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1. Doy con detalles lo que me pasa 2. No voy a menos que sea estrictamente necesario y voy siempre que creo que realmente estoy mal 3. No tomo nada pero.

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Presentation on theme: "1. Doy con detalles lo que me pasa 2. No voy a menos que sea estrictamente necesario y voy siempre que creo que realmente estoy mal 3. No tomo nada pero."— Presentation transcript:


2 1. Doy con detalles lo que me pasa 2. No voy a menos que sea estrictamente necesario y voy siempre que creo que realmente estoy mal 3. No tomo nada pero cuando es muy fuerte tomo analgésicos hasta que se me pasa 4. Me siento aliviado si no me pasa nada 5. Aprendo consejos útiles para el tratamiento de enfermedades 6. Tomo complementos de vitaminas solo si el médico me lo receta I have vitamin supplements only if the doctor prescribes it

3 COLDS A) ¿Causan los catarros el coger frío? B) ¿Cómo cogemos un catarro? C) ¿Con qué frecuencia? D) ¿Por qué estornudamos? E) ¿qué causan los catarros? F) ¿Qué se puede hacer para aliviarlos? G) ¿Por qué tosemos? H) ¿ Por qué se pone uno ronco cuando nos acatarramos? i) ¿Habrá alguna vez una cura? J) ¿Hay algo que podemos hacer para destaponar la nariz?

4 A – B- C- D- E- F– G- H- I- J-

5 1. Fill in the gaps in the string of sentences 1. the head of a _______ 2. the immune ________ 3. During the average _________ 4. A _______ golf ball 5. On any one day 50 million people ______ 6. What makes us ____ or ____a cold is 7. A door ________ 8. Blow or _____ your nose 9. A _______ system is __________ 10. a ________ nose 11. Feel _______ or ______ 12. an effective _______ or vaccination 13. Reduce the _________of _______products such as milk. 14. Eat _______ food 15. For headaches take ________ 16. give up ______________ for years. 17. Nicotine _______ 18. It did´t _______ I was still __________ cigarettes a day. 19. This medicine isn´t based ______ 20. I would _____ acupuncture again _______ ________. 21. Be careful with the side - _______ 22. I have to be careful because of the _____ ______ as I could be taking a ______ _____ without realizing. 23. sensitive _________ 24. press hard a lemon or ________ 25. Hot liquids help to ________ the virus. Pin System Lifetime 20-sided worldwide Catch / get / pick up Handle Wipe Reflex /activated Runny Sick or dizzy Vaccine Comsumption / dairy Spicy Painkillers On and off Patches Work / on 20 On research Try / straight away Effects Drug tests / banned substance Nerves Squeeze Clean out

6 2. Find a synonym in the text “10 things about... ” with these words. 1. take time ______ 2. All around the world________ 3. very small ________ 4. inside ______ 5. get a cold ______ 6. all through your life ________ 7. hoarse voice ________ 8. irritation _____ 9. inflamed _______ 10. press hard ________ (a lemon) 11. lie (your brain) ________ 12. pain reducer _____ Last Worldwide Tiny Indoors Pick up Lifetime Deep voice Sore Swollen Squeeze Trick into painkiller

7 3. Translate into English 1. Los resfriados los causan virus, cualquiera de los 210 que hay. Son tan pequeños que caben en la cabeza de un alfiler y al ser tan pequeños se contagia a los demás muy fácilmente por la tos, los estornudos y por tocar superficies infectadas y luego tocarnos los ojos por ejemplo. Colds are caused by virus. Anyone of the 210 types of virus. They are so tiny that they can be put on the head of a pin and being so small infect people by coughing, sneezing or by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching our eyes, for example

8 Translate 2. Sufrimos unos 210 resfriados de media durante nuestra vida, los cuales duran 5 ó 6 días y aunque asociamos los resfriados al frío la razón es que pasamos más tiempo en el interior haciendo que las infecciones sean más probables y mas comunes. We suffer about 210 colds on our average lifetime, most of them last four or five days and although we link them to cold weather the reason why we catch them more often in winter is that we spend more time indoors making cross- infection more probable and common

9 3. Estar deprimido o estresado afecta a nuestro sistema inmunológico y le hace más débil.Y este es el único que nos puede ayudar. Si no funcionara, moriríamos. Las vacunas no son effectivas porque funcionarían con un tipo de virus pero y no sabemos cual es el que vamos a pillar Being depressed or stressed affects our immune system making it weaker. This is the only one that can help us. If it didn ´t work properly, we would die. Vaccines are not effective as they would work with a type of virus and we don ´t know which we are going to pick up.

