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Customer-Relationship Management Of the people, by the people, and for the people A slide show by Jennifer Gill.

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1 Customer-Relationship Management Of the people, by the people, and for the people A slide show by Jennifer Gill

2 Topics Definitions Complaint Resolution, Feedback, Guarantees, Corrective Action Four R’s Technology Brainstorming Chili’s Example Summary

3 Definitions “A view of the customer that asserts that he or she is a valuable asset to be managed.” –S. Thomas Foster Deciding that “you want lifetime clients.” -Richard Buckingham

4 Definitions “The long-term success of the organization and improved value for its shareholders lies to a very great extent in the company’s ability to develop and sustain genuine relationships with its customer.” -James G. Barnes

5 Four Tools Complaint Resolution Feedback Guarantees Corrective Action

6 Complaint Resolution Three types of complaints: Regulatory, Employee, Customer Compensation Contrition Ease of Resolution

7 Feedback Customer Data Customer Behavior Data-gathering Analyzing Data

8 Guarantees Customer Rights Guarantee Design: –Unconditional –Meaningful –Communicable –Painless to invoke

9 Corrective Action The way a firm reacts to a problem so that the problem never reoccurs.

10 Barnes’ 4 R’s Customer Retention Customer Relationships Customer Referrals Recovery

11 Customer Retention A low-cost way to increase revenue. Retention is cheaper than acquisition. Must be voluntary. Must lead to long-term relationships.

12 Relationships Attempting to know the customer. Commitment and Communication “Clients should call you only once. After that, you should proactively call them.” –Richard Buckingham

13 Referrals Powerful tool that results from customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction. “Referral clients are already sold, before they even call you.” –Richard Buckingham

14 Recovery Empower employees so that they may deal with mistakes as they occur.

15 Technology Internet communication as a means of enhancing customer relationships. Ease of use of the technology important.

16 Brainstorm A customer enters a restaurant and receives bad service, bad food, and overall dissatisfaction. Use Foster’s tools or Barnes’ 4 R’s to resolve the problem.

17 Chili’s Vision State College’s local Chili‘s deals with customer complaints using the following techniques: Feedback: Talk to customer Resolution: Pay for meal Corrective Action: Managers meetings, cooks meetings, changes

18 Summary Customer-Relationship Management is not easily defined. Long-term relationships must be established which are based on trust and communication. Each firm must decide on its own policy regarding customer relationship, however, the entire organization must be involved in the process.

19 Quotes “You can learn a lot about our motorcycle company by understanding our customers. By valuing and responding to our customers, we have become the leader in the heavyweight motorcycle market.” –Harley- Davidson website “The customers’ first choice in casual dining.” –Chili’s Vision

20 Works Cited Barnes, James G. Secrets of Customer Relationship Management. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2001. Buckingham, Richard. Customer Once, Client Forever. Washington, D.C.: The Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc., 2001. Foster, S. Thomas. Managing Quality: An Integrative Approach. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall, 2001. Henry, Todd. Interview on September 27,2001. Massnick, Forler. The Customer is CEO. New York: American Management Association, 1997.

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