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Welcome to VisualTurn A powerful 2-axis Turning Center programming System.

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2 Welcome to VisualTurn A powerful 2-axis Turning Center programming System

3 From the creators of: MecSoft Europe GmbH Gutlay 4 55545 Bad Kreuznach +49-(0)671-92 06 50 40 +49-(0)671-92 06 50 39 (FAX) VisualMill & RhinoCAM

4 Standalone Windows program by MecSoft Corporation Off-line programming system used to program 2-axis CNC turning centers or lathes. Includes powerful machining methods to handle complex programming tasks Includes built-in cut material visualization for error free programming Free post-processor generator to allow posting to virtually any controller on the planet. Various 3 rd party utilities for G-code analysis What is VisualTurn?

5 Complete programming solution. Benefits of VisualTurn Create 2-D prints of part geometry Import design data from your favorite CAD system. Imports included are DXF, DWG, Rhino, IGES, STEP and STL. Associative machining to geometry Powerful efficiency tools such as cut material rendering and operations browser Reliable post-processing

6 VisualTurn User Interface

7 VisualTurn Work Flow

8 Programming Workflow 1. Setup 2. Create, Select Tools 3. Create Machining Operations 4. Simulate

9 VisualTurn Browser Manage Geometry, Tools, Machining Operations and Stock Simulation using the Browser.

10 Tool Manager allows the user to manage cutter and cutter libraries. Tools Manager

11 The Mops (Machining Operations) Manager is a powerful tool that allows the user to create and manage entire sequences of machining operations. Mops (Machining Operations) Manager

12 The Stock Manager allows the user to create stock models and perform cut material simulation Stock Manager

13 Turning Tool Types Support for various tool and insert types: Inserts: Diamond, Tri, Circle, Trigon, Parallelogram Tools: Groove, Chamfer, Thread and Parting-off

14 Hole Making Tool Types Support for various hole making tool types: Drill, Center-drill, Bore, Reverse Bore, Reamer, Tap

15 Machining Operation Types Create the following types of machining operations in VisualTurn: Turn Roughing Turn Finishing Groove Roughing Groove Finishing Follow Curve Threading Parting Off

16 Turn Roughing Efficiently remove material from stock. Use OD, ID or Front Facing approach types.

17 Turn Finishing Use this to finish the shape of the turned part. Use OD, ID and Front Face approach types.

18 Groove Roughing Use Grooving tools to rough out grooves.

19 Groove Finishing Use groove tools to finish grooves

20 Follow Curve Finishing Follow user defined curves to better control on cleanup.

21 Threading Use threading inserts to cut straight and tapered threads

22 Parting Off Use part-off tools to cut off stock from chuck.

23 Hole Making Hole making strategies : Standard Deep Break chip Counter Sink Drilling Tapping Drag No-Drag Manual & Reverse Boring Use various strategies to machine axial holes.

24 Feeds/Speeds Customization Save and Load custom feeds & speeds settings

25 Stock Models & Simulation Use various types of stock model for cut material simulation. Use various cut-away modes for stock display.

26 Post Processors VisualTurn comes with a large set of post- processors to choose from. Use Post-Processor editor to create your own posts.

27 Utilities VisualTurn includes powerful 3 rd Party Utilities MCU – Fast G Code viewer for viewing post-processed G-code file X-Pert DNC – Single port DNC system for output to machine tool G-Code Editor – G Code editor program for efficient editing of G-code files

28 Industry’s best technical support! Loyal and passionate users! Check out the Testimonial section of our Products page of our web-site for customer testimonials. Wide variety of applications! Check out the Case Studies section of our Products page to read about the applications of our products. Strong Partners! Check out our OEM Partners section of our Partners page to see who is using our Technology. Free User Group! Converse with current users of VisualTurn for valuable insights. All this and more…

29 Don’t take our word for it. Download the demo today and take it for a spin and prepare to be amazed! You just can’t go wrong with VisualTurn

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