road safety audits  Network safety management  Safety inspections EU institutions & Infrastructure

13 13/?? 3. Transport policies & Mobility

14 14/?? The Commission Green Paper on Urban Transport: –To be adopted this autumn –An opportunity to recognise PTWs’ contribution to the transport mix –FEMA’s contribution paper EU institutions & Urban Transport

15 15/?? USB sticks –FEMA profile –Urban Transport: FEMA’s contribution paper –Infrastructure Directive: FEMA’s position paper –Motorcycle Safety: FEMA’s « European Agenda for Motorcycle Safety » –Support FEMA’s work 2 printed copies circulating MEP Ride 2007

16 16/?? Enjoy the evening! MEP Ride 2007

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