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Sun He/Sean Blake Hunter Huang Xiaolu/Heloise Chen Haoyue/Cindy.

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1 Sun He/Sean Blake Hunter Huang Xiaolu/Heloise Chen Haoyue/Cindy

2 BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) was started in 1916 World War I Gustav Otto, Karl Rapp, Franz Josef Popp, Camillo Castiglioni

3 1923 First Motorcycle (R32) 1927 first automobile invented by Max Friz Gotthilf Durrwachter (BMW 3/15)

4 World War II 1959 expanded factory 1973 expansion to Rosslyn, South Africa 1980 first motorcycle with anti-lock brakes

5 1999-2007 New Factories are built in Russia, China, Austria, Egypt, and India 2000 Purchased Rover Group

6 Three Pillars of the world Japanese Automotive European Automotive America Automotive

7 Japanese Automotive Industry: high-performance fuel-efficient cars the leader in the current market sales increasing every year

8 European Automotive Industry: Charming and Attractive Outstanding quality Leading technological strength Real sense of security

9 American Automotive Industry: Need a lot of fuel The natural and unrestrained style Scientific and technological

10 Paris Motor Show: Started at Dec.11, 1894 Intuitive way shows the future trend High-Tech Satellite position systems Electronic information technology Comfort & Convenience Fuel-efficiency Such as BMW’s MINI Series MINI Series

11 High oil price Energy-saving Product mix adjustment


13 “Consumer-hungry” policy High-quality Production capacity

14 Overseas Subsidiary: Cannot make sure the high-quality image of BMW’s brand Affect the local manufacture

15 Established in 1908 2 nd largest Automotive Corporation Total Revenue- 181.122 Billion (2007)

16 Largest Automotive Corporation Japan Based Corporation Started in 1936 by Kiichiro Toyoda Total Revenue’s 202.86 billion (2007)

17 5 th largest automotive corporation Japan Based Total Revenues 119.801 billion (2007)

18 Daimler Benz AG, Daimler Chrysler AG Merged with Chrysler 99.399 billion euro Largest German Competitor

19 Long history & brand image High-end products Abundant capital and technology Clear and positive direction

20 Weakness in localization strategy High price Markets in developing countries Brand appearance

21 Developing countries’ markets Non-oil-use products Online services

22 Threats from competitors Lack of oil Increasing number of traffic accidents Fake BMW

23 Rebuilding Brand Image in the one or two country Join more public benefit activities Attention more Charities Hold a training for drivers Old men/women Somebody want to conversance BMW Potential consumer

24 Build a art of park in the big city of world Let people real know what is BMW Build a brand image in everyone’s mind The best drumbeating The company culture will be step up a new era NIKE Park

25 Produce different style cars Sports style cars Business style cars Family style cars Reduce unnecessary digital equipment. Decrease accident Retro drive

26 Focus on local market segments Build more factories of component Emphasis on government and media relations Employ the best marketing manager Find a good broker Doing good job of market research before new product entry different markets


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