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Soar sky precision Industrial Co., Ltd. Table Of Content ▄ Hybrid Motorcycle Parts - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -2 Structure - - - - - - -

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1 Soar sky precision Industrial Co., Ltd

2 Table Of Content ▄ Hybrid Motorcycle Parts Structure ▄ The Method Of Operation 1. Ignite 2. Parking Riding 4. Maintenance Lubrication Warranty & Service Non warranty ▄ The details of consumption parts non warranty ▄Specifications ▄Importnt ▄ Warranty scope 1. Need to know 2. Note The record of warranty ▄Guarantee Card - 1 -

3 Hybrid Motorcycle Parts - 2 - Meter Headlight Front Wheel Front Fork Speed-adjusting handle rear-view mirror(s) Backrest Tail Light(s) Motor Battery box Fuel Tank kickstand Pedal switch basket Brake

4 - 3 - Gasoline Button Toward the outside with the ground vertical to shut down the oil. Inward with the ground vertical to start to use oil. Right Handle Button Left side:electrcity,mixed Fuel oil button. Right side:low beam & high beam button,speker botton. Pedal Switches Button When oil or electricity is exhausted,counter- clockwise rotation the stick. Left Handle Button The top button is control the hybrid motorcycle power.The middle button is control the headlight.The bottom button is control the fuel oil. Meter Power button , ON&OFF. Left is turn signal 、 headlight indicates.Right is energy indicates. Charge The way of the user can recharge the hybrid motorcycle.

5 The Method Of Operation ▄Ignite (1)Switch the button to open the spring latch, switch the button to open fuel tank, function device turn to fuel oil,press the start button (or cycling the pedal)and it can be started. (caution : Ignition interval time should over 5 seconds, ignition period shouldn’t over 8 seconds ) Open the air choke when no use in long term or in cold weather. Let the machine works over one minute and the user can ride it. (2) Switch the button to button, rotating the speed-adjusting handle and the user can ride it. (3)Press the mixed button,,rotating the speed-adjusting handle and the user can ride it.(If don’t ignite the electrical engine,it can be electricity in situation.) ▄Parking The same way as ordinary motorcycle. Fuel tank is idling in long term,shut down it. - 4 -

6 ▄Riding(Hybrid Motorcycle has four way to ride.) ( 1)Fuel oil : The position of handle button switches to fuel oil, the user can use gasoline to ride. (2)Electricity : The position of handle button switches to electricity, accelerate the speed-adjusting handle. (3)Mixed : The function button switches to mixed and the meantime start the motorcycle and then the user can ride it. (4)Pedal : When oil or electricity is exhausted and even machine breaks down, the position of clutch switches to off. The best exercise in winter. ▄Maintenance (1)Spark plug : Clean it once in every 2000km.Prepare a new spark plug at least the old one breaks down. (2)keep the tire in standard pressure and inspect the wear situation, replace it when it need. (3)Brake system : Inspect the wear situation,control movement distance and check the brake control the electrical power normal or not. (4)Transmission part : Check the tautness and wear of the gear and chain. Adjust the tail’s screw in 10-15mm. Lubricate the sprocket wheel and replace it when it need. - 5 -

7 (5)Battery : ① The battery in no use needs to recharge once in one month in long term.(When the battery is recharging, it needs to our battery charger.) ② Check the electrical power regularly in igniting the battery,it won’t ignite the power in long term and use headlight.(Some types of motorcycle has no this battery.) (6)Electrical engine : Don’t dismantle randomly, knock the electrical engine and keep the temperature in work. Don’t replace the parts by yourself. ▄Lubrication (1) Before 300kms starting the machine,it needs to replace engine oil once and replace it in every 1000kms. (2)Control wire,brake system and other active parts should add lubricant. (3)Chain and fly wheels should stay lubricate.(It can be washed first.) (4)Front wheel and direction machine need to lubricate in every 3000kms 。 Embodied examination and maintenance below the chart. - 6 -

8 J : Checking 、 Cleaning 、 Adjustment 、 Lubrication ; Q : Cleaning ; G : Replacement - 7 - odomet er 500km Gasoline Button QQQQ Carburetors JQQQQ Spark Plug JQQQG Front fork axis turning bearing JJJJ Filter QQQG Clutch JJJJJ Transmission Device JJJJJ Tire JJJJJ Fixed Items JJJJJ Electrical engine 、 Light JJJJJ Electric Motor JJJJ Drive ChainLubricate and clean it once in every 5000 km. Crankcase LubricantReplace it in every 1000 km. Items Cycle

