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1 Yesterday’s Vehicles on Tomorrow’s roads MOTORCYCLE COMMISSION Report by Palmino Poli Budapest, 8th November 2014


3 Yesterday’s Vehicles on Tomorrow’s roads 1) ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE FIVA MOTORCYCLE COMMISSION The Commission met five times during last year: Split (Croatia) Turin (Italy) Andermatt (Switzerland) Barcelona (Spain) Budapest (Hungary).

4 Yesterday’s Vehicles on Tomorrow’s roads During the meetings, the Commission debated several topics, particularly focused on the realization of a great worldwide event named FIVA Motorcycle Week. For this event a special pin for the motorcyclists has been realized.

5 Yesterday’s Vehicles on Tomorrow’s roads The commission has examined the possibility of improving its visibility by creating two new trophies: one for the Longest Travelled Participant and one for the Tomorrow’s Rider on Yesterday’s Motorcycle. A calendar has been designed too, dedicated to the events in several nations. In the next page, the goals achieved by the Commission and the points which are still open

6 Yesterday’s Vehicles on Tomorrow’s roads GOALS ACHIEVED BY THE MOTORCYCLE COMMISSION Internal Guidelines(NEW) FIVA Motorcycle Week(NEW) Pins with motorcycle logo(NEW) Extra trophies for the rallyes(NEW) Planning long term Rallyes(NEW) Calendar(NEW) Permanent presence on the FIVA Website (NEW) Enlargement of the Commission(NEW) Simplification of FIVA Id. Cards(OPEN) Rally Guidelines(OPEN)


8 2) FIVA International Motorcycle Week The 2nd edition of this chain of event has been extremely successful. The dedicated pin has been distributed all over the world, contributing to spread and advertise FIVA’s values and vision.

9 12 countries CZECH REPUBLIC - GERMANY – GREECE - ITALY - LATVIA - NORWAY - SLOVENIA - SPAIN - SWITZERLAND - U.K - USA – CANADA 12 different events Thousands of participants Same goal: give more visibility and emphasize the importance of classic motorcycles Same souvenir: FIVA MOTORCYCLE WEEK 2014

10 ITALY ITALY Historic Revival Circuito Motociclistico d'Italia ORGANIZED BY: ASI – Automotoclub Storico Italiano EVENT: route of about 2350 km, very close to the original race of 1914, starting and finishing in Milan and passing through the main cities of the North and Central Italy (Florence, Siena, Viterbo, Padua and Sirmione,) in an itinerary which blended the cultural beauties together with the delights of wine and food: an adventure on two wheels touching mountains and plains, lakes and seas, earth and sky. PARTICIPANTS: 50 (from Italy but also from other countries like Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Malta, New Zealand and United States). MOTORCYCLES: The motorcycles accepted were built from 1925 to 1960, certified with a FIVA Identity Card or an ASI Certificate of Identity. There was a large majority of models of the English production (the most of them Ariel brand) as to homage to victory of Oreste Malvisi in 1914 riding an Ariel bike, the most of the motorcycles taking part in this event were manufactured by the Ariel Brand.

11 Link to video

12 SLOVENIA SLOVENIA Museum summer night ORGANIZED BY: SVAMZ and Slovenian museum institutions EVENT: The annual Museum Summer Night took place this year for the 12th time, and it is one of the year’s cultural highlights. From 6 pm to midnight, museums and galleries all over Slovenia were accessible without entry fee and please the visitors with a broad program of activities. SVAMZ helped to diversify the event in Celje for the fifth time. MOTORCYCLES OF THE EXHIBITION: This year SVAM set up an exhibition of the legendary moped TORI. This bike was beside TOMOS the only bike produced in Slovenia region. Constructor Toni RIFELJ started the production of motorbikes in early 80’s and produced more than 35.000 units in a short period of time. Motorbikes were made completely by hands and the he offered to the market different models: classic models, enduro and motocross. He sold his motorbikes all over the world, mostly to Sweden, Italy and Austria. In the 90’s the production was moved to Serbia.


14 GREECE GREECE 6TH Hand shift Rally ORGANIZED BY: Classic Motorcycle Club of Greece EVENT: Rally weekend, of about 400 kilometers (250 miles). Following all the regularity rules, it started on Saturday morning from the center of Athens, and using secondary roads, stopped overnight at the seaside town of Itea. Participants had the chance to visit a monastery, and the archeological site of Delphi. The weather was good on the first day, and the much loved Slow Race (the slowest rider wins) took place at a beautiful site in the mountains. PARTICIPANTS: 50 MOTORCYCLES: Manufactured in the United States of America, featuring a hand shift mechanism and a foot clutch. All participants rode Harleys, some prewar (VLs, WLAs, ULs) and some postwar like DuoGlides.


