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The best way to deal with your blind spot is to? Look over your shoulder.

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1 The best way to deal with your blind spot is to? Look over your shoulder

2 Divided Highway Begins The highway ahead is split into two separate roadways by a median or divider and each roadway is one- way. Keep right.

3 When two vehicles come to a 4 way stop with no traffic light present? The driver of the left must yield to the driver on the right

4 Divided Highway Ends The highway ahead becomes a single roadway with traffic going in both directions. Keep right.

5 On a two-lane road a solid yellow line in the middle means? Passing on the right is prohibited

6 A broken yellow line alongside a solid yellow line indicates that passing is permitted on the side of the broken line, but not on the side of the solid line.

7 Low Clearance Sign The overpass ahead has a low clearance. Do not proceed if your vehicle is taller than the height indicated on the sign.

8 Passing is prohibited: 1. Within 100 feet of an railroad crossing 2. On the shoulder of the road 3. When a solid yellow line is on your side

9 Hill A steep grade is ahead.

10 If you must apply your brakes while on slippery surfaces Apply your brakes gently

11 Deer Crossing Deer regularly cross the highway in this area. Slow down and be ready to stop.

12 On a two lane road you can pass on the right if? The car in front of you has signaled and is about to make a left hand turn

13 Crossroad A four-way intersection is ahead. Watch for cross-traffic. Be ready to yield the right-of way.

14 What should you know about motorcycles?  That you should never use any portion of the lane the motorcycle is in  ½ of all fatal motorcycle accidents involve motor vehicles  The reason these crashes occur is the drivers inability to see the motorcycle

15 What should you know about bicycles?  Bicycles are considered motor vehicles and have to use the same rules as motorists.

16 Right and Left Curves The road ahead curves right, then left.

17 How many time likely are you to be involved in an automobile accident if you have been drinking? 7

18 Winding Road The road ahead winds with a series of turns or curves.

19 If Insurance is not an option you must pay _________ uninsured motor vehicle fee. $500

20 Right Curve (with safe speed indicator) The road ahead curves right. Slow down to the safe speed indicated.

21 School Zone -- School Crossing Slow down -- the speed limit is usually 25 MPH

22 What s the Blood Alcohol Content Level for driving under the influence?.08

23 Bicycle Crossing/Bike Path Bicycles regularly cross or ride beside traffic in this area.

24 What s the Blood Alcohol Content Level for driving under the influence?.08

25 Pedestrian Crossing Watch for people crossing your path. Be prepared to slow down and stop.

26 If you hit an unattended vehicle in a parking lot? Make a reasonable effort to locate the owner. If you can not find the owner, leave a note with all your contact information.

27 Merge Two lanes of traffic are about to become one. Drivers in both lanes are responsible for merging smoothly.

28 A flashing red light has the same meaning as a: A Stop Sign

29 No Passing This sign marks the beginning of a no passing zone. You may not pass cars ahead of you in your lane.

30 Over ________ of all fatal motorcycle crashes involve motor vehicles. 1/2

31 Signal Ahead Traffic signals are ahead. Slow down and be ready to stop.

32 What is the proper hand signal for a left hand turn? LEFT ARM out the window fully extended

33 Advisory Speed Indicates the maximum safe speed for an entrance or exit on the expressway.

34 If you move you must notify the DMV ____ days prior to the move. 30

35 High Occupancy Vehicle Indicates lanes reserved for buses and vehicles with the minimum number occupants specified on the sign.

36 U Turns are? A. Only allowed at intersections in cities and business districts

37 No U-Turn U-turns prohibited.

38 What is the most common cause of traffic crashes between motorcycles and vehicles The driver claims they did not see the motorcycle

39 No Right Turn Right turns prohibited.

40 Where should you park on a two lane road? On the Right side of the street

41 No Left Turn Left turns and U-turns prohibited.

42 Speed Limit This indicates the maximum legal speed that you may travel on the road

43 Do Not Enter -- Wrong Way These signs are used often in combination and identify a one-way street, expressway ramp or the wrong direction or wrong side of a divided highway. Do not drive past either of these signs -- turn around.

