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Team 25 Define Phase Semi-Autonomous Palm Harvester SponsorDr. Okoli AdvisorsDr. OlawaleDr. Clark Student Team Ricardo AlemanGianni Alessandria Brian NewmanYuze.

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1 Team 25 Define Phase Semi-Autonomous Palm Harvester SponsorDr. Okoli AdvisorsDr. OlawaleDr. Clark Student Team Ricardo AlemanGianni Alessandria Brian NewmanYuze Liu Louis-Olivier VerretDavid Boswell Bolivar Lobo DateTuesday, September 22 nd 2013 Time5:20pm

2 RoleName IE SponsorDr. Okoli IE AdvisorDr. Olawale ME AdvisorDr. Clark Team LeaderRicardo Aleman TreasurerLouis-Olivier Verret Lead MEBrian Newman Lead IEGianni Alessandria Lead ECE & Webmaster David Boswell Six Sigma LeadBolivar Lobo Mechatronics LeadYuze (Liam) Liu Team Organization IE Sponsor Team Leader Lead ME Lead IE Lead ECE Six Sigma Lead Mechatronics Lead Treasurer IE AdvisorME Advisor 2 Ricardo

3 ›Ph.D., University of Warwick, 1996 ›Current chair of the Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering ›Research Interests include –Composite manufacturing –Metallurgic properties of casting DR. OKENWA OKOLI Sponsor 3 Ricardo

4 › Ph.D. Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, Florida State University, 2011 ›Research interests –Structural Health Monitoring –Multifunctional Composites DR. DAVID OLAWALE ›Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 2004 ›Assistant Professor ›Research interests –Robotics - legged locomotion –Dynamic system analysis –Mechanical design and fabrication DR. JONATHAN CLARK Advisors 4 Ricardo

5 ›Elaeis guineensis ›Typically grown within 20° of equator ›Trees can grow up to 20m tall ›Plantation trees usually cut around 12m ›Oil extracted from fruit pulp and kernel ›High oil yield crop ›Common cooking ingredient in SE Asia and tropical belt of Africa ›Potential use in biofuels What is an Oil Palm? 5 Ricardo

6 ›Background Research ›Project Scope ›Assumptions ›Project Deliverables Project Definition 6 David

7 Oil Palm Tree Specifications Height at 25 years 12 m Diameter 45 cm Plantation Arrangement 150 Trees Per Hectare Planting distance 9 m triangular pattern Fruit Bunch Weight 20 kg Number of fruits 200 fruits 60 – 65% fruit Useful Economic Life3 – 25 years Background Research 7 David

8 8

9 Climate Requirements Acceptable Altitudes 300 – 700 m Temperature 15 o C+ Humidity 75%+ Sunlight 5 hours/day or more Rainfall Year-round Background Research 9 David

10 ›Safety issues –Current climbing methods are risky and dangerous –Goal is to replace the climbing methods with a safer alternative Background Research 10 David

11 ›Expensive business ›Keep labor costs down ›Potential clients won’t buy complicated product ›Won’t buy expensive product AFFORDABILITY “Oil palm planters, including smallholders, will bleed red ink if palm oil prices were to dip below RM2,000 per ton, said Malayan Agricultural Producers Association (Mapa). Many of our planters borrow money from banks and issue bonds. If palm oil prices were to fall further, some planters may face difficulties in repaying the banks.” (Btimes) QUOTE Background Research 11 David

12 ›Environmental impact –PRO: Palm Oil can be used for biofuel –CON: Plantations displace rainforests Background Research Rainforest Oil Palm Plantation 12 David

13 Background Research ›Customers –Plantation owners –Plantation workers –Service companies 13 David

14 Project Scope ›Goal –Construct semi-autonomous oil palm harvesting machine ›Budget –$2,000 ›Considerations –Safety –Affordability –Efficiency –Reliability 14 David

15 Assumptions ›Tree specifications are as previously defined ›Climate –Assuming tropical climate with a lot of rainfall ›Harvesting plantations –Trees spaced in triangular pattern 9m apart ›Potential customers –Clients will not buy an expensive product 15 David

