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RPG Investor Conference CEAT Ltd 25th November,2011, RPG House, Mumbai.

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1 RPG Investor Conference CEAT Ltd 25th November,2011, RPG House, Mumbai

2  Tyre Industry Overview  Company Update Financial Performance Shareholding Key Parameters  CEAT Sri Lanka  Way Forward Contents

3 Tyre Industry Overview

4 Industry Size FY 11 ~ Rs.30,000 cr. Top 5 contribute to 85% of sales Industry Scenario – Market Share FY11 Revenue from Indian Operations

5 Industry Growth –Top 5 Top 5 : CEAT, MRF,Apollo,JK,Birla

6 Zone of Inflection %ge Radialisation India China Japan North America Radialisation in Truck / Bus Segment

7 Industry Revenue: Market Mix

8 Company Update

9 Financial Performance –Last 5 years 2006-072007-082008-092009-102010-11 Gross Sales23912603261129903752 Less: Excise Duty256273245182283 Net Sales21352330236628083469 EBIDTA15020548306141 Depreciation3133312734 Interest (Net)5854 4066 Exceptional Item #0-80008 PBT61198-3723933 Less: Tax2249-217811 PAT39149-1616122 Proposed Dividend1016 0 8 Dividend %18%40%0 20% (in Rs Crs) # Negative sign in Exceptional Item indicates Income

10 Shareholding

11 Sales Growth ( in Rs Crs)

12 CEAT – Sales Mix

13 Quarterly Performance H1 Particulars Q1Q2H1 10-1111-12 1737.8Gross Sales1160.81191.82352.6 1603.8Net Sales1072.51104.72177.2 84.8EBIDTA-9.461.151.7 25.2Interest (net)34.235.970.1 16.1Depreciation15.717.232.9 43.4Operating PBT-59.28.0-51.2 (0.2) Exceptional expense (VRS) & Non Operating Income 2.8(0.3)2.5 43.6PBT-62.08.3-53.7 5.10%EBIDTA %-0.87%5.52%2.37% 2.71%PBT %-5.78%o.75%-2.46% ( in Rs Crs)Figures in bracket indicate Income

14 Quarterly Performance - Highlights Positives: Halol Plant −Commenced commercial production at the Radial Plant with a capacity of 150 Mt/ day in March,2011 Ceat Brand Acquisition −Acquired CEAT Brand for Euro 9.0 million from Pirelli. Motorcycle Capacity −Increased the sourcing of Motorcycle tyres from 2.50 lacs per month to 4.5 lacs per month. Exports −Export has registered growth of 98% in value terms in H1 FY 11-12 as compared to corresponding period last year. Negatives: Increase in RM prices impacting margins. Slowdown in commercial segment.

15 Category and Market Mix – H1 FY11-12 In MT

16 in MT CEAT 2013 Scenario

17 CEAT Srilanka

18 CEAT- Sri Lanka Q1 10-11 Q2 10-11 H1 10-11 Q1 11-12 Q2 11-12 H1 11-12 Net Sales70.990.5161.479.2107.9187.1 EBIDTA9.312.922.26.711.918.6 PBT7.410.517.94.28.512.7 PAT7. EBIDTA %13.1%14.2%13.7%8.5%11.0%9.9% ( in Rs Crs)

19 Way Forward

20 1.Shift from Commercial to Passenger Segment – Motor Cycle, UVR, PCR Movement to higher margin segment Relatively price inelastic Passenger segment to move from 13% of sales in FY11 to 18% in FY 12 and 25% in FY13 (in value terms) 2.Increase in Export Sales Leverage CEAT Brand in Latin America and Europe. Focus on Emerging Markets 3.Increase Radial segment share Move from 5% of sales in FY11 to 10% in FY 12 and 20% in FY13 (in tonnage terms) 4.Increase outsourcing Motorcycle growth to come through outsourcing Rs 300 crores addition to turnover through outsourcing in FY 13 5.Ramp up of new capacities Halol and outsourcing to add Rs 1000 crores turnover in FY13 Way Forward


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