10 4. Otro remedio es reducir el consumo de productos lácteos tales como la leche y beber muchas bebidas calientes o tomar comida picante que ayudará a expectorar y a liberarnos del virus. Para el dolor de cabeza tomar un analgésico y sobre todo ser positivo y no preocuparse o empeorarás. Other remedy is to reduce the consumption of dairy products such as milk and to drink hot drinks or to have spicy food that will help to make your nose run and to clean out the virus For headaches, you can have a painkiller and above all, be positive or you will get worse


12 Syringe Thermometer Medicine: tablets- pills Poison A plaster A sling A bandage Plaster/cast Ambulance Gurney Stretcher Wheelchair Crutches Walking stick/cane An X-ray IV/Drip Doctor Sthetoscope Surgeon/scalpel Nurse /matron Paramedic First aid kit Dentures/false teeh psichiatrist

13 Classify the next words Stiches a scratch itchy swollen chills a miscarriage a ward measles an insurance a casualty a surgery a sling a tablet a donor a scab a gurney fillings IV a vaccine a scar a stretcher 1st aid kit I´m stiff concussion frostbite mumps chickenpox a blister faint preservatives Injuries and diseases placespeople Remedies and equipment symptomsothers Scratch Measles Concussion Frostbite Mumps Chickenpox A blister Itchy Swollen Chills faint Stiches A sling A tablet A gurney Fillings IV A vaccine a stretcher Ist aid kit A donor A ward A casualty A surgery Miscarriage Insurance A scab A scar Preservatives I´m stiff

14 What´s the difference? Abortion miscarriage Matron midwife Preservatives Free radicals Paramedic surgeon Ward casualty A rash spots A plaster plaster Hay fever Allergy A transplant A donor Scab scar A blister A scratch Flu A cold Twisted sprained Gurney stretcher Crutches sling Tissues cells A stroke It´s bleeding Constipated cold Faint concussion To limp To be stiff

15 MEDICINE Alternative A________ H________ H____t____ O________ M_______ Injuries a c_____ a t_____/s______ ankle a b______ ar C________ I b_____ my hand A b_______ F______ S______ An i_____ A d_______arm A s ______ A b ______ Symptoms C____ L____ S_____ i_______ S___ t____ d______ H_______ feel dizzy T_______ painful joints P____ i ___ F ____ A rash breathless S_____ depressed Lost appetite w____ l___ It´s b _____ a runny nose/boogies It´s s_____ it´s black/ blue I____ aching muscles I______ S_______ C ______ Places: h____ c___, s_____, hospital, W____, operation t_____, casualty Remedies a p_____t_____ b______p_____ S_____injections X-r ____days off P____ casthealthy food S____a vaccine R_____an operation Special c____ fillings ice pack, ointment Amputation antidote Illness/disease and other diagnosis: A c____, f _____, d______, an ulcer, a v____, m_____, to be pregnant, chickenpox, m___, pneumonia, lung cancer, arthritis, hay fever A_____, A_____, a s ____ D_____, allergy, asthma, hepatitis, a h__________ G____, m ______ Medical equipment: stethoscope, c______, stretcher, syringe, th________, scales, plasters, b______, s________, first aid kit, IV, scalpel What the doctor/nurses do: Others: medical insurance, p________, chemist, People: doctor, physician, specialist, n______, paramedic, psychiatrist, m______, m______ Expressions: as fit as a fiddle, kiss of life, under the weather,

