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Mannan Shahid Forgings (Pvt)Ltd. Informational Presentation by Shahid Ahmed Khan.

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2 Mannan Shahid Forgings (Pvt)Ltd. Informational Presentation by Shahid Ahmed Khan

3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Company Profile. Organization Chart. Customer Related Process. Quality Policy. Quality Our Commitment. Trade Offer. Manufacturing Process. Handling of Enquiry. Preparation of Sample & Pilot Lot. Equipment List. Welfare and Pay Package.

4 COMPANY PROFILE Established as small forge shop Pioneered the production of automotive forgings in Pakistan.Pioneered Formed a Private Limited Company Separate unit for machining Certified for ISO 9001:1994 (AIB Vincotte) - Belgium Certified for ISO 9001 : 2000 (TUV) – Germany To-day …. Largest Forging House in Pakistan –exporting approximately 40% of its out-put.

5 COMPANY PROFILE We specialize in Forged, heat treated and machined components based on in-house design and development of forging dies, machining jigs & fixtures,gauges and manufacturing processes.. Presently manufacturing components for Cars, Trucks, Off Highway Axles, Agricultural Tractors, Motor Cycles, Fifth Wheels and Industrial Conveyor systems.

6 COMPANY PROFILE Our Major Clients in Pakistan 1. Atlas Honda Motorcycles 2. Massey Ferguson Tractors 3. Fiat Tractors

7 COMPANY PROFILE International Customers 1. Dana Italia S.P.A Spicer Off Highway axle Division- Italy 2. Taurus International Corporation – USA 3. Crown Automotives Co. – USA 4. VBG Ltd.- Fontaine – UK 5. USD Formteiltechnik GMBH - Germany 6. Sidem N.V. - Belgium

8 COMPANY PROFILE Total staff strength is about 750, including : Managers Engineers Administrative staff Skilled Workers Semi Skilled Workers


10 Customer – Related Process

11 Quality Policy To aggressively develop, manufacture and market our products to domestic and foreign clients, achieving highest level of customer satisfaction through: Consistently meeting or exceeding customer requirements. Time bound deliveries. Concentrating our resources on designing and building quality into our products and services. Continuously improving process controls in all areas of our business. Encouraging our suppliers to enhance input quality. Attracting, retaining and developing motivated quality performers. Compliance to the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our products.

12 Quality–Our Commitment To achieve highest level of Customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in our products and service. Implementing SPC to minimize rejections during manufacturing. Identify necessary and avoidable costs. Set targets to reduce avoidable costs.

13 Trade Offer Customer oriented procedure for undertaking business. Response to enquiries within 72 hours. Development process starts immediately on approval of quotation. The product is developed at our Risk and Cost. Tooling cost is charged to customer upon approval of sample.

14 Manufacturing Process

15 Handling of Enquiry Receive customer Sample/Drawing Generate own CAD Drawing Calculate stock weight part weight and cost of raw material Identify Manufacturing process Calculate the cost of Production tools i.e Die,Fixture&Insp. gauges Identify the production tools required Calculate the production volume in man-hours Translate man-hours in cost Add all costs Submit Quotation

16 Preparation of Sample & Pilot lot Receive Purchase order from customer Designing Phase CAD. CAM & Die Design Jig, Fixture & Insp. gauges Design Electrode & Die Manufacturing Jig, Fixture & Insp. gauges Manufacturing Forging of SampleHeat Treatment Machining of Component Final Inspection Sample Dispatch to Customer If any discrepancy Approval Letter from Customer Manufacture Pilot lot Dispatch Pilot lot to Customer

17 EQUIPMENT LIST FORGE SHOP Line 1 National Maxi Forging Press Tons Line 2 Smeral Forging Press Tons Line 3National Maxi Forging Press Tons Line 4,5National Maxi Forging Press Tons – 2 off Line 6Massey Forging Press Tons Line 7National Maxi Forging Press- 700 Tons Line 8Massey Forging Press- 600 Tons Line 9Ajax Forging Press- 500 Tons Line 10,11Massey Forging Press- 300 Tons – 2 off

18 EQUIPMENT LIST DIE SHOP & TOOL ROOM CNC Milling Vertical milling and Boring PC based CAD / CAM Copy Milling Spark Erosion Die Sinking (30 Amps, 50 Amps & 100 Amps.) Jig boring & Grinding Horizontal surface and cylindrical grinding Tool & cutter grinders

19 EQUIPMENT LIST Machine Shop CNC Turning & Machining Centers CNC Turret Drilling Copy, Turret & Taper Turning Slot & Spline Milling Broaching Hobbing Cylindrical & Surface Grinding Horizontal & Vertical Milling Spline & Thread Rolling

20 EQUIPMENT LIST Testing & Inspection CNC CMM ( Coordinate Measuring Machine ) Magnetic / Ultrasonic Crack Detection Surface Roughness Testing Hardness Testing (Rockwell & Brinell) Air & Dial Gauges, Micrometers & Verniers etc.

21 EQUIPMENT LIST Heat Treatment Shop Salt baths for hardening and tempering, liquid carburizing and nitriding Salt baths for hardening and tempering of dies Induction hardening plant (140 KW, 4 KHz & 100 KW, 10 KHz for shafts and spindles

22 EQUIPMENT LIST Finishing Shop Normalising 1000 kg/hr Shot blasting 1-6 Tons/Hr. (Batch and continuous type)

23 WELFARE AND PAY PACKAGE Basis Based on Japanese Management Model : “Better welfare and pay package ensures a more satisfied work force with greater productivity”.

24 WELFARE AND PAY PACKAGE Principles Relieving worker of domestic pressures and enabling whole hearted devotion. A better pay package to gain longer tenures and reduced training time.

25 WELFARE AND PAY PACKAGE Application Model initially applied to 25% of work force. Marked improvement in production levels and reduction in manpower turbulence noted over one year trial period. In 1990 enhanced welfare and pay package extended to entire work force. Analysis reveals 27% increase in production levels at an additional cost of 11%.

26 WELFARE AND PAY PACKAGE General Modern and progressive. Based on a ‘Reward and Punishment’ (Carrot and Stick) basis.

27 WELFARE AND PAY PACKAGE Pay and Allowances Six monthly performance based increment on gross pay and allowances. 12.5% of company profit distributed as bonus, half based on gross pay and half based on performance. Special increments for enhancement of qualifications. Attendance allowance. Conveyance allowance for privately owned Car/Motorcycle. School fees for a maximum of 4 children. Child allowance on a diminishing scale. (Continued)

28 WELFARE AND PAY PACKAGE Pay and Allowances Marriage grant. One meal daily during working hours. Interest free loan up to 2.5 salaries, repayable in 10 installments. Motorcycle and Car loan up to 75% of cost of vehicle purchased. Repayable in 5 years. Life and medical insurance. Employees Old-Age Benefits. Social Security. Labour department grants.

29 WELFARE AND PAY PACKAGE Medical Detailed documentation of all factory workers, their parents and families specially those with ailments of a permanent nature. In house doctor and medicine facility. Personal attention to all patients requiring specialist treatment. Follow up action and care of long term/permanent patients. Pre and post-natal care.

30 Thank you.

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