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BLINK SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. Performance Overview. MISSION To provide our customers easy to use dependable products that fulfill their needs by offering an.

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1 BLINK SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. Performance Overview

2 MISSION To provide our customers easy to use dependable products that fulfill their needs by offering an enjoyable experience through innovative technology. Responsibilities Officer Name Primary Responsibility Rohitkumar Nair Siddharth Kulkarni VP-Brand Management / Advertisement Vaibhav MittalVP-Finance Mohil mishra VP-Marketing Research ashu Gurtoo President-Overall Leadership neena wilson VP-Sales Management Target Markets 1 CostCutter 0 Innovators 0 Mercedes 0 Work Horse 2 Traveler

3 TEST MARKET Q3 REGIONCATEGORYBRAND United States - NewYork 1.Cost Cutter 2.Traveller Bliss ST-1 EmPower XS-1 United Kingdom - London Industry results for quarter: 3 MinimumMaximumAverage Blink Systems Private Limited Total Overall0.00 Financial Performance -252.08-33.41-115.99-33.41 Market Performance0.090.770.370.77 Marketing Effectiveness 0.480.650.570.65 Investment in Future1.005.412.533.00 Wealth0.260.360.300.26

4 IMPLICATIONS & ACTIONS Improvement of Marketing Effectiveness for both Bliss ST-1 and EmPower XS-1 Modification of Advertisement for Bliss ST-1 & EmPower XS-1 Priority 1 given to Traveler – Max contribution to profit Enter Canada Market (Montreal) & Expand in US Market (LA) Launch of Endure, targeted at Workhorse segment – ( Requirements of this category was similar to the Cost Cutter Segment )

5 Quarter 4 Results Industry results for quarter: 4 MinimumMaximumAverage Blink Systems Private Limited Total Overall0.002.320.462.32 Financial Performance -59.635.64-28.115.64 Market Performance 0.180.900.360.90 Marketing Effectiveness 0.600.660.630.66 Investment in Future 1.242.651.851.24 Wealth0.190.560.300.56

6 IMPLICATIONS & ACTIONS for Q5 Substantial increase in total performance Maintains leadership in market (across category & region) Poor ad judgement (mainly because of Cost Cutter – 59) Expansion in US, Canada & UK market Investement in R&D – New features for Traveler segment (based on customer need)

7 IMPLICATIONS & ACTIONS for Q5 Ad modification for Bliss XS-1 (more importance given to rebates) Increase in sales force (total 50 across 5 cities)

8 Quarter 5 Results Industry results for quarter: 5 MinimumMaximumAverage Blink Systems Private Limited Total Overall0.0012.772.5512.77 Financial Performance -33.8413.29-11.6813.29 Market Performance 0.160.500.300.50 Marketing Effectiveness 0.560.680.630.68 Investment in Future 2.1110.597.828.30 Wealth0.210.710.380.34

9 IMPLICATION & ACTION for Q6 Ad judgement improves (Bliss ST-1: 59 to 72) Market share in targeted segment drops due to launch of ‘me 2’ brands Market leadership maintained

10 IMPLICATION & ACTION for Q6 Launch of new brand and modification of existing – Neo EmPower - Traveler – Innova – Innovator & Mercedes – Neo Endure - Workhorse – Bliss ST-1 (modified) – Cost Cutter New positioning for Bliss ST-1 (Better Value +) Increase in sales force (New product launch & New Markets ) - 219


12 QUARTER 6 RESULTS Industry results for quarter: 6 MinimumMaximumAverage Blink Systems Private Limited Total Overall0.0013.042.7113.04 Financial Performance -39.1419.27-5.9719.27 Market Performance 0.080.660.230.66 Marketing Effectiveness 0.570.730.650.73 Investment in Future 1.074.732.881.07 Wealth-0.061.340.351.34

13 IMPLICATIONS & ACTIONS Increase in Market Performance & Effectiveness from last quarter – Owing to release of new & modified brands, sales force increase Innovation (Differentiating from earlier offering) in existing product line to maintain leadership Introducing Promotional program for sales force (to motivate more selling) Increasing sales force (280) Increasing R&D investment in Traveler segment

14 Quarter 7 Results Industry results for quarter: 7 MinimumMaximumAverage Blink Systems Private Limited Total Overall0.0344.378.9544.37 Financial Performance 1.1623.049.7823.04 Market Performance 0.080.550.250.55 Marketing Effectiveness 0.600.740.660.72 Investment in Future Wealth0.092.200.562.20

15 IMPLICATION & ACTION Drop in Market Performance – Launch of new products by competitor Leadership position maintained in the market New products to be launched to counter competitors move (to improve penetration) – EmPower visio – Innova ultra – Neo Bliss – EmPower XS-1 (modified) New launches

16 IMPLICATION & ACTION New communication (advertisement) to improve effectiveness) Increasing sales force (530) – considering launch of new & modified brands Increased sales force promotion budget

17 Quarter 8 results Industry results for quarter: 8 MinimumMaximumAverage Blink Systems Private Limited Total Overall0.0029.026.7929.02 Financial Performance -6.4616.874.4816.39 Market Performance 0.050.570.240.57 Marketing Effectiveness 0.610.770.700.74 Investment in Future Wealth0.

