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Unit One Environments Elements of Plot Welcome Bullpups, we have been anxiously waiting for you!

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1 Unit One Environments Elements of Plot Welcome Bullpups, we have been anxiously waiting for you!

2 Transitions in life are opportunities for new beginnings.

3 How can one be successful in middle school? A. Be Organized Agenda Book, teacher websites, clean locker B. Manage Your Time Plan ahead, don’t procrastinate C. Set Goals Grades, sports, friendships D. Problem Solve Tackle problems, don’t ignore them E. Ask for Help Teachers want you to be successful F. Make good friends Choose friends who will lift you up

4 Elements of Plot Plot is a series of events in a story

5 Exposition Conflict Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution a. The conflict in a story is solved b. First part of a story where characters and setting are introduced c.Events in the story building to the climax d.The “problem” in the story which triggers action e.Action occurring after the climax leading to the end of the story f.The highest point of tension in a story. The conflict will be solved in one way or another

6 Internal MAH – Man against Himself External MAM – Man against Man MAN – Man against Nature MAS – Man against Society MAT – Man against Technology

7 Little Red Riding Hood or Guess Who’s Going To Be Dinner

8 “Hi there, Red,” said a wolf to a little girl in a red velvet hood. “How’d ya like a ride on my motorcycle?” “Thank you, sir, but I can’t,” replied Little Red Riding Hood. “As you can see, I’m carrying this basket of ginger cookies to my grandmother, and I can’t be late.” “Tell you what, Red. You just hop on the back, and I’ll run you over to Granny’s in five seconds flat.” “My grandmother lives way out at the end of Lonely Road,” Red protested. “It’s miles and miles.” “This here motorcycle eats miles.” Exposition Setting? Main Characters? Foreshadowing?

9 “No, thank you,” said Little Red Riding Hood. “I’ve made up my mind.” “Suit yourself,” chuckled the wolf, who had thought of a wicked plan. He would go alone to the end of Lonely Road, gobble up Red’s grandma, and then, when the little girl turned up, he would gobble her up too. So, arriving at the last house on Lonely Road, the wolf raced his engine, scaring Grandma out her back door and under the woodshed. The wolf was puzzled to find the house empty, but he put on Grandma’s nightcap and nightshirt and climbed into the bed to wait for Red. Rising Action Conflict? What type of conflict? Internal? External? Be Specific

10 It was nearly dark when Red arrived, but as she approached her grandma’s bed, she sensed something was wrong. “Are you all right, Granny?” Red asked. “Your eyes look bloodshot.” “All the better to see you with,” replied the wolf. “And your teeth—suddenly they look like fangs.” “All the better to eat—” the wolf began, but he stopped at the sound of his motorcycle engine thundering in the front yard. “Wait right there, Red,” said the wolf, bounding from the bed. Rising Action Is this the climax? How do you know?

11 The wolf was startled to find Grandma sitting on the motorcycle. “Hey!” he shouted. “Stop fooling with my bike.” As he lunged for her, Grandma found the gearshift, and the cycle leapt forward, scooping the wolf up on its handlebars and hurling him into a giant thorn bush— Climax At what point do you know Red and Granny will be fine?

12 --- Which is where the police found him when they arrived. The wolf was brought to trial and sent to prison. Granny became a popular guest on talk shows. Red lived happily ever after. Resolution What is the solution of the conflict? Falling Action What events bring a satisfying end to the story?

13 My goodness Wolfie, haven’t you ever stopped to consider the consequences of your actions? You need a new beginning. Why not enroll at SMS, they believe in new beginnings!

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