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Motorcycle Dynamometer Group members : Ariff farhan Ibrahim (0512653) Mohd hazwan MohdHasali(0511947) Mohd Asyraf Hafizi Mohd Abidin(0438037)

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1 Motorcycle Dynamometer Group members : Ariff farhan Ibrahim (0512653) Mohd hazwan MohdHasali(0511947) Mohd Asyraf Hafizi Mohd Abidin(0438037)

2 Introduction  A dynamometer, "dyno","dyn'r" or "pump" for short, is a machine used to measure torque and rotational speed (rpm) from which power produced by an engine, motor or other rotating prime mover can be calculated. torque rotational speedrpmpowerenginemotor prime movertorque rotational speedrpmpowerenginemotor prime mover  A dynamometer can also be used to determine the torque and power required to operate a driven machine such as a pump.

3  In addition to being used to determine the torque or power characteristics of a machine under test (MUT), Dynamometers are employed in a number of other roles  beyond simple power and torque measurements, dynamometers can be used as part of a testbed for a variety of engine development activities such as the calibration of engine management controllers, detailed investigations into combustion behavior and tribology.

4 Types Of The dynamometer (dynojet)  MODEL 200i MODEL 200i MODEL 200i  Through the use of state-of-the-art computer technology, Dynojet's MODEL 200i Dynamometer allows you to quickly and accurately diagnose performance problems. By simulating the best "seat-of-your-pants" road testing right in the shop, problems are easily diagnosed in a fraction of the time. Shop sales, service work, and credibility all benefit with a Dynojet Chassis Dynamometer.

5 MODEL 250i MODEL 250i  The MODEL 250i Load Control Dynamometer is perfect for engine break- in, durability testing and fuel injection mapping. It's like getting two Dyno's in one package as all the features of the Dynojet Inertia Dynamometer are maintained.

6 Dynamometer hardwares  AIR/FUEL RATIO SYSTEM  With the addition of the new Wideband air/fuel ratio module, every dyno run can show you not only horsepower and torque, but also exact air/fuel ratio. This takes the guesswork out of fueling adjustments. The air/fuel ratio graph shows a rich/lean condition at each RPM range during the dyno run. Retrofittable to any existing Model 200 dynamometer, as well as any upgraded Model 100 or 150 dyno utilizing the new hardware upgrade and WinPEP software.

7 ATMOSPHERIC SENSING MODULE  The Atmospheric Sensing Module measures absolute pressure, air temperature, and relative humidity. These measurements are used by the WinPEP dynamometer software to correct power and torque measurements to standard atmospheric conditions according to an SAE, DIN, or EEC formula.

8 RPM MODULE  The RPM Module receives and processes signals from up to 2 inductive pickups for measurement of engine RPM. Each input has an automatic gain circuit to compensate for a wide variance of ignition systems.

9 DYNAMOMETER I/O MODULE  The Dynamometer Input/Output Module sends and receives data from the dynamometer and the handheld pendant. The module also contains a buzzer and light which are activated when either the tire or dynamometer speed limit is approached

10 The Rototest Dynamometer  Rototest’s dynamometers have repeatedly pushed the boundaries of what to expect from chassis dynamometers. The Rototest dynamometer has over the years helped auto manufacturers, research organisations, OEMs, tier-one suppliers, race teams, performance specialists and numerous others - to increase the quality of their products, make their cars win more races and to perform at a higher level.

11 Design Of The motorcycle Dynamometer  Description of dynamometer  Dynamometer consists on a metallic structure in which the bikes are placed through a ramp. Bike is tied to the dynamometer by the front wheel through a clamp that can be moved ahead and back with the purpose of fitting the position of the back wheel. This wheel is placed over a solid roller of steel that is fixed on the structure with two bearings.

12  Design of the roller  The roller acomplises a double mission, on the one hand it receive the power that provides the wheel to him and by another one it absorbs and it stores this energy in form of angular velocity, is to say acts of inertial wheel.  The characteristics that must have an optimal roller are:  inertia must be maximum.  roller RPM at the end of the test must be maximum.  The roller is a drum with serious inertia, thus is better to build a roller of great diameter and with mass moved away of the axis, nevertheless, due to wheel is directly tractioning on the roller, the angular velocity of the roller is a function of the diameter, if diameter is smaller then angular velocity is greater.  As can be deduced, that the two characteristics that we had marked ourselves are opposed and is necessary to reach a commitment solution.  As we needed that the roller rolls very fast is evident that the tests must be made in last gear. Nevertheless the roller does not have to roll faster of 5000 rpm. by mechanical limitations, therefore the commitment solution is a diameter to which one bike never surpasses the 5000 rpm in last gear.

13  Under this criterion the following table has been made.

14  Dynamometer Plans  The plans that contain a dyno with the basic elements so that it works, consists of a metallic frame of square tube of 60 x 60 mm that leans in the ground with rubber feet. The piece that holds the front wheel slides on two parallel bars and must have a system of blockade to fix it to a position. The roller is of massive iron of 325 mm of diameter reason why you will be able to try without problems any bike. This roller is due to make in a single mooring between points so that it is not necessary to balance it. Its central band this knurled so that tractioning the wheel.

15  Installation of sensors  The main sensor that should be mounted on the dynamometer is the pickup to measure roller speed, and then torque and horsepower. This sensor generates an impulse whenever it passes a ferromagnetic body in front of its zone of sensitivity. We will can make a single mark per rev. by drilling the roller in one side.  Also, a toothed gear from a starter engine can be mounted to generate a pulse train.

16  Data acquisition and Software  Once we have the finished mechanical part we needed to acquire data and to process them to obtain the curves. For it we will use SmartPower SP-1. SmartPower SP-1SmartPower SP-1  Final job is to test the motorcycle dynamometer on track.

17 Conclusion  In conclusion, the dynamometer is the machine that has been used to measure the speed, torque and power of the vehicles precisely. Thus, this machine is very practical to determine the performance and stabilized the engine of the vehicle especially the motorcycle.  The End……

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