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The Future of the Public Library Semi-Annual Board Meeting 2 Nov 2013.

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1 The Future of the Public Library Semi-Annual Board Meeting 2 Nov 2013

2 The future of the public library What’s the point of a public library in the digital age? What is the future of the public library?

3 The Future of the Public Library Collections Services Promotions Facilities

4 What’s in a library? Non library user: “Books” Library user: “Books, CDs, DVDs, ebooks, audiobooks, newspapers, databases, magazines, programs”

5 The evolution of collections Technology “petting zoo” – Hands on experience with different devices LibraryFarm – Organic community garden – Check out a small plot of land for free – Learn food literacy, learn and enjoy gardening Musical instruments – 3 week checkouts – Carry cases, tuners, how to guides – Karaoke machines

6 The evolution of collections Costume checkout – Santa suits – Halloween costume exchange Digital Media Lab – Cameras, microphones, keyboards, green screen, editing software Technology Tutors Human Library Project – Variety of religious and cultural backgrounds, ex- felons, disability, veterans, refugee, etc. – Local experts: plumbers, electronics, etc.

7 The evolution of collections Home energy evaluation kits – “Kill-A-Watt” electric appliance meters Magnifying glass, large type telephones Scales, blood pressure machine, portable exercise equipment Sports equipment – Fishing poles, stocked tackle box – Basketballs, frisbees, jump ropes

8 The evolution of collections Tools Toys Cooking pans and utensils Telescopes – Astronomy clubs, sky gazing parties, sidewalk events

9 The evolution of services “Hot spots” – Computer, printer, internet, small collection – Churches, non-profits, schools, etc. Self check-out Library kiosks: “ATM” for books – 400 book capacity – Touch screen browsing – Expanding the library’s presence 24/7


11 The evolution of services Mobile Apps – Check out a library book on with your phone – The handheld library – Oyster App Youth (under 30) are more likely to spend time in a library than older generations, who may just want to pick up an item and leave. Gaming – Some libraries lend video games – More offer in-library gaming programming – Wii Fit for seniors

12 The evolution of promotions Book bike – Ride around community with free book, library cards, library info pamphlets QR codes – Bus stops – Posters – Even in the stacks

13 The evolution of promotions Knowing your patrons and how to provide for them is a must to secure the future of the public library. – Changing populations – Changing economic activity – Who are our competitors? – Do they want books? Ebooks? Tools or telescopes? – Needs Assessment Project

14 The evolution of promotions Libraries of the future will be inviting, open, clean. Find ways to say “yes!” Signs of a hostile library: – Signage with the words “must,” “no,” “forbidden,” “only,” “prohibited,” “do not”

15 The evolution of facilities Q: Will there still be books in the library of the near future? A: Yes. But housing them is less of a priority. The public library of the future will have: – Multiple uses and varied spaces – Fewer physical books, more services – Natural light – Social spaces – Sense of home and community

16 The evolution of facilities Maker spaces: participatory place to create, learn, collaborate, share, craft – 3D printers – laser cutter: cutting, engraving – CNC (computer numerical control) machine: computer guided router for complex cuts ex) signs, furniture, metals, etc. – Espresso book machine




20 The evolution of facilities What about expanding the definition of a maker space? – Tools and work area – Painting and craft area – Music area – Garage – Community garden – Kitchen space

21 The evolution of facilities The book-less library – San Antonio Bexar County BiblioTech Library – Opened 14 September 2013 – E-books only – Aisles of computers, tablets, laptops, gadgets, devices – Encourages video games + educational games – Space for author visits, classes, computer training






27 The future of the public library What’s the point of a public library in the digital age? To be a relevant, inclusive, community based destination for socializing, creativity and discovery.

28 The future of the public library What is the future of the public library? Bright: – 164 million visits in 2010 to Canadian public libraries – 112 million visits to the movies in Canada in 2010 – 5 million spectators went to NHL games in Canada in 2010 – 362 million items borrowed in Canadian public libraries in 2010 – 351,000 programs in Canadian public libraries in 2010, 7 million attendees

29 The future of the public library What is the future of the public library? – 61% Canadians have a library card (41% actually use it) – 64% Canadians have a passport – 95% Canadians have access to a public library – What else do 95% of Canadians have access to? Post Office? Hospital? Tim Horton’s? Our future is good, but we’re going to look and act much different than in the past.

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