18 MARKET SHARE Market Demand Company CostCutterInnovatorsMercedesWork HorseTraveler Total Demand Blink Systems Private Limited 6,7794,7614,1242,7879,59028,041 OmniSol Computers Pvt. Ltd. 2,6542,9642,6182,3726,05916,667 3S Inc.9675696097181,4924,355 SPIRECOM LTD1273,9962,4481,3161,3029,189 HoriZen-Y Computers Pvt Ltd. 1464026923667982,404 Total10,67312,69210,4917,55919,24160,656 Market Share Company CostCutterInnovatorsMercedesWork HorseTraveler Total Market Share Blink Systems Private Limited 63.5%37.5%39.3%36.8%49.8%46.2% OmniSol Computers Pvt. Ltd. 24.8%23.3%24.9%31.3%31.4%27.4% 3S Inc.9%4.4%5.8%9.4%7.7%7.1% SPIRECOM LTD1.1%31.4%23.3%17.4%6.7%15.1% HoriZen-Y Computers Pvt Ltd. 1.3%3.1%6.5%4.8%4.1%3.9%



21 Brand Profitability Bliss ST-1EmPower XS1Neo Endure XLNeo EmPowerNeo InnovaEmpower VisioInnova UltraNeo Bliss Sales Revenue6,702,5549,868,8575,538,85215,611,48711,706,0904,986,05020,976,1505,036,647 Rebates190,400195,450102,700107,42554,75052,325231,07591,650 Cost of Goods Sold 3,519,4995,080,7793,000,2698,212,7597,921,0422,358,59114,539,6042,553,971 Gross Margin2,992,6554,592,6282,435,8837,291,3033,730,2982,575,1346,205,4712,391,026 Brand Creation/Revisi on 060,000000 Ad(s) Creation/Revisi on 30,000 Brand Advertising 129,576179,595354,339204,191331,615261,783533,713405,867 Brand Promotions 88,000100,60059,900100,60059,90064,500 Product Profit2,745,0794,222,4331,991,6446,956,5123,308,7832,158,8515,517,2581,830,659 % from Revenue 4143364528432636 Profit per Unit6981,2889701,3959181,435921681

22 Regional Profitability United StatesCanadaBrazilEuropeChina Revenues18,633,62914,690,65814,016,80015,859,90017,225,700 Rebates176,900199,475166,350244,900238,150 Cost of Goods Sold10,722,5218,684,0628,365,1938,969,12710,445,612 Gross Margin7,734,2085,807,1215,485,2576,645,8736,541,938 Sales office leases325,000186,000139,000268,000141,000 Sales force expense 3,995,7542,068,9592,125,9613,490,1261,206,547 Brand Promotions94,000144,000104,000164,50096,000 Special programs391,674264,794220,662391,674198,595 Point of Purchase Display expenses 6,400 Advertising expenses 553,149484,962424,236524,372413,967 Market research20,000 Operating expenses 5,385,9773,175,1153,040,2594,865,0722,082,509 Operating profit2,348,2312,632,0062,444,9981,780,8014,459,429 % from revenue1318171126

23 Profitability of Marketing Division Quarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4Quarter 5Quarter 6Quarter 7Quarter 8 Revenues001,132,5195,062,4936,367,54136,050,47654,573,00380,426,687 Rebates0030,70099,750115,000285,125498,7001,025,775 Cost of goods sold 00811,0282,718,4383,333,65220,301,28231,807,72247,186,515 Gross margin 00290,7912,244,3052,918,88915,464,06922,266,58132,214,397

24 Sales office leases 00170,000310,000351,000779,000 1,059,000 Sales force expense 00327,7281,206,6691,296,9946,571,6526,924,19412,887,347 Brand promotions 000000184,000602,500 Special programs 000000801,0001,467,399 Ad creation/revisio n 0060,00090,00030,000120,00089,999239,999 Point of Purchase Display expenses 008002,4003,00012,000 32,000 Advertising expenses 0070,601249,973331,859732,903622,1712,400,686 Engineering cost for new brands 0120,000060,0000240,000180,000240,000 Market research 88,000040,000 60,000 100,000 Operating expenses 88,000120,000669,1291,959,0422,072,8538,515,5559,692,36419,028,931 Operating profit-88,000-120,000-378,338285,263846,0366,948,51412,574,21713,185,466 Research and development costs 00003,865,89305,940,9690 Set up costs for new sales offices 0300,000220,00060,000700,0000560,0000 Net profit for division -88,000-420,000-598,338225,263-3,719,8576,948,5146,073,24813,185,466 Cumulative net profit for division -88,000-508,000-1,106,338-881,075-4,600,9322,347,5828,420,83021,606,296

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