16 Alternative Acupuncture Homeopathy Herbal treatment Osteopathy Massages Injuries a cut a blister a big cuta scratch a twisted/sprained ankle a broken arm concussion I burnt my hand A bruise Frostbite Sunburn An itch A dislocated arm Symptoms Cough a bruise Sneeze indigestion Sore throat diarrhoea Head/earache feel dizzy Temperature painful joints Pains in … blisters A rash breathless Spots depressed Lost appetite weight loss It´s bleeding a runny nose It´s swollen it´s black/ blue Itchy stiffness Insomnia aching muscles Limping chills faint Places: health centre, surgery, hospital, Ward, operation theatre, casualty Remedies a plastertablets bandagepills stitchesinjections X-raydays off Plaster casthealthy food slinga vaccine rest an operation special cream fillings ice pack, ointment Amputation antidote Illness/disease and other diagnosis: A cold, flu, gas, diarrhoea, an ulcer, a virus, measles, to be pregnant, chickenpox, mumps, pneumonia, lung cancer, arthritis, hay fever, gangrene Alzheimer´s, AIDS, a stroke, a tumor diabetes, allergy, asthma, hepatitis, a hangover, miscarriage Medical equipment: stethoscope, crutches, stretcher, syringe, thermometer, scales, plasters, bandages, stitches, first aid kit, IV, scalpel, What the doctor/nurses do: examine you,treat your illness, Take your pulse, blood pressure,temperature weigh and measure you, makes a diagnosis, send you for further tests, … Others: medical insurance, prescription, chemist, agony, relief, suffer from, die of, scab, scar, a transplant, a donor, a specialist report, People: doctor, physician, specialist, nurse, paramedic, psychiatrist, matron, midwife, optician, Expressions: as fit as a fiddle, kiss of life, under the weather… Causes: viruses, bacteria, germs, poison, preservatives, free radicals,..

17 Types of diseases VIDEO Cancer,AIDS, arthitis, … Caused by germs Virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites Latest research Diseases are caused by free radicals free radicals Chemical terrorists having an unpaired electron that reacts with body molecules causing cell damage similar to the effects that termites have on wood or rust on iron. They come from internal and external factors External factors Pollution Smoking Radiation Preservatives Drugs Stress and pesticides Once the cells are infected Tissues get infected Organs, systems body Remedy Enzhyme therapy By consuming Raw fruit and vegetables

18 Healthy food It´s important to have … water C______K_______ Stones C ______Cancer P______W_______ L_____ cherriesStopsI_______ S________A_______ process shieldsagainst A ________ OrangesS_______I ________ system ControlsB______ pressure WatermelonHelps to stopS ______ LowersC __________ applesCushionJ ______ PreventsC _________ pineapple RelievesC _____ A______Digestion DissolvesW _____ mushroomsKillsB ______ BananaQ ______A C _____ StrawberriesB ______memory PeppersClearsS _______ B _______I ______ System BroccoliS ______E _______ Conquers kidney stones Combats cancer Promotes weight loss Stops insomnia Slows aging process Shields against Alzheimer´s Supports immune system Controls blood pressure Helps to stop strokes Lowers cholesterol Cushion joints Prevents coughs Relieves colds Aids digestion Dissolves warts Kills bacteria Quiets a cough Boost memory Clears sinuses Boost the immune system Saves eyesight

19 Why are they good? ¿Qué combate el cáncer? ¿Qué ayuda a perder peso? ¿Qué elimina las piedras en el riñón? ¿Qué alisa la piel? ¿Qué acaba con el insomnio? ¿Qué ralentiza el envejecimiento? ¿Qué protege contra el Alzheimer? ¿Qué ayuda al sistema inmunológico? ¿Qué reduce el colesterol? ¿Qué ayuda a para los derrames cerebrales? ¿Qué controla la tensión arterial? What combats cancer?. What promotes weight loss? What conquers kidney stones? What smoothens skin? What stops insomnia? What slows the aging process? What shields against Alzheimer´s? What supports the inmune system? What lowers cholesterol? What helps to stop strokes? What controls blood pressure?

