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Integrating Business Skills into Ecotourism Operations Understanding your market and product Björn Schimanski, MD Asian Trails Laos.

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1 Integrating Business Skills into Ecotourism Operations Understanding your market and product Björn Schimanski, MD Asian Trails Laos

2 Tourism in Laos – A short summary TOPICS 1.Asian Trails – What we do. 2.The main tourist attractions of Laos 3.Some examples of products which work in Luang Prabang 4.Who comes to Laos? Who should I target for? Understand you product

3 THAILAND MALAYSIA INDONESIA VIETNAM CAMBODIA LAOS MYANMAR CHINA HONG KONG PHILIPPINES EAST MALAYSIA SINGAPORE INDIA BHUTAN Beijing Hanoi Danang Ho Chi Minh Siem Reap Phnom Penh Battambang Luang Prabang Vientiane Mandalay Bagan Inle Lake Yangon Bangkok Koh Chang Koh Samui Krabi Khao Lak Phuket Kuala Lumpur Bali Guangzhou Where are we? 25 offices in 8 countries Pakse Jakarta Yogyakarta

4 Understand you product Complete Destination Services PRODUCTS & SERVICES All Asian Trails destinations offer the same core products and services which can be divided into the following categories: ► Hotels ► Coach tours ► Private tours ► Car rentals ► Airport transfers ► Soft adventure tours ► Cruises ► Harley Davidson motorcycle tours ► Home-stay ► ‘Explore’ tours and packages ► VIP Gold & Platinum Services ► Biking tours ► Self-drive package tours ► Lifestyle packages ► Cooking classes ► Spa holiday ► Golfing ► Private villas ► Private jets ► Luxury train journeys ► Full MICE services Through selected partners, we are also able to arrange full DMC services in Bhutan, Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong.

5 Understand you product Introducing Asian Trails Explore – Tours & Packages ASIAN TRAILS EXPLORE We are not discoverers. These stumble upon the unknown unexpectedly. We are not adventurers. These seek exciting but typically hazardous activities for personal enjoyment. We are explorers. We purposely travel into undiscovered or investigated territory. We have a clear goal and prepare voraciously. We gather all available information concerning a proposed activity. We practice any skill required to perfection. And we pass this knowledge and experience onto you so that you can offer your travellers a truly perfect, local travel experience. Come explore with us.

6 Understand you product Asian Trails VIP Products & Services VIP SERVICES For connoisseurs of fine travel, we are pleased to offer a selection of bespoke services, hand picked to ensure an exemplary holiday experience. Each destination offers an array of Gold and Platinum Level services. These vary from destination to destination and include personal touches such as meet and greet directly from the aircraft and effortlessly escorted through airport formalities; informal meetings over breakfast with locally renowned businessmen, artists, journalists or celebrities; transfers and tours by comfortable, luxury cars, vessels, helicopters and jets and of course the best accommodation available. A further insight into our VIP services can be found on each of the following destination pages which follow.

7 Laos Understand you product

8 Laos – quick facts QUICK FACTS Full Name: Lao People's Democratic Republic Population: 6.5 Mio, estimated (2011) Capital: Vientiane Largest city : Vientiane Major language: Lao Major religion: Buddhism Monetary unit: Lao Kip Political system: Single Party State Borders: Myanmar (Northwest), China (North), Vietnam (East), Thailand (West), Cambodia (South) Understand you product

9 Laos – Asian Trails Laos (AT Lao Co., Ltd.) OFFICES Vientiane – 30 staff Luang Prabang – 14 staff Pakze – 5 staff TOTAL STAFF - 49

10 Understand you product

11 Destination map MAJOR TOURISTIC REGIONS 1.Hanoi 2.Halong 3.Central Vietnam 4.Ho Chi Minh 5.Siem Reap 6.Luang Prabang 1 2 3 4 5 6 Understand you product

12 Destination Laos

13 Understand you product By Air To Vientiane : Lao Airlines (BKK, SGN, REP, KMG, CNX ), Thai Airways (BKK), Vietnam Airlines (HAN, SGN, PNH), China Eastern Airlines (KMG), Air Asia (KUL) To Luang Prabang : Lao Airlines (BKK, HAN, REP, JHG), Bangkok Airways (BKK), Vietnam Airlines (HAN, REP) To Pazke : Lao Airlines (BKK, REP, SGN) To Savannakhet : Lao Airlines (BKK) By overland Many entry points from Vietnam Thailand, China and Cambodia Visa on arrival : available at most points, for many nationalities (please check for exceptions) Laos – Entry points

14 Understand you product Laos offers… DISCOVER LAOS ► Experience the laid back way of life, still rooted deep with local traditions. ► Visit century old monasteries and witness hundreds of monks going about their daily routines. ► Stunning dramatic landscapes and wild rugged scenery. ► Adventurous activities through canyons, rivers, mountains and gorges. ► Visits to market towns and refreshingly simple villages and hamlets ► Explore many paths, still off the beaten track ► Delicate flavours and delicious Laotian cuisine

