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Introduction To Zoeller Engineered Products August 2009.

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1 Introduction To Zoeller Engineered Products August 2009

2 ZEP’s History 1989 Zoeller Acquired the Robbins Myers Submersible Line 5/21/91 Sold First Solids Handling Pump 10/14/93 Sold First Grinder Pump July 1999 Sold First 71 Series Grinder Pump August 1999 Sold First 61 HD Series Pump July 2005 Sold First 69 HD Series Pump January 2006 Sold First 62 HD Series Pump October 2006 Sold First Progressing Cavity Grinder Pump

3 Catalogs & Discounts Engineered Products Zep Yellow Binder (catalog) Base REP Pricing Multiplier is a.50 Special Pricing Request will be considers Standard Line Products Green Binder (catalog) Pricing Multiplier is a.6375

4 How ZEP Differs From ZCO Pumps & systems built to spec Larger pumps in multiple configurations An open distribution channel Reps having Buy/Sell vendor relationships Reps Having direct interaction with the engineer and contractors Reps expected to provide start-up and other job site assistance

5 Market Strength Small to Medium sized submersible lift stations for solids handling or grinder pump applications Competitive Pricing Quality Products and Workmanship Short Lead Times Knowledgeable Technical Support Respected Brand Name-(Privately Owned)

6 Pump Design Highlights Cool Run Design Standard Concentric Pump Housing Design with Balanced Loading Forces Non-Overloading Motors Continuous Run Capability Good Hydraulic Efficiencies Reversing Grinder Pumps Powder Coated Baked on Epoxy Protection Universal Guide Rail and Disconnect Systems

7 Catalog Layout 6 Major Product Sections-REF: Green Tabs #1- Commercial Duty Pumps (Z1.00) #2- Heavy Duty Solids Handling (Z2.00) #3- Hazardous Duty Solid Handling (Z3.00) #4- Grinder Pumps & Systems (Z4.00) #5- Pump Station Accessories (Z5.00) #6- Technical Information (Z6.00)

8 Commercial Duty Pumps

9 Intermittent Duty Service, Up to 6 Starts Per Hour Finned Oil Filled Motor Housing with Class B Motors 1750 and 3450 RPM Motors 1 Phase & 3 Phase 1 Phase has a PSC Motor & Internal OLP Tandem Seals, Seal Probe Optional Vortex Impeller Optional Explosion Proof Motor Available Effluent Models pass a 3/4” Solid Sewage Models pass a 2” Solid

10 Heavy Duty Solids Handling Pumps

11 61 HD series- 1to 7.5 HP @ 1750 RPM 5 to 10 HP @ 3450 RPM 3” & 4” Discharge sizes 2.5” Solids Capacity w/ 3” Solids Option Seal Leak & Thermal Sensor Optional 62 HD series- 5 to 20 HP @1750 RPM 4” & 6” Discharge 3” Solids Capacity Seal Leak & Thermal Sensors Standard 69 HD series- 20 to 100 HP @ 1750 RPM 4” & 6” Discharge 3” Solid Capacity Seal Leak and Thermal Sensors Standard 6680 Series- 25 to 60 HP @ 1750 RPM 6” Discharge 4” solids capacity Seal Leak and Thermal Sensors Standard

12 Heavy Duty Solids handling Pumps Oil Filled motor housing Ball Bearings Class F insulated Motor Windings

13 Heavy Duty Solids Handling Pumps Potted Cord Protection Tandem Mechanical Seals Ductile Iron Semi-Open Impeller

14 Heavy Duty Solids Handling Pumps Baked On Powder Coated Epoxy Coating Thermal Sensors and Seal Leak Probes Finned Design for “cool running”