20 Why are they good? ¿Qué previene el estreñimiento? ¿ Qué mejora la capacidad pulmonar? ¿Qué amortigua la articulaciones? ¿qué fortalece los huesos? ¿Qué alivia los resfriados? ¿Qué ayuda ala digestión? ¿Qué disuelve las verrugas? ¿Qué mejora tu memoria? ¿qué te protege la vista? ¿Qué te limpia de mocos? ¿Qué lucha contra la diabetes? What prevents constipation? What improves lung capacity? What cushions joints? What strenthens bones? What relieves colds? What aids digestion? What dissolves warts? What boosts your memory? What saves eyesight? What clears sinuses? What battles diabetes?

21 7. How many words related to medicine do you remember? 1. If you smoke, you´re overweight and do no exercise you run the risk of having a h __________ 2. People over 40 should have a c _________ at least once every two years. 3. To see a doctor you need to make an a __________ in advance 4. My brother drank too much last night and now has got a terrible h ___________ 5. He had really bad flu. It took him two weeks to g _____ o _____ it 6. Natural medicine which treats the cause of an illness not the symptoms is called h _________ 7. When someone t _________ an o _______ it means that they take more pills or tablets they should 8. You should eat less salt with your meals as your b _______p ______ is very high 9. A m ________ is the boss of the nurses of a hospital and a m ______ helps women top give birth 10. When you have to go to the toilet continuously you have d________ and the opposite is c________

22 What is missing? A _________ Image A ______ card A ________ doctor The ______ process Feel_______ celebrating Andrew _________ a button The ____ image s______ o_____ on the wall _________ Put the plastic card into a _______ Andrew´s h _______ genes were eliminated in the last c _____ I´m going to take some blood so, r _____ up your s ________ In the lab g _____ a new l _____ and a K ______ Andrew was l ______on the beach when his microcomputer started to b ______ Andrew misses c ______, y ______, m _____ age and old age A superyoung is a person who __________, b _______ and feels 18 or20 years younger than he/ she is These people tend to travel more w ______ or f ______ Non-smokers o _________ smokers by about 20 to 1 These people rarely use p _______ s _______ or hair t _______ to keep their young l _______ Holographic Gene Virtual Ageing Like Pressed holo… /steps out /screen Slot Harmful / century Roll / sleeve Grow / liver / kidney Lying / bleep Childhood/youth/ middle Looks like/ behaves Widely / further Outnumbered plastic surgery /transplant / looks

23 Time: synonyms and … 1. 15 days ________ 2. historically the best _________________ 3. there was a time _________ 4. I haven ´t got enough time ________________ 5. Free time ____________ or _________ 6. (three verbs) ________, ________, _______ time 7. once in a while ______________ 8. The hundredth, thousandth or ___________ time 9. time goes very quickly ___________ 10. (in a clock) the hour, minute and second _______ 11. so far ____________________ 12. Ya era hora de que empezaras a estudiar __________________________________________ 13. No hay tiempo que perder. Tenemos que salir para llegar a tiempo para el concierto pero al final no llegamos a la hora. ______________________________________________ ___________________ ______________________________________________ __________________________________ 14. everlasting __________ 15. in the direction of a clock´s hand ________________________ A fortnight Of all time Once upon a time / long time ago Be pressed for time Spare / leisure / time off Spend / waste / kill From time to time Umpteenth Time Flies Hand For the time being It´s (high) time you started to study Thre´s no time to lose. We´ve to leave to get there on time but in the end we didn´t arrive in time Timeless Clockwise

24 In 50 year´s time … Los científicos clonarán a la gente Las mujeres tendrás niños a los 60 La gente habrá dejado de leer periódicos Los partidos políticos de izquierda habrán desaparecido Los pacientes serán atendidos por médicos virtuales La tasa de natalidad en Europa habrá subido La gente ya no enviará cartas … Scientists will be cloning people Women will be having children in their 60s People will have stopped reading newspapers Left- wing political parties will have disappeared Patients will be treated by virtual doctors Birth rate in Europe will have gone up People won ´t be sending letters any more

25 Youth Developments Healthy Wear out Biological Determines Cease to function Cells Renewing No longer Suffer from Old age However Throw light Although Has long been Lifespan A fact 500-year-old in the wild Kept Age Searching for Retard damage