15 Understand you product

16 LUANG PRABANG CITY TOUR BY BIKE Catch your first impression of LUANG PRABANG! Ride slowly through the streets of these peaceful city while admiring its heritage sites such as the Vat Xieng Thong (16 th century) or the Royal Palace Museum. Look at the local crafts sold on the Hmong market and climb up to Phousi Hill for sunset to enjoy the unique view over the city and its surroundings. Activities Understand you product

17 KUANGSY WATERFALL Located only 40 minutes away from Luang Prabang are the amazing Kuangsi waterfalls. Take a short walk through the forest to the waterfall, visit the bear’s conservation centre or enjoy the scenery and take a swim in one of the nearby clear natural pools. An exquisite picnic lunch at the waterfall can be arranged and the tour can be combined with a visit to traditional villages such as Ban Xiang Khong and Ban Xieng Lek, where you can learn about their paper and weaving techniques. Activities Understand you product

18 ELEPHANT TREKK Laos is the land of the million elephants, so why not trek on an Elephant to discover the spectacular surroundings of Luang Prabang? Your elephant “driver” will take you for a ride through the jungle and the river and if you feel brave enough, you can also ride the elephant by yourself! The Elephant Camp also counts with a swimming pool where you can wait for your turn to ride the elephant while enjoying superb views of the area. Activities Understand you product


20 LA RESIDENCE PHOU VAO BY ORIENTS EXPRESS Positioned atop a hill, with stunning mountain views, La Résidence Phou Vao is an unforgettable place to stay. Its calm, tranquil ambience echoes that of the sleepy World Heritage town of Luang Prabang— former royal capital of Laos—spread out below. This Orient-Express hotel is known for its wonderful French-influenced local cuisine and an open-air spa beside a water lily pool. Relax, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy stepping back into a more gracious era. Where to stay? QUICK FACTS Style: Star Rating: Total Rooms: Restaurants: Address: Website: French colonial 5 32 rooms and 2 suites International Phou Vao Hill Luang Prabang, LAO PDR Understand you product

21 AMANTAKA Set on a large garden estate, Amantaka is housed in graceful French colonial buildings in the UNESCO protected town of Luang Prabang. Airy and elegant throughout, the décor and furnishings reflect the town’s French colonial history. Situated just south of Phousi Hill, the resort is within strolling distance of the boutiques, bakeries and restaurants lining the town’s main street. The fabled night market, the picturesque banks of the Mekong River and the former Royal Palace are also nearby. Where to stay? QUICK FACTS Style: Star Rating: Total Rooms: Restaurants: Address: Website: French Colonial style 5 24 rooms, 16 with private pool International 55/3 Kingkitsarath Road Luang Prabang, LAO PDR Understand you product

22 Nong Khiaw Where to stay? NONG KHIAW RIVERSIDE Nong Kiau is a small rustic town by the bridge where the Route 1 to Sam Neua and Vietnam crosses the Ou River. This little settlement is blessed with probably the some of the most attractive natural settings in Northern Laos. Vertical limestone mountains with a river that runs through it takes the breath away. Nong Kiau Riverside stretches over 300 meters along the river only surrounded by forest and mountains. There are hardly any other sounds than the songs of hundreds of birds and cicadas.

23 Understand you product BOAT LANDING GUEST HOUSE The Boat Landing Guest House and Restaurant is the premier ecotourism lodge (Eco-lodge) in Luang Namtha, Laos' northwestern most province, with access to the Nam Ha Protected Area, the Namtha River and Lao ethnic villages for rafting, trekking, and biking trips. Our restaurant serves local Lao food with a large selection of vegetarian choices. We are located 6 kms from the provincial town and just 1 km from the airport. Where to stay?

24 Laos Tourism update Understand you product

25 Laos Tourism update Understand you product

26 Laos Tourism update Understand you product

27 Hi Growth markets: Vietnam, Korea Medium growth: Thailand, Australia, UK Stagnation/decline: USA, France, Germany Unsteady - ?:China, Japan Laos Tourism update Understand you product

28 Laos Tourism update Understand you product

29 Laos Tourism update Understand you product

30 Patterns of travelers to the region – What is your target group? Laos: - Visa hoppers, day trips etc. - Culturally interested - Repeaters to Asia - Nature interested - For package holidays usually in combination with neighboring countries Vietnam: - Business travelers - Culture, Nature interested - Beach holiday Myanmar - similar to Vietnam - added value as being new and trendy Understand you product

31 Summary – what makes a good product? Questions to ask yourself! Know your target market What is your USP? Why should someone want your product? How much will they pay – and do you make money with it? Competition?! Can you handle it LONG TERM? How is the access to your destination? Does it match with your target market? Are you really eco friendly? Do the locals like it too? Understand you product

32 THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION Understand you product

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