44 When driving in fog you should use your ________ beam lights. LOW

45 One Way Traffic flows only in the direction of the arrow.

46 Which have similar amounts of alcohol? 12 ounces of beer 5 ounces of wine 1 shot of liquor

47 Disabled Parking Parking spaces marked with these signs are reserved for individuals with disabled parking privileges.

48 Only __________ can decrease intoxication. Time

49 T Intersection The roadway you are traveling on ends ahead. Signal before turning right or left.

50 If you come to a red light and there is a police officer standing in the road motioning for you to proceed what should you do? Obey the police officer only!

51 Right Curve/Side Road The road ahead curves right and a side road joins from the left within the curve.

52 In the state of Virginia drivers must carry at minimum _________ insurance? Liability

53 Sharp Right Turn Be prepared for a sharp turn to the right in the road ahead.

54 Drinking drivers account for over what percent of all fatal vehicle crashes 1/3

55 Sharp Right and Left Turns The road ahead turns sharply right, then left.

56 Ones alcohol concentration is related to? Body Weight

57 Side Road A road joins from the right. Be alert for vehicles entering the roadway you are traveling on.

58 The most common cause of traffic crashes among teenagers is Alcohol

59 Lane Reduction The right lane ends soon. Drivers in the right lane must merge left when space opens up. Drivers in the left lane should allow other vehicles to merge smoothly.

60 When seeing someone in a parking lot who is using a white cane or a seeing eye dog you should. Yield the right of way meaning stop till he/she has passed.

61 Triangle: Yield Slow down to a speed reasonable for the conditions and yield the right-of-way. Stop if necessary.

62 Diamond: Warning These signs warn you of special conditions or hazards ahead. Drive with caution and be ready to slow down.

63 What is the speed limit on interstate highways in designated rural areas? 65

64 Pentagon: School Zone and School Crossing The pentagon (five-sided) shape marks school zones and warns you about school crossings.

65 What should you do when you come to the end of a drive way or a one way street?  Stop and yield to oncoming traffic before proceeding.

66 Octagon: Stop The octagon (eight-sided) shape always means stop. You must come to a complete stop at the sign

67 When is it safe to return to the right hand lane after you pass a vehicle?  Once you can see the past vehicle in your rearview mirror

68 No Turn on Red You may not turn during the red light. Wait for the signal to turn green.

69 You can not park within how many feet of an intersection? 20

70 No Passing This sign marks the beginning of a no passing zone. You may not pass cars ahead of you in your lane.

71 You should use your headlights?  From sunset to sunrise and in inclement weather  When ever you use your windshield wipers

72 Keep Right A traffic island, median or obstruction is ahead. Keep to the side indicated by the arrow.

73 What are two characteristics of a handicapped person?  They may use a white cane or be aided by a seeing eye dog.

74 Lane-Use Control The left lane must turn left ahead.

75 Channeling Devices Barricades, vertical panels, concrete barriers, drums and cones are the most common devices used to guide drivers safely through work zones.

76 Y Intersection You must bear either right or left ahead.

77 What is the Virginia implied consent law You must submit to a chemical test (breathalyzer) upon request by a police officer

78 On a two-lane road a dotted yellow line in the middle means? When safe, passing on the left is permitted

79 Roads are always the most slippery? Just after it begins to rain or sprinkle

80 Slippery When Wet When pavement is wet, reduce your speed.

81 Can you make a right turn at a red light?  Yes, you can turn right at a red light, unless this sign is posted

82 You must switch to your low beams if someone is approaching within? 500 Feet

83 Never follow an emergency vehicle closer then ________ feet 500

84 If the speed limit is MORE then 35 MPH then you should signal ________ feet before reaching the turning point? 100 Feet

85 If the speed limit is LESS then 35 MPH then you should signal ________ feet before reaching the turning point? 50 Feet

86 What happens when you combine alcohol with medication?  It multiplies the effect both have on the body

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