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Value Now: Off-the-Shelf Operational Visibility in ProcessBook and RtPortal Data South Systems and Dominion Power.

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1 Value Now: Off-the-Shelf Operational Visibility in ProcessBook and RtPortal Data South Systems and Dominion Power

2 ProcessBook – The Portal to Data ProcessBook can deliver the “out of the box” data ability to monitor the plant. Quickly build ad hoc trends to view real time or historical data. Supercharged graphics to mimic DCS. – Monitor plant outside control room. – Builds collaboration among users when viewing data. – Easy to use.

3 ProcessBook - More Eyes On the Data Easy integration with MSOffice applications. Build process displays with navigation links to other displays. Completely web parts enabled. PI drives all data access.

4 Dominion Power

5 Dominion - OSIsoft Footprint 23 PI installations in F&H – OSIsoft PI in use since 1997 – Thick client tools - ProcessBook & Datalink – Original graphics created by a third party integrator. – Recent centralized installation of 4 locations

6 Key Decision Drivers NERC Cyber Security – Industry effort – CIP 005 Electronic Security Perimeter – CIP 006 Physical Security Perimeter Operational visibility – Graphics are one key to operational visibility – Copy graphics from “similar” units – not necessarily cookie cutter.

7 Evaluation & Steps forward – Evaluation of several options for ProcessBook graphics. Draw by hand. Automated tool – Proof of Concept and Pilot Easy conversion of control system graphics Potential to require additional tags OPC compatibility – RtPortal and Future plans - compatibility

8 Value Now: – Remove NERC Cyber Security critical assets from “the list”. One less DCS connected system, One less system to remediate, maintain, report on. Remove potential for fines or negative publicity. – Place DCS graphics in front of your operations support team. Return on investment from fast deployment to end user. Exact version of DCS graphics in PI.

9 TECO – Polk Power Station Located near Tampa Florida, the Polk power station is a state-of-the-art integrated coal gasification combined- cycle power plant (clean coal technology) Produces enough electricity to serve 75,000 homes. Long time PI user (state how long)

10 TECO – Polk Power Station Site demanded greater operational visibility. Faced with opportunity to leverage existing PI investment, or purchase additional DCS equipment. (expensive) The purchase of DCS equipment is a costly investment, and limits use and scalability. DCS equipment equals more problems and increased risk (CIP) Quicker ROI and flexibility led customer to PI. – Faster deployment. – Greater visibility of plant.

11 DTE Energy – Fleet Optimization

12 Michigan’s largest electric utility with 2.2 million customers Over 11,080 MW of power generation, primarily coal fired 54,000 GWh in electric sales $4.7 billion in revenue

13 DTE Energy – Fleet Optimization Central location to monitor operation of power generation fleet (remote) Staffed 24 X 7 by highly experienced operators Maintain Constant communication with control rooms Troubleshoot, analyze, diagnose, and operational advice Operator display mimics in ProcessBook using PI data (Bailey OIS, PMAX) Other software apps (alarm management, equipment monitoring, etc.)

14 DTE Energy – DCS Operator Displays 6000 real time dynamic actively linked WEB DCS graphics Replay events using historical PI data

15 DTE Energy – PI Enabled Dashboards 2000 real time dynamic actively linked WEB System graphics

16 NASA – Glenn Research Center

17 NASA – Uses for PI All 12,000 Pts archived (console database) 3 Yr. of Data Available on Line Diagnostics, Operator Process Screen Playback Analysis Defense of Control System Machine Run Time/Start Log Predictive Maintenance

18 NASA – Uses for PI - Diagnostics Business model requires engineers to completely retool plant, screens, etc frequently. End users frequently need to review archived DCS screens. Site utilizes PI Archive Playback of Process Graphic. Originally used a bit map image of the operator console graphic. Dynamic symbols had to be built and updated by hand. Tags were mapped by hand. Time consuming. Graphics were frequently out of synch with DCS.

19 NASA – Operational Visibility Constantly changing DCS graphics. Large number of users. Graphics must be accurate and up to date. Site needed an automated solution to enhance the value of PI.

20 MeadWestvaco – Mahrt Mill PI data is used for site monitoring, research, and troubleshooting. Site has 7 DCS’s, therefore creating a large tag database. Users rely heavily on PI for decision making. Many users do not know tag names, (50,000 PI tags) making searching for tags difficult. Customer identified a need for finding data quicker in PI.

21 MeadWestvaco – Mahrt Mill ProcessBook graphics screens give users familiar look and feel of the DCS, therefore encouraging more PI usage. Building graphics screens in ProcessBook bridged the gap between DCS and PI systems. Users can view trends based on display images, not tag names. Graphics create a standard way to look at plant information.

22 ProcessBook – Graphics building The common theme is graphics enhance operational visibility. Installing additional DCS equipment is an expensive option. Using ProcessBook to view graphics offers more flexibility and leverages your PI investment. Drawing graphics by hand is time consuming (approximately 8 hours per screen) Tags in DCS are frequently named different than PI tags.

23 GrITS for ProcessBook – Enhanced Operational Visibility Graphics Import Tool Set. Converts DCS Graphics into ProcessBook and RTPortal Displays. Creates a window into the control room without leaving your desk. Matches DCS tags to PI Tags. Providing “More Eyes on the Data”.

24 GrITS for ProcessBook In just a few seconds, go from this…

25 GrITS for ProcessBook To this…

26 Data South Systems Questions??

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