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SATAI Crash Conference, circa 1991, “The Rusty and Jerry Show”(???)

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1 SATAI Crash Conference, circa 1991, “The Rusty and Jerry Show”(???)

2 1.In 2/3 of multi-vehicle crashes other driver at fault (left turn most common). 2.25% of crashes were single motorcycle, 2/3 rider error, cornering most common. 3. Most Riders inexperienced, untrained and unlicensed, 92% self taught (CA trained 70K riders in 2008). 4. Almost 50% involved alcohol. 5.Other road user failed to see M/C due to lack of caution/awareness, and/or M/C conspicuity. 6.73% of crash involved riders used no eye protection 7.Use of daytime headlamp and high visibility jackets definitely reduced crash involvement. Something else circa 1991

3 reduced fatalities in all areas, except motorcycles age group highest numbers age group fastest growing Fastest of this group 4.Average age in 80’s (Hurt Report time) 24, in % of rider fatalities unlicensed FL killed more riders than CA, but CA killed more total road users. (Helmets??) 7.2 weekends days kill more riders than 5 weekdays (+12)

4 Thanks Wade Bartlett

5 STATE PROGRAMS 1. MSF 2. Other a. Individual ADDITIONAL TRAINING 1. Track Schools 2. Cornering Schools 3. Riding Schools a. Twisties BOOKS & MAGAZINES 1. Safety Tips 2. Skills a. Audience

6 All agree riding a motorcycle is a skill, therefore rider training for licensing, but post rider training…. 1.No practice exercises 2.No place to practice 3.No real rider training beyond the basic riding course 1.Some but $$$$$ and accessibility 4.No information on how to maintain new skills. Should look to the PD model?

7 1.NHTSA estimates helmet 37% effective in saving lives(????) 1.If you don’t fall off do you need a helmet? 2.Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218 is helmets 1.State Enforcement issues 3.Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for FMVSS Fix enforcement issues and some minor wording issues 1.1 out of 2 not bad 2.Comment period closed Dec 08 1.Know of 2 LEA made comments, ineffective 1.Too many exceptions

8 1.NHTSA (DOT) reauthorization plan 1.Done every 6 years, next one is due in Write minimum training requirements 1.Funded last DOT reauthorization 2.Few meetings starting last year 3.Motorcycle Causation Study 1.Start Summer 2009 (?????) 1.Funding in last DOT re- authorization 2.Current funding issues (???) 4.Pilot study completed Mar Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Long Beach PD’s, Orange County SO, CHP Border Division and Westminster & Santa Ana Offices.

9 THANK YOU! Any additional questions or help, contact me at; Future Website,

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