26 Includes Rust Lengthened Battle Halt Replacement Commercially available Worn-out Already Within reach Are born maturity Grow old

27 2. Read the text about : ETERNAL YOUTH. fill in the gaps in the next sentences 1.Human body ___________ at a maximum of 120 years 2. Our __________ clock _____________ the right moment to stop 3. cells stop ___________ themselves when... 4. A disease of _______________ such as __________ 5. Rapid __________ in DNA research are _________________ on the secrets of _______ 6. The power of life ______ death 7. It´s been ___________ accepted we have a fixed __________ 8. ________________ their lives are in __________ 9. _________ in zoos they don´t ______________after they are _______________ 10. An _________ gene really _________ exist 11. Another area of research _____________ the oxidation theory. 12. ________________ by using face creams 13. To win the ___________ to ________ the ageing process is organ ____________ 14. By 2050 organs will be commercially _________ or we can grow organ inside us to replace _____ ones 15. Immortality seems __________________ Wears out Biological determines Renewing Old age /Alzheimer´s Advences / throwing light/ ageing process over Long /lifespan In the wild/danger Kept/seem to age/fully grown Age /does Includes keeping physically young Battle / halt/replacement Available / worn-out Within reach

28 3. Find synonyms or words related such as their nouns, adjectives, etc in the text with the following words. 1. young _______ 2. develop _______ 3. fewer _________ 4. any more ________ 5. yet ______ 6. fix ______ 7. fast _______ 8. look for ________ 9. grow old ______ 10. true _______ 11. seem ________ 12. adults _________ 13. show _______ 14. hurt _______ 15. postpone ______ 16. include ________ 17. to make long ___________ 18. rise/ raise / put up __________ Youth Advances Less No longer however Repair Rapid Research Age Mn, Fully grown Indicate Damage Retard J K Last

29 Let´ s dance in style, ______________________ Heaven can _________ were only _________________ Hoping _____________but _________________ Are you going to __________________or not? Let us ______________or let us __________________ We don´t have the power but ___________________ Sitting in a sandpit, ____________________ ___________________________ Can you imagine when this _________________ Turn our golden ___________________ Praising our leaders were getting in tune The music´s played by the ___________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Some are like water, some are like ____________ Some are a melody and some are __________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Its so ______________________________ I don´t want to perish like a fading horse Youth is like _______________________ ___________________________________ So many adventures ___________________ So many songs _______________ _____________________are swinging out of the blue _______________________ lets dance for a while Wait watching the skies for the best expecting the worst drop the bomb die young live forever but we never say never life is a short trip The music´s for the sad men race is won faces into the sun madmen Forever young, I want to be forever young Do you really want to live forever, forever and ever the heat the beat Sooner or later they all will be gone Why don´t they stay young hard to get old without a cause diamonds in the sun And diamonds are forever couldn´t happen today we forgot to play So many dreams We let them come true

30 Who wants to live forever? There's no time for us There's no place for us What is this thing that builds our dreams yet slips away From us Who wants to live forever Who wants to live forever....? There's no chance for us Its all decided for us This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us Who wants to live forever Who wants to live forever? Who dares to love forever? When love must die But touch my tears with your lips Touch my world with your fingertips And we can have forever And we can love forever Forever is our today Who wants to live forever Who wants to live forever? Forever is our today Who waits forever anyway?

31 G ___ P ___ volunteers for experiments This is a portable computer or L ____ B ______ a website is to send it to favourites It also Restrains the F ____ of b ___ to the brain In moderate amounts is H_____ Scientists do experiments to T ___ T ____ Documents are D ____ or U ____ from / to internet Adjective for Chemist= C ____ The effect of caffeine L ____ 5 hours It also P _____ liquid I _____ Studies natural forces such as Light, sound P ___ M ____ = device that enables you to connect to the internet Caffeine R ____ T ____ in muscles Sportsmen improver their P ________ Caffeine controls W ____ and burn C ____ Experiments can be a S _____ or a F _____ My e-mail has got an A _____ document It´s impossible to R _____ caffeine in drinks If you try to give it up, you´ll have W _____ S _____ But it could I ___ T ____ cause heart problems Guinea pigs Test theories Physicist Success or failure Laptop Downloaded or uploaded modem attached chemical bookmark Reduces/ tiredness Withdrawal symptoms Provide/intake harmless lasts Flow / blood remove performance Weight / calories In turn

