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AT Sea Blind 2008 Hit for next when ready A taste of UYUY.

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1 AT Sea Blind 2008 Hit for next when ready A taste of UYUY

2 Great Whites never come in here Joe. They’re in the Channel. Preparation

3 Mylor Yacht Harbour The crew are arriving, but … 23 rd August, 2008. This crew is visually impaired

4 Helen guides Ted aboard

5 Why does Skipper not wear trousers? Jake awaits his turn to step aboard

6 We leave the Marina with 2 VIPs but only 1 sighted helper. The crew have stowed warps and fenders. Ted receives instruction at the mast

7 The first tack of the day?

8 Now we are sailing Heading south towards Black Rock The Blind helm. Sighted helpers give directions.

9 The Red Ensign - Merchant Navy and Private craft of British Subjects EDUCATIONAL SLIDE The Barbican 33 Cutter, Long Keel, Heavy Displacement, Ocean Cutter, ideal for this work B arbican Insignia Boat number 31 Cutter means that 2 sails can be set forward of the mast (only the Genoa is set today, onto the bowsprit) Bowsprit The Staysail would be set here … like this … for strong winds

10 Heading north, we’re off to lunch at Turnaware Bar Mylor, Loe Beach and Pill Creek are the backdrop

11 Reckon we went the correct side of the buoy that day

12 Just as every rope has a name, so every crew member is named according to function EDUCATIONAL SLIDE This rope is named “The Prop Lanyard” Each skipper has a special name for the crew member who fixes it!

13 May we come alongside you?

14 Ted is hauling us alongside you. Watch the spreaders!

15 Diced organic Seagull, sprinkled with chopped seaweed, harvested with the dew still on it. The now-obligatory croutons are hand-selected flotsam, cut into cubes, and toasted to perfection. Skipper’s soup is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face … Soup-of-the-Day:

16 There!

17 One, two, three, four crew. Have we picked up a mermaid? Its Hermione! Its Jake’s turn at the mast. He has set the mainsail nicely with guidance from Helen Must have been a mutiny on your ship! But …

18 The wind has increased now, so the mainsail is reset at the first reef to reduce its area to keep life something like level. The third reef creates the smallest area, pulled down to the boom for sailing in strong winds, force 8 (gale) and above This mainsail has 3 options for reducing power from the wind. The first reef… The second reef… The third reef …

19 This day, we sailed Carrick Roads between Turnaware Point where mussels are delicious And Black Rock where grey seals laze The Blind helm and crew each boat, if willing. In 2008 the eldest was 93

20 CREDITS Photography………Andy Cossey VIP Crew………Jake ………Ted Sighted Crew………Helen ………Hermione The End

21 Skipper’s Quiz 1)Identify this signal flag Is it Alpha, Quebec or Uniform? 2) Identify this signal flag Is it Bravo, Papa, or Yankee? 3) What is the meaning of the 2 flag signal UY? Is it “I wish you a pleasant voyage” Or “I am carrying out exercises. Please keep clear of me.”

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