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“A beautiful quiet town where you can just sit back, and relax.” Ryan Hayes Comm 115 November 3, 2009 lley.jpg Ryan.

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1 “A beautiful quiet town where you can just sit back, and relax.” Ryan Hayes Comm 115 November 3, 2009 lley.jpg Ryan Hayes

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3  Oley Valley has many fantastic sports teams ◦ The girls field hockey team makes it to states nearly ever year. ◦ The boys club football team just merged with the central catholic high school to create an new football team ◦ Girls basketball made it to state semifinals Ryan Hayes /REnetImages/2007/11/ 07/17772259/500x500_ 17772735.JPG

4  The OIey Valley has some of the most beautiful scenery and land marks in Berks County. Ryan Hayes 9457986_51d7b6ca8d.jpg?v=0 1&tbnid=PtLwhfGp03vtlM:&tbnh=98&tbnw=130&prev=/images%3Fq%3DOley%2BValley%26hl%3Den%26rlz%3D1R2GGLL_enUS340%26sa%3DN %26um%3D1 These landmarks are still standing and show the long lineage of the Oley Valley. They also promote long lasting values and instill a sense of serenity in anyone who experiences it. Bertolet%20Saw%20Mill-Vincent%20Giannini-8-11-08.jpg

5  The Oley Fair was established shortly after World War II ◦ Started and Organized by two people  Warren Levengood, Fred Stauffer ◦ A large number of people helped initiate the opening of the fair.  Nearly 100 people helped set up the festivities ◦ The Oley Lions Club covered most the fairs costs ◦ The first Oley Valley fair was held on October 2, 3 1947 ◦ Kids get our early from school for the beginning of the fair!  Students receive a half day during the beginning of fair activities Ryan Hayes if rF.gif&imgrefurl= ZUc4xk=&h=170&w=650&sz=84&hl=en&start=10&um=1&tbnid=zWPZkPmxdYSZxM:& tbnh=36&tbnw=137&prev=/images%3Fq%3Doley%2Bvalley%2Bdairy%26hl%3Den%26rlz% 3D1R2GGLL_enUS340%26sa%3DN%26um%3D1

6  FFA is a program that teaches students about the environment, its animals, and the ecosystem.  Oley Valley placed first in the nation for the competition this year, and over the past years the Oley Valley FFA program has faired quite well in national competitions.  FFA used to stand for Future Farmers of America ◦ The name was dropped over the past few years due to the overwhelmingly low population of farmers in the present time. Ryan Hayes _for_web_page.jpg

7  The Oley Valley has many good places to eat ◦ Italian ◦ Irish ◦ Grill ◦ No fast food or major chain restaurants.  Perhaps some of the food areas that Oley Valley lacks are a good thing. ◦ Dairy  The Oley Valley Dairy is a historic farm/Ice Cream shop  The Oley Valley Dairy has been providing hay rides, and delectable dairy for three quarters of a century. Ryan Hayes

8  The Oley Valley is a small town of about 6,000 residents south of Reading, Pa. It encompasses part of Amity, Alsace, and Exeter township  Initially inhabited by Native Americans of the Lenape Tribe, giving Oley its name  First settled by white settlers in the early 1700’s  Initially called Freidensburg until the outbreak of World War 1, when the name was changed to a less German sounding name  Largely settled by Pennsylvania Dutch  Oley Valley Fair established in 1947  The Oley Valley still remains a small town tied to its old small town roots Ryan Hayes

9  Higher Standards ◦ As part of the principals doctoral thesis, he raised the grading system by 3% from 90% to 93% for an A, all lower grades followed and failing was changed to 69%  Great Teachers! ◦ The teachers selected by the school board are among the most qualified in the state  The Oley Valley Ranks in the top percent of PSSA testing every year ◦ Junior class ranked 4 th out of 16 townships in Berks county last year  The Oley Valley wins national Academic contests every year ◦ 2009 FFA champions ◦ 2007 Envirothon runners up ◦ 2008 World Quest runners up Ryan Hayes oleyvalley.jpg&imgrefurl= valley.asp&usg=__6oWMlk5jV_LsQqyc1_zQiKJTnjU=&h=252&w=375&sz=25&hl=en&sta rt=1&um=1&tbnid=yOHyB25v9uajbM:&tbnh=82&tbnw=122&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dole y%2Bvalley%2Bschool%2Bdistrict%26hl%3Den%26rlz%3D1R2GGLL_enUS340%26sa%3DN%2 6um%3D1

10  The Reading Motorcycle Club has met annually in the Oley Valley for the past 65 years ◦ The Reading Motorcycle Club is 90 years old ◦ Established in 1914 The Oley Valley contains open roads, and beautiful scenery for those who ride motorcycles to enjoy Ryan Hayes

11 Ryan Hayes

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