32 Deadly growing overthrow disappeared a regime fight in outrageous Show apologise what´s wrong life and nature are at any feel show determined Provide useful a testing an angry a sheer humbly track a person face blame blame a person because it´s risky I can ´t help he was sympathetic rush into Leniency worth preserving virus behaviour challenge a decision request assignment input deep sorrow unrest outburst his/her fault being worried coincidence cost resistance a regime down to the suggestion for a naughty behaviour citizens the truth provides for everyone a person for an action the name of with people Deadly virus Growing Unrest Overthrow a regime Disappeared citizens A regime provides for everyone Fight in the name of Outrageous behaviour Show leniency Apoligise for a naughty behaviour What´s wrong with people Life is worth preserving At any cost Feel deep sorrow Show determined resistance Provide useful input A testing challenge An angry outburst A sheer coincidence Humbly request Track a person down Face the truth Blame a person for an action Blame a person because it´s his/her fault A risky assignment I can ´t help being worried He was sympathetic to the suggestion Rush into a decision

33 Addictions 1. Why does caffeine wake you up in the morning? 2. How much more does caffeine contain than cola? 3. Don´t decaffeinated coffee or cola contain caffeine at all? 4. Why is caffeine hepful as a painkiller? 5. How much do the effects of caffeine last? 6. Do drinking coffee, cola or tea affect your sleep? 7. Why shouldn´t a sportsman have coffee before a competition? 8. Why is caffeine an addictive drug? 9. Why do people who try to give up caffeine have withdrawal symptoms? 10. To sum up, Is caffeine bad for you? Because it reduces tiredness in muscles and stimulates attention At least 3 times as much as cola Yes, as it´s impossible to remove caffeine in drinks It restrains the flow of blood to the brain They lasts for about 5 hours Yes it keeps you awake Because it improves his performance Because you become dependent on it and you need it to function and if you try to give it up you have withdrawal symptoms They have headaches, they feel anxious, tired, sleepy, irritable finds difficult to concentrate… Good = in moderate amounts is harmless, provides liquid intake, improves energy levels, controls weight, and burn calories Bad= increase blood pressure, may in turn cause heart problems

34 Mistakes - One day he said to Basil and L. Henry went to saw her - He made a people to change one mind and influences for other - He likes be youth - Mr. Hubbard shoot he - you have not be a mean person - He asked Basil who is he - When pass the years - He was behind some herbs and a movement Dorian shooted - There was a devil smile in him lips - because H. spoked him about it - the thinks could you wish, can be dangerous - I ´m agree about this moral - He went for all the days to saw her - That Lord Henry influenced and that sold his soul to be young all life - Dorian and a Dorian´s friend One day he suggested Basil and L.H. to visit her He made people change their mind and … He liked to be young Mr. Hubbard shot him You don ´t have to be … He asked Basil who he was When years passed / went by … He was behind some bushes and Dorian shot … Thre was an evil smile in his lips Because H.spoke to him about it Things you wish can be dangerous I agree with it He visited her everyday Lord Henry influenced him to soll his soul to be young forever Dorian and a friend of Dorian´s

35 Mistakes - she was poisonous - It was impossible because she had 20 years-old - Dorian killed a friend that was chemistry - You have to live the life and … - The Dorian´s portrait got - he told him that a man should do to have triumph in life - three years were happening - he killed him because he had the fault of all - he threw a shoot to him - he said that it´s the best who he see - the thinks that the beauty … - the dead of the girl happened 18 years - he didn ´t want be old she was poisoned - It was impossible because she was 20 years old - Dorian killed a friend that was a chemist - You enjoy life … - Dorian´s portrait got - he told him what a man should do to get on in life - three years passed/ went by … - he killed him because he was to blame for … - he shot him - he said that it´s the best who he had ever seen - the thinks that beauty … - the death of the girl happened 18 years ago/ when she was 18 (?) - he didn ´t want to be old

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