16 GERMANY GERMANY Veteranen festival EVENT: The start was in a little village (Freiamt) on the slope of the Black Forest. The rally then went down to the Rhine vally and went through a vinegrowing region called Kaiserstuhl to a town of Kenzingen.Then we had a central place with the tests for the valuation. The first lap was some 80 km. In the afternoon the lap of about 40 km went through the real hilly part of the southern Black Forest on small roads with wonderful views and a stop on the hills. PARTICIPANTS: 250

17 NORWAY NORWAY 2014 Trondhjemsridtet1919 ORGANIZED BY: Norsk Veteran Motorsykkel Club (NVMC) EVENT: This rally is commemorating the first long distance road-rally for motorcycles in Norway, taking place late August 1919. The rally was arranged along the original route from 1919 as far as realistic, and was completed over 4 days and 1147 kilometres along the route Oslo-Røros-Trondheim- Orkanger-Ringebu-Gjøvik-Oslo. PARTICIPANTS: 92 (from 8 different nations) MOTORCYCLES: Year of production is set to before 1955 but will be reconsidered, aiming at even older motorcycles. Oldest motorcycle was from 1916, and average year of production was ca 1933.

18 Link to video (

19 SPAIN SPAIN iii motoclassica barcelona ORGANIZED BY: Barcelona Motorcycle Museum EVENT: urban rally of 45 km across the main streets of Barcelona and historical parts of old circuits like Rabassada or Vallvidrera. Motocycles were the great protagonists of the day, attracting the attention of all pedestrians and tourists, surprised at the large number of vehicles. PARTICIPANTS: 180 MOTORCYCLES: Built before 1988. The most part of participants rode national brands (Bultaco, Montesa, OSSA, Sanglas, Derbi,…) but several participants chose international models from English brands (Norton and BSA) and German (BMW and Zundapp). The oldest motorcycle was a Mondiale Sport from 1925.


21 USA USA AMCA viking meet ORGANIZED BY: AMCA EVENT: AMCA National Meet PARTICIPANTS: 3.000 visitors MOTORCYCLES: 130



24 ENGLAND 66th banbury run ORGANIZED BY: The Vintage Motorcycle Club GB EVENT: the largest gathering of veteran and vintage motorcycles in the world. There was plenty for us spectators to do at the Run start with good auto jumble and entry to The Heritage Motor Centre Gaydon Museum. PARTICIPANTS: 550 (some of them wearing period dress, which added to the spectacle including the lead group dressed in First World War uniform ladies complete in nurses uniform to commemorate 100 year centenary). MOTORCYCLES: ranging from 1898 to 1930 riding in three classes a distance of 30 to 60 miles.The later B and C classes from 1915-1930 tackling the famous Sunrising Hill testing man and machine to the full.


26 3) FIVA Motorcycle Rally- Switzerland The FIVA Motorcycle Rally 2014, from 26th to 29th June in Andermatt, Switzerland has been a great success! The countries represented in this Rally are 15, for 159 participants in total. The Italian participants were 23.


28 Patrick Rollet, FIVA President, was with us!

29 Yesterday’s Vehicles on Tomorrow’s roads 4) FIVA MOTORCYCLE RALLY 2015 - ANDORRA Our friends from Andorra will illustrate for us the Rally 2015, which shall be held in Andorra, touching three countries in the same day: Andorra, France and Spain.

30 We’ve received applications from many countries, as you can see from the grafic. Good news: thanks to the commitment of Patrick, France will be probably involved in a future rally! Date and place to be confirmed. 5) Long term pianification of the rallies COUNTRYYEAR ANDORA2015 CZECH REPUBLIC2016 HUNGARY2017

31 6) FIVA/FIM Contacts have been taken to organize a meeting between a FIVA delegation, including our President Patrick Rollet, and the President of FIM.

32 Yesterday’s Vehicles on Tomorrow’s roads 7) Calendar In order to give more visibility to our events and to make the most of the work of all the FIVA motorcycle enthusiasts, who realized in 12 countries events with a total participation of thousands of motorcyclists, the Commission decided to realize a dedicated calendar.

33 Yesterday’s Vehicles on Tomorrow’s roads

34 Yesterday’s Vehicles on Tomorrow’s roads 8) PERMANENT PRESENCE ON THE FIVA WEBSITE The motorcycle section on the FIVA website has been constantly followed and updated. It is now possible to read there in real time the news about our activities and about the scheduled events.

35 Yesterday’s Vehicles on Tomorrow’s roads Thank you for your attention from all the members of the Commission!

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