9 ▄Warranty &Service (1)Warranty Period: According to different parts dividend to 3month,6 month,one year of warranty. (2)Service Scope : ① If the user finds kickstand, front fork,button fork, wheel, fuel tank have crack, towing handle, etc ( quality problems)is guaranteed for a year. Small parts can be replaced and fixed for free in six month. ② Due to the problems of manufacture or assemble, it can be replaced in one year or 2000kms. ③ When paint has the big range to peel off in six month, our company will maintenance it for free. Due to the high temperature, collide collision,etc. leads to chips.(non warranty) ④ The warranty of electroplating is the same way as paint. - 8 -

10 ⑥ The battery capacity is lower than 60% and can’t recharge and discharge that can be free for fixing and replacing. ■Non warranty (1)Over the warranty period or has no guarantee card. (2)Due to abnormal use leads to wear. (3 )The user replaces the parts by yourself. (4)Consumption in normal use : lamp, wire drawing, speedometer,tire, brake pad 、 spark plug, engine oil, etc. (5)Due to wear and tear, suntan or other factors leads to normal appearance wear. (6)Normal maintenance : The appointed distributor all can maintenance and offer the normal services,but has no payable services. - 9 -

11 Non warranty list Note : New hybrid motorcycle rides over the appointed company to maintenance once. Don’t replace the parts by yourself.. - 10 - itemItem Clutch liningBrake padsLampRubber Air cleaner foamHandle rubber Spark plug Electrolysis Acoustic filterWire drawingFuse wireOil Oil filterChainTireBaked painting Fuel filterSprocket wheelInner tubes Spacer

12 Specifications ▄Machine : ▄Electric motor Type 4 8 V W Tire specification : 1 6 inch ▄Battery Type : 4 8 V 1 2 A H ▄ ▄ - 11 - Type : Features : Single cylinder, four cycle,natural draught Emissions quantities : 35cc Power : 1.4KW / 7000rpm Compression ratio : 8.3 : 1Torque : 1.6 / 5500rpm Ignite : CDI Lubrication : Pressure splash Power : electricity / feetSpark plug : A7TC Ignite delay period : 2.0mm / T.D.CClutch : Auto Lubrication capacity : 0.9LTransmission ratio : 6 : 831 Charge;48V 1.8A(48V 2A) Loud speaker : 12V 1.5A Headlight : 12V 35 / 35W Indicator : 12V 3W Tail Light : 12V 7W / 3W Controller : 48V / 350W Wheelbase : 1140mm (oil)V. : 30km / h Total length : 1720 (Electricity)V. : 20km / h Width : 680Oil consumption : 1.2L / H Km Height : 1100Fuel oil : unleaded gasoline Weight : 65kg Loaded ≦ 75kg

13 Important (1)To prolong the battery life: When accelerating,the battery is low and that the user must to switch the pattern to entire fuel oil. Don’t use the mixed and electrical pattern until charge is done. (2)Use the mixed pattern when riding on a slope. - 12 -

14 Ned to know 1. The principles of our service are 〃 The customer is highest,serving the first, honest the first 〃 When the product breaks down in use, the product can be fixed,maintenance in the appointed distributor. 2.The user heads to non appointed space to fix or maintenance,we don’t warranty it. 3. The user needs to treasure this manual. Note Our company will according to the rule of guarantee to offer the service. According to rule the warranty period that our company provides is two years of warranty - 13 -

15 The record of warranty DateMaintenance contentSignature

16 Guarantee Card The guarantee card needs to the stamp of distributor and it works. Note : The picture is for reference only,the actual item is the standard CategoryHybrid MotorcycleTypeminiF1 Colorkickstand no. CustomerBattery no. GenderEngine no. AgeMotor no. Address Date for purchase The stamp of distributor:

17 Dear customer: Thank you for your purchase ! You will experince the humanization design,top tech,convenience operation and you will feel comfortable when you riding the hybrid moto. Caution : The main purpose of engine is to charge not to be power. 1. The speed limit is 30km per hour. 2. Don’t over loaded when riding. 。 (Loaded limit ≦ 80kg) 3. Don’t replace the parts of motorcycle,especially on electrical engine. 4. The road rules prohibit riders from picking others up in any situations. 5. Ride hybrid motorcycle steadily and avoid accelerating suddenly. 6. Keep the tire in standard pressure , maintenance check every parts 。 7. Don’t ride the hybrid motorcycle without battery. 8. Use less mixed power when riding. 9. Only use unleaded gasoline. The manufacture : Soar sky precision Industrial Co., Ltd The distributor : Taiwan art green tech. co.,ltd

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