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2013-2014. WOTD #71 Reproach (v)- to accuse of a fault; to scold; to reprimand Ex.- Tina knew that her parents would reproach her for failing the test.

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2 WOTD #71 Reproach (v)- to accuse of a fault; to scold; to reprimand Ex.- Tina knew that her parents would reproach her for failing the test.

3 WOTD #72 Integrate (v)- to bring all parts together into a whole Schools were integrated in the late 1950s to allow students of all colors to attend the school.

4 WOTD #73 Integrity (n)- the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Ex.- Displaying integrity, Sarah returned the money when the cashier gave her too much change.

5 WOTD #74 Sublime (adj)- outstanding; inspires awe or great admiration; of great intellectual or moral worth Making life sublime requires people to be individuals and achieve their goals.

6 WOTD #75 Superficial(adj)- concerned only with the obvious or apparent Shrek was so lonely because people were very superficial and did not recognize that he was a good ogre.

7 WOTD #76 Cordial (adj)- warm, sincere, friendly; strongly felt Though the couple broke up, they still maintained a cordial friendship.

8 WOTD #77* Admonition (n)- cautionary warning or advice Also seen as admonish (verb form) Paul in the New Testament gives the admonition to readers to be honest, true, pure, just, and seek after things of a good report.

9 WOTD #78 Divine (adj)- excellent, delightful; of, from, or like G-d Also seen as divinity (noun form) Religious leaders profess to receive divine instruction which is to lead people in righteousness.

10 WOTD #79 Conform (v)- to be in similar type; to comply; to behave in a socially acceptable manner People of all ages often feel the pressure to conform in order to be accepted.

11 WOTD #80 Stalwart (adj)- sturdy; well-built; brave Ex.- The moving company sent three stalwart young men to move our piano to the third floor.

12 WOTD #81 Scrupulously (adv)- in a conscientious and honest manner Henry scrupulously recorded the minutes of the meeting.

13 WOTD #82 Tact (n)- skill in dealing with people It was a delicate subject, one that had to be approached with great tact.

14 WOTD #83 Adage (n)- old saying that is popularly accepted as truth “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is an example of an adage.

15 WOTD #84* Liable (adj)- responsible; likely The credit-card company said that I was liable for all the charges made on my account.

16 WOTD #85 Stealth (n)- secret, sneaky, or quiet action The cat approached the birdcage with stealth.

17 WOTD #86 Lucrative (adj)- profitable Ms. Lalich’s business has been so lucrative that she is thinking of expanding it.

18 WOTD #87 Distinctly (adv)- unmistakably; different Peter distinctly heard the men discussing a burglary they planned to commit.

19 WOTD #88 Efface (v)- to erase; to wipe out The scary movie could not be effaced from the child’s mind.

20 WOTD #89 Martyr (n)- a person who suffers or dies for a particular cause Mahatma Gandhi became a martyr when he was assassinated after leading a peaceful civil rights movement in India.

21 WOTD #90 Renounce (v)- to give up; to disown Ex.- Mike decided to renounce motorcycle riding after his best friend was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.

22 WOTD #91* Ensign (n)- a flag for a nation; a sign or emblem of a particular thing The many national championships are ensigns of the Crimson Tide’s greatness.

23 WOTD #92 Doppelganger (n)- two people who look exactly alike; a ghostly version of a live person Many TV shows involve supernatural humans who often have doppelgangers as an evil twin.

24 WOTD #93 Sunder (v)- to break apart; to split Neither of us wanted the disagreement to sunder our friendship.

25 WOTD #94 Frayed (adj)- worn; ragged The cuffs of this jacket are frayed; otherwise, it’s in good shape.

26 WOTD #95 Amply (adv)- generously; more than adequate in size or amount Ex.- During hurricane season, Floridians are amply supplied with bottled water, food, gas, and generators.

27 WOTD #96 Folly (adj)- lack of good sense or understanding; foolishness In Bali, it would be a folly to wear shorts in one of the Hindu temples.

28 WOTD #97 Impede (v)- to delay or prevent; to hinder A lack of organization can impede a student from earning good grades.

29 WOTD #98* Gaudy (adj)- brilliantly or excessively showy The woman was dripping in jewels of all kinds, making a beautiful outfit seem gaudy instead.

30 WOTD #99 Visage (n)- a person’s face with particular reference to shape The sunken visages of the Holocaust victims made a lasting impression upon the students.

31 WOTD #100 Perplexity (n)- confusion; bewilderment Trying to understand the theory of relativity left the man with a feeling of perplexity.

32 WOTD #101 Synopsis (n)- summary; short outline Our assignment was to write a synopsis of the story.

33 WOTD #102 Constrain (v)- to force or compel; to hold back by force The youths’ feelings of shame constrained them to admit responsibility for the vandalism.

34 WOTD #103 Grotesque (adj)- a fantastically ugly or comically distorted figure, creature, or image; bizarre On Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) grotesque masks of skulls are often worn.

35 WOTD #104 Self-evident (adj)- needing no proof; obvious; apparent; plain The difference in the quality of these two products is self-evident.

36 WOTD #105 Transient (adj)- temporary; passing quickly The fashion model knew that her youthful, good looks were transient, so she began to develop her intellectual abilities.

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