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SATAI Crash Conference, circa 1991, “The Rusty and Jerry Show”(???)

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1 SATAI Crash Conference, circa 1991, “The Rusty and Jerry Show”(???)

2 1.In 2/3 of multi-vehicle crashes other driver at fault (left turn most common). 2.25% of crashes were single motorcycle, 2/3 rider error, cornering most common. 3. Most Riders inexperienced, untrained and unlicensed, 92% self taught (CA trained 70K riders in 2008). 4. Almost 50% involved alcohol. 5.Other road user failed to see M/C due to lack of caution/awareness, and/or M/C conspicuity. 6.73% of crash involved riders used no eye protection 7.Use of daytime headlamp and high visibility jackets definitely reduced crash involvement. Something else circa 1991

3 1.2007 reduced fatalities in all areas, except motorcycles. 2.20-30 age group highest numbers. 3.35-55 age group fastest growing 1.45+ Fastest of this group 4.Average age in 80’s (Hurt Report time) 24, in 2003 42. 5.25% of rider fatalities unlicensed. 6.2007 FL killed more riders than CA, but CA killed more total road users. (Helmets??) 7.2 weekends days kill more riders than 5 weekdays (+12)

4 Thanks Wade Bartlett

5 STATE PROGRAMS 1. MSF 2. Other a. Individual ADDITIONAL TRAINING 1. Track Schools 2. Cornering Schools 3. Riding Schools a. Twisties BOOKS & MAGAZINES 1. Safety Tips 2. Skills a. Audience

6 All agree riding a motorcycle is a skill, therefore rider training for licensing, but post rider training…. 1.No practice exercises 2.No place to practice 3.No real rider training beyond the basic riding course 1.Some but $$$$$ and accessibility 4.No information on how to maintain new skills. Should look to the PD model?

7 1.NHTSA estimates helmet 37% effective in saving lives(????) 1.If you don’t fall off do you need a helmet? 2.Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218 is helmets 1.State Enforcement issues 3.Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for FMVSS 218 1.Fix enforcement issues and some minor wording issues 1.1 out of 2 not bad 2.Comment period closed Dec 08 1.Know of 2 LEA made comments, ineffective 1.Too many exceptions

8 1.NHTSA (DOT) reauthorization plan 1.Done every 6 years, next one is due in 2010 2.Write minimum training requirements 1.Funded last DOT reauthorization 2.Few meetings starting last year 3.Motorcycle Causation Study 1.Start Summer 2009 (?????) 1.Funding in last DOT re- authorization 2.Current funding issues (???) 4.Pilot study completed Mar 2009 1.Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Long Beach PD’s, Orange County SO, CHP Border Division and Westminster & Santa Ana Offices.

9 THANK YOU! Any additional questions or help, contact me at; Future Website,

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