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Nevada Driver’s License

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1 Nevada Driver’s License
NV Driver Education Curriculum Unit 1: Driver Responsibility and Licensing Presentation 4 of 4 TOPICS: License Classifications Testing Requirements Renewals, Demerits & Suspensions

2 Before we begin... Let’s Talk About It
Share your thoughts with a partner. Take 60 seconds to discuss: What have you agreed to do, when you sign your driver’s license? Hand image from: Teen image from: Retrieved: 7/31/10

3 Your License is a Privilege
Getting a driver’s license is a privilege bestowed upon you by your state Once obtained - you must continue to drive safe, obey the rules of the road, and respect other roadway users If not, your license may be suspended, revoked, or cancelled Male image from: License image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10

4 Residency & Citizenship
Must have proof of Nevada residency to obtain a Nevada driver’s license Non U.S. citizens may, or may not, be eligible Determine by status issued by U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services Will need a Social Security number Image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10

5 License Classifications
Class C – Cars, vans, and pickups Includes moped with less than 50cc (speed max 30mph) Class M – Motorcycles and mopeds Class B – Single (large) vehicles bus, construction truck Class A – Combination vehicles tractor and trailer Image from: NV DMV Handbook, pg 11

6 Documents Needed Proof of name and age
State-issued birth certificate and./or U.S. Passport, Military ID, Certificate of Naturalization *If name change, present legal document reflecting name change (i.e. marriage certificate) Social Security Card Certificate image from: Social Security Card image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10

7 Three Testing Requirements
Need good eyesight and coordination, sound knowledge and understanding of Nevada traffic laws and skills handling a vehicle Vision Test (if glasses are needed a restriction is placed on your license) Knowledge Test (written) Skills Test (behind the wheel) Image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10 $25 fee for first-time test administration of Knowledge and Skills tests (cost covers both tests). Any needed re-tests charged additional $10 fee.

8 Eighty (80) percent or better is a passing score
Knowledge Test Class C test is 50 multiple-choice questions Signs and markings Traffic laws Safe driving practices Image from: NV DMV Handbook (cover) Image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10 Eighty (80) percent or better is a passing score

9 Skills Test Examiner will also check vehicle condition including proof of registration and insurance Preparing to drive Vehicle control Entering traffic Lane use and passing Turns and backing up Speed control Parallel/angle parking Attention to traffic situations Image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10

10 Scoring Driving Test Video
See Top 10 Reasons for Failing the Driving Test video Driving Test Scoring Criteria (1:06) Always preview video before showing to students Check content Check availability “Top Ten” image from: Retrieved: 01/21/10 CA DMV image from: Retrieved: 07/31/10 Click on web address to access video clips *Suggest full screen viewing

11 Top 10 Reasons for Failing
Lack of experience Unsafe lane change Failure to yield Failure to stop Illegal left turn Unfamiliar with vehicle Unfamiliar with traffic Poor scanning Improper speed Too cautious Male driver image from: Female image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10

12 Preparing for Test Video
See Top 10 Reasons for Failing the Driving Test video Driving Tests Summary (1:17) Always preview video before showing to students Check content Check availability “Top Ten” image from: Retrieved: 01/21/10 CA DMV image from: Retrieved: 07/31/10 Click on web address to access video clips *Suggest full screen viewing

13 Motorcycle Permit Motorcycle instruction permit valid for one year
At least 15 ½ years old Pass vision and general knowledge test Pass motorcycle knowledge test Passing an approved motorcycle safety course may be substituted for motorcycle test Drive only during daylight hours Cannot carry passengers Prohibited from driving on freeways Image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10

14 Motorcycle Skills Test
Obtain full motorcycle license At least 16 years old and meet all permit requirements PLUS pass Motorcycle Skills Test Know and understand controls and equipment Skills maneuvers include: Normal starts and stops Quick stops Turns Required to wear helmet Image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10

15 Restrictions Most common restrictions are:
Restriction A – Need glasses or contacts Restriction C – Additional rearview mirrors Restriction D – Daylight driving only Restriction M – Yearly vision examination Restriction N – Yearly medical letter Restriction O – Yearly driving test Restriction X – Other Image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10

16 Organ Donor You can fill out an organ donation declaration on your driver’s license or by signing an organ card Red heart placed on license indicating donor When considering organ donation discuss your decision with your family Image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10

17 Renewals License valid for four (4) years
Expiration date is your birthday As a courtesy renew notifications are sent in mail, yet is it your responsibility to renew when required Notify DMV of any name or address change within 30 days of change May be required to take some or all three tests Drivers must renew in person once every eight (8) years regardless of driving history Image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10

18 Detailed and Descriptive Information
Your License Detailed and Descriptive Information Image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10

19 Major traffic offenses are automatic suspension
Demerit Point System Speeding mph over posted limit: 1-10 (1), (2), (3)… Driving to fast for the conditions (2) Others: Reckless Driving (8) Careless driving and/or hit and run (6) Following to closely, Failure to yield and/or stop, including at school bus (4) Driving to slowly (2) Image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10 Major traffic offenses are automatic suspension

20 Suspension/Revocations
Examples how you could lose driving privileges: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Street Racing Graffiti Truancy Firearms Child support Failure to appear Failure to maintain insurance Demerit points (12 or more in any 12-month period) REVOKED Image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10

21 Driving Tip Final Thoughts Motorcyclist often slow by down shifting or merely letting off the throttle, (no brake lights) so allow more following distance. Turn signals are not self-canceling (on most motorcycles), good indicators of turning may include a cyclist ‘s head turning and the bike leaning or tilting. When a motorcycle is in motion, don’t think of it as a motorcycle, think of it as a person or another vehicle. See page in NV Driver’s Handbook Image from: Retrieved: 01/05/10

22 Test Your Knowledge You must yield for emergency vehicles: Never
Only when other vehicles yield When you hear or see flashing lights or hear a siren None of the above Answer: C

23 Test Your Knowledge Before a driver can regain driving privileges suspended under the financial responsibility law the driver must: File proof of financial responsibility Pay for any damages caused in an accident when uninsured Pay all required restoration fees All of the above Answer: A

24 Test Your Knowledge This sign means: First Aid help ahead
Railroad crossing ahead Church ahead-watch for people Intersection or crossroad ahead Answer: D

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