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Short Story Test Review

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1 Short Story Test Review
Period 4

2 Short Story Test Part I – Matching : All stories are listed at the top of the page. (A. thru M.) Below are 20 descriptions based on plot, character or theme. Match them. (13 stories and 20 descriptions) Part II – Terms : 10 terms from the unit will be defined and/or exemplified. Part III – Take Home Essay (2nd Marking Period) General Topic - Relevance

3 Reviewing Terms When the slide to your story is shown to the class, you and/or your partner should explain how the terms listed for your story are presented in the story.

4 The Apple Tree by Katherine Mansfield
Characters: Father Bogey Narrator Plot: Father is told by his friend that there is a very rare tree growing in his orchard. The tree happens to be an apple tree. Father begins to become very protective of the tree and takes very good care of it. When the apples were ripened, he had his children taste the apples. They turned out to be bitter. Terms Symbolism Imagery Simile Theme: The theme of the overall story was ignorance. Father had no knowledge about the tree and just assumed that what he heard from his friend was true.

5 Through the Tunnel by Doris Lessing
Characters Jerry (main) Jerry’s mother The older foreign boys Plot Jerry is at the beach at a wild bay, and sees older boys going through an underwater tunnel. He spends the rest of his vacation trying to go through the tunnel and reach his goal, no matter the consequences. Terms Simile Metaphor Personification Symbolism Theme The theme of this story is a right of passage and determination, when Jerry practices to reach his goal and does not give up, it shows determination. When he reaches his goal he has gone through a right of passage and becomes more independent from his mother.

6 The Masque of The Red Death by: Edgar Allan Poe
Theme -The theme is equality in the fact that the upper class could not escape what the lower class could not. Therefore, out side of wealth, the upper and lower class are equal. Terms -Personification -Imagery -Foreshadowing - Symbolism Characters -Prince Prospero -The Red Death (human form) -Towns People Plot -During the time of the Tuberculosis plague, Prince Prospero took in members of the upper class to live with him and to protect them. In the middle of the masquerade that he threw, the red death came in the form of a human and killed everyone.

7 Orphan Boy and the Elk Dog Blackfeet myth
Main Characters: Long Arrow, Good Running, Spirit Chief Plot: Long Arrow, the chief’s adopted son, goes on a journey to capture magical creatures called elk dogs. His goal is to make everyone proud. Terms: Imagery, dialogue, simile, metaphor. Theme: Bravery – “Some came before you from time to time… but you were brave enough to plunge in and you were chosen to receive wonderful gifts.”

8 Like The Sun By: R.K. Narayan
-Characters Sekhar Sekhar’s wife Colleague Headmaster -Plot Overview Sekhar decided to tell the absolute truth for one day and realized the consequences it comes with -Terms Irony Symbolism Personification Metaphor Theme The theme of the story Like the Sun, is to tell the truth but tell it slant. Sekhar tells the truth and faces the consequences showing that the truth can be a blessing or a burden.

9 Luck by Mark Twain Characters Terms Themes Lord Arthur Scoresby
Clergyman Reverand Plot The plot is a man at a banquet who is told a story about Scoresby in the Crimean War. Terms Oxymoron Metaphor Themes Luck- The story tells that success is based on luck.

10 There Will Come Soft Rains Ray Bradbury
Characters: House (includes robots) Dog Silhouettes of family Plot: Takes place in 2026, in a futuristic house that doesn’t realize all humans were killed in a nuclear war. House gets burnt down by fire caused by tree crashing on its stove. Only remains of house is one wall. Theme: The theme is that technology is more powerful then humans, and it will out-live us. Also other themes include the destruction of human life. Literary Terms: Imagery Personification Simile Metaphor Dialogue

11 Damon and Pythias retold by William F. Russel
Plot: Pythias is accused of overthrowing the tyrant, Dionysius, of the city Syracuse. Before his execution he leaves to say his last goodbyes leaving his friend damon to take his place if Pythias does not return. Pythias doesnt return the day of the execution, so right before Damons death Pythias comes running to save his friend. Dionysis was so astonished about his noble act he let both Damon and Pythias free Characters: Damon, Pythias and Dionysius Theme: Friendship, loyalty, trust. Pythias trusted his friend Damon with his life. Damon was loyal to his friend and there friendship prevailed Literary terms: Dialogue, symbolism, imagery

12 The Monkey’s Paw By: W.W. Jacobs
Characters Mr. White Mrs. White Herbert Sergeant Morris Representative Plot: This short story is based on a magical paw that was brought to the White family by Sergeant Morris. He warns the family the danger of the paw but the White’s still decided to have three wishes granted. They soon learn the paw makes people greedy, selfish, and ungrateful. Theme: Evil- the evil of the paw itself that can change someone into a greedy being. Literary Terms: -Irony -Foreshadowing -Symbolism -Dialogue

13 A Visit to Grandmother By: William Melvin Kelley
Characters: Grandmother- Charles Mom Charles- unloved by grandmother Chig- son of Charles GL- more loved brother of Charles Review: Charles and Chig take a trip to Grandmother’s house. They go to answer the question Charles had been asking himself for years, why Grandmother loves GL more Terms: Irony Dialogue Similes Theme: Family- Most important Communication-Needed to communicate between each other so Charles would know she loves them equally.

14 With All Flags Flying Anne Tyler
Mr. Carpenter Francie Clara Young Boy on Motorcycle Lollie Simpson Mr. Pond Plot- An old man wants to put himself in a nursing home. -Symbolism -Heavy Description (Imagery) -Personification Theme- People tend to loose their independence with age.

15 2 Friends by Guy de Maupassant
Plot: Two old friends go fishing inside of a military base because they know the man in charge. While in the camp, they are captured by Prussian soldiers. The soldiers try to force the friends to give them the password to the base but they refuse and are killed. Characters: M. Morisot M. Sauvage Prussian soldier Themes: Friendship Loyalty Patriotism Literary devices: Imagery Similes

16 By the Waters of Babylon Benet
John John’s Father The “Gods” John journeys into the the land of the Gods only to discover that the destroyed civilization is New York City and the “gods” are us. Suspense, irony, theme “We will build again”

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