15 Hazardous Duty Pumps Commercial Duty Effluent & Sewage Heavy Duty Solids Handling 3 through 7.5 HP Grinder Pumps

16 Hazardous Duty Pumps Explosion Proof Motors are Approved for Class 1, Division 1, Group C&D installations ½ through 20 HP motors have Oil Filled Housings and are FM Listed 25 through 100 hp units have Air Filled Motor Housings All units are furnished with Seal Leak Probes and Thermal Sensors

17 Oil Filled Explosion Proof Motor Commercial Duty Models - ½ through 3 HP X6161 – X6189 Effluent Series X6282 – X6405 Sewage Series Solids Handling Models 1 through 20 HP X6120-X6125 X6111- X6113 X6220-X6224 Grinder Pump Models 3 through 7.5 HP X7110 – X7112

18 Air-Filled Explosion Proof Motors Heavy Duty Solids Handling Models 25 through 75 HP 6782-6787 20 through 100 HP 69 HD Series

19 6800 Series Grinder Pumps Model 6820 Single seal 2 HP pump for Single Family Residential & Light commercial Duty applications. Available in an Automatic and Non Automatic Configuration. Model 6840 Dual seal heavy duty 2 hp unit. Bi-Directional with the automatic Reversing Feature. Most robust 2 Hp Grinder Pump available. Model 6841 & 6842 Dual seal 3 & 2 HP units. Single directional High Head design for residential and commercial applications

20 6800 Series Centrifugal Grinder Pumps

21 Star Cutter Design

22 6840 Grinder Pump Finned Oil Filled Motor Housing Class F Motor Windings Baked on Epoxy Coating Bi-directional Automatic Reversing Cutter Action

23 6840 Grinder Pump Dry Junction Chamber Thermal Protection and Seal Leak Probes Dual High carbon chromium Steel Ball Bearings Tandem Mechanical Seals

24 6800 Progressing Cavity Grinder Pump Model 6810 & 6815 1 and 2 HP 230 volt 1 phase 240’ maximum TDH Finned oil filled motor housing SS cutter assembly SS hydraulic rotor Multiple control options Multiple package configurations

25 6800 Progressing Cavity Grinder Pump

26 6800 Processing Cavity Grinder Pump Integral Starting Components Isolated Junction Chamber Finned Cast Iron Castings Upper & Lower Ball Bearings Oil Filled Motor Housing Hydraulic Rotor and Stator SS Cutter Assembly

27 Progressing Cavity Grinder Drop in Unit Easy installation Heavy Duty Design High Head Capability (Up to 150 ft for 1hp units Completely submersible Upper and Lower ball bearing construction Cool run finned design Designed for pressure sewer systems Compatible with competitive units

28 71 Series Grinder Pumps 3, 5, & 7.5 HP Models High Head, High Flow and reversing Designs Thick finned Castings Tandem seals with sensors Class F windings 2” NPT or 2.5-3” Flanged Discharge Available in Explosion Proof models

29 71 Series Grinder Pumps

30 Potted Cord Protection Oil Filled Motor Finned Epoxy coated Housing Class F Motor rating Tandem Mechanical Seals Bronze Vortex Impeller SS Cutter Assembly

31 Options & Special Configurations Mechanical Seal Up-Grades Trimmed Impellers Vortex Impellers Pumps Name-Plated to Design Conditions Special Pumps Configured for the Application High Temperature Pumps Up to 175 Degrees Dry Pit Configurations Inverter Duty Motors

32 Prepackaged Basin Assemblies Preplumbed ready to install system Factory installed piping and valves Built to you specifications Up to 9 feet in diameter and 30 feet in depth Assorted rail and discharge sized available Covers range from solid fiberglass to 300 psf aluminum rated hatch covers JUST ASK!!!!!

33 Prepackaged Basin Assembly


35 Accessories

36 Our Top Salespeople Know the catalog Understand where the product is applied Do their own quotations and submittals Buy/Sell from other equipment vendors Can provide start up and other job site services Have developed relationships with those people who design and install lift stations Create Consistent Activity

37 Quality Pumps Since 1939

38 Thank You Please Visit our website

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