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Diffusion & Innovation of Sanedo (Motorcycle driven agri-toolbar) 1st March, 2013 EDI By Chetan Patel SRISTI, Ahmedabad.

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1 Diffusion & Innovation of Sanedo (Motorcycle driven agri-toolbar) 1st March, 2013 EDI By Chetan Patel SRISTI, Ahmedabad

2 Sr.No.Making YearMechanics 1< Total50 Year wise fabrication of Santi by Mechanics

3 Diffusion Area

4 Year-wise Diffusion in Amreli, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar Year District Total Amrel i RajkotJamnagar Bhavnaga r < > Total

5 Area wise features of Santi

6 Different Feature Of Santi

7 Eng. relationship with labour and soil

8 Different models of Santi 125 cc ( Suzuki ) Santi 150 cc ( Bajaj ) Santi

9 Different systems 4 operating santi Hydraulics Hand lifting Simple operator Hydraulic Hand lifted Foot operated Jack

10 10 HP 7.5 HP 5 HP

11 Evolution of Bullet Santhi 1994 – First prototype developed by Mansukh bhai 2000 – Improved version by Mansukh bhai 2002 – New prototype by GIAN through NID 2004 – New prototype by GIAN through TePP 2005 – Improved version with reverse gear by Mansukh bhai Assembled model without bullet chassis by Shailesh bhai of Bhavnagar 2008– Shailesh bhai’s model more compact by Mekaran bhai of Amreli 2010– 10 HP (Crompton Greaves) assembled model by Rajendra bhai of Amreli 2010 – Tall boy model (Handhio) by rashikbhaiFrom dared bhavnagar

12 First Model – Developed by Mansukhbhai, 1994 Main Features:  Diesel Bullet motorcycle  Atul Chhakda’s differential (Chhakda is 3-wheeled local transport vehicle)  Chain Sprocket-40 teeth  Remolded Tyres  Use of L-section panel in the supporting frame Cost: 15,000/- excluding cost of motorcycle Limitations: · L-section panel didn't provide the required overall strength. · 40 teeth in sprocket did not provide required torque. · Need presence of second person to lift the plough while turning · No depth control adjustment facility for plough · Slippage problem in wet soil due to simple tyre

13 Second Model – Modified by Mansukhbhai, Main Features:  The problem of lesser strength of the L-section was solved by using channel-section panel.  Number of teeth of chain sprocket was increased to 50. This reduced the speed of the vehicle.  Remolded tyres provided  New Fiat’s differential  Depth control facility and mechanical lifting arrangement for plough  Bent bar for supporting the person standing on tool bar was provided obviating back breaking posture Cost: Rs 15,000/- later 20,000/- excluding cost of motorcycle Limitations: - Sturdy / heavy look - Lack of ergonomics and aesthetic consideration

14 Third Model: Developed by GIAN through NID, 2002 Main Features:  Diesel Bullet, Chhakda  Lifting mechanism for the saanti (kind of Hydraulic system)  Differential of Fiat  Chain Sprocket-50 teeth  Traction Tyres (2001)  Channel -section panel was used in the supporting frame Limitations: Requires high investment & not suitable for local production Provision for additional requirements of farmers are missing ( like provision for carrying equipments while transportation from home to farm) Plough needed to be redesigned, modified design was not acceptable to the farmers (one can not accept / change in size of their main equipments like plough, harrow etc). Low user friendliness.

15 Fourth Model: by Mansukh bhai in New Features included: -Gear box with Reverse gear facility -extension rod on the rear side with which spacing among the rows could be increased. Cost: Rs 45,000/- Limitations:- Cost is very high Bullets are not available easily

16 Fifth Model: By Saileshbhai from Bhavnagar, 2008 Main Features: - first assembled model without bullet chasis, new chasis made by Saileshbhai engine of Chhkada rickshaw ( 7.5 hp) - gearbox of maruti car\ - Fiat’s differential Cost: Rs 65,000/- Limitations: Higher RPMs affecting the balance

17 Sixth Model: by Mekaranbhai, Amreli, 2008 Main Features: Similar to the fifth model except : a) length and thus the turning radius was reduced by changing the way engine was aligned with differential; b) the shock absorbers on the front side were replaced by fixed stand having a single spring in the middle reducing the maintenance costs. Cost: Rs 85,000/- Limitations: Axel often broke down due to improper distribution of torque

18 Seventh Model: by Rajendrabhai, Amreli, 2010 Main Features: - Assembled model with the new kind of chasis, -Crompton greaves 10 hp engine, - Hydraulic system for lifting the attachments, - Diesel tank was moved behind, making front section much more comfortable for the driver. -One additional feature: different brake system for each wheel to facilitate turning. - Foot accelerator used to replace hand accelerator. - A small revision was made in one of the derivative models with foot operated hydraulic. Cost :1.07 lac with new engine.

19 Eighth Model: Handio by Rashikbhai Bhavnagar 2010 Main Features: -Tall model having differential about 4 to 4.5 feet above the ground and total height being six feet high. - It could use two tool bars instead of only one so far. It used 10 hp motor -Very useful for spraying pesticides in standing crop of cotton. Cost: Rs 1.0 lac with old engine and without hydraulic while with all new parts and with hydraulic, it cost about Rs 1.8 lacs. It was also Limitation : Higher fuel consumption.


21 District wise Fabrication of Santi Vs No. of Mechanics in the four districts Number of Santi made Number of mechanics Total Amr eli RajkotJamnagar Bhavnaga r >20024 Total

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