16 Team Deliverables DeliverableDue Date Define Phase Gate Review Presentation October 22 Define Phase Gate Review Report October 24 Peer EvaluationsOctober 29 Professional Engineering Licensing Agreement October 31 Peer EvaluationsNovember 26 Final Web Page DesignNovember 26 Measure Phase Gate Review Presentation December 3 Measure Phase Gate Review Report December 5 Engineering Ethics AssignmentDecember 5 Peer EvaluationsDecember 6 16 David

17 ›Business Case ›Opportunity Statement ›Needs Statement Project Charter 17 Louis

18 ›Need for an efficient harvesting method –Total global production of palm oil 45 million tons –Palm oil consumption ranges from cooking oil, margarine, soap, and detergent –Denmark, Switzerland and some U.S counties banned use of trans-fats ›This presents an opportunity for vegetable oils such as palm oil Business Case 18 Louis

19 ›Potential output for oil palm production (In thousands of hectares) Business Case 19 Louis

20 ›Actual output is world share of palm oil ›Nigeria’s plantations can be utilized better Business Case Country/Region Palm Oil Output (million metric tons) World Share Malaysia 14,962,00044% Indonesia 14,000,00042% Nigeria 800,0002% Thailand 685,0002% Colombia 661,0002% Papua New Guinea 310,0001% Cote D’Ivoire 260,0001% Brazil160,0000% 20 Louis

21 › Product opportunity – Consumption of vegetable oil went from 40 million tons to 130 million tons –Also, Belgian companies are investing in West and Central African countries’ plantations –Demand is going up for Palm Oil Opportunity Statement 21 Louis

22 ›Oil Palms have highest return per area of all oil crops ›Profits from plantations are –$960/ha for low-yield independent growers –$2,100/ha for supported growers –$2,340/ha for high yield independent growers –$3,340/ha for large scale growers Opportunity Statement 22 Louis

23 ›There exists a need for a safe, reliable method of harvesting ›This method should reduce cost of labor by requiring less work › It should improve productivity Review of Needs 23 Louis

24 ›Critical Customer Requirements (CCR) –Economic Analysis –Environmental Impact –Ethical Considerations –Health and Safety –Sustainability Analysis of Customer Requirements 24 Gianni

25 VOC FUNCTIONAL Climb Tree Trunk Identify ripe fruit Harvest fruit PORTABLE Lightweight Moves around plantation Easy to move on or off plantation SAFE Minimize ergonomic risk Low injury rate Semi-Autonomous Voice of the Customer (VOC) 25 Gianni

26 VOC FAST Low setup time High climbing speed ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY No damage to the plantation nor trees DURABLE Good quality materials Low maintenance EASY TO USE Simple design Low training requirement ON BUDGETStay within $2000 Voice of the Customer (VOC) 26 Gianni

27 ›Previous Concept: Improve Previous Prototype ›Concept 1: Treaded Robot ›Concept 2: Cart with Extendable Pole ›Concept 3:Modified Linkage ›Decision Matrix Design Concepts 27 Brian

28 ›Pros: –Already constructed ›Cons: –Heavy: ~150 lbs –Slow:~10 minutes to climb tree –Incomplete electronics –Parts may be salvageable Previous Concept Improve Existing Prototype 28 Brian

29 Pros: –Can climb over rough surfaces –Fast and lightweight –Self-stabilizing Cons: –Mechanically and electrically complex –Difficult programming Concept 1 Treaded Robot 29 Brian

30 Pros: –Very simple design –No complex programming –Easy maintenance Cons: –Less portable –More material cost Concept 2 Cart with Extendable Pole 30 Brian

31 Pros: –Has been proven to work on smooth trees –Small in size –Very fast Cons: –Somewhat complex mechanically –Likely to get stuck Concept 3 Linkage climber 31 Brian

32 Decision Matrix Cart with Extendable Pole wins 32 Brian

33 FAST OPERATION DURABLE SAFE AFFORDABLE EFFECTIVE OPERATION Make cart easy to move Make telescoping autonomous Minimize camera weight Use suitably strong materials Manage forces and mechanics Select inexpensive materials Stay energy efficient Use corrorsion-resistant materials Use sufficient battery power Improve material quality Reduce manual input with greater autonomy Develop stable platform Follow ergonomic guidelines for posture and force inputs Avoid damaging tree Simplify the design Maximize team’s effort VOC ASSESSMENT Meeting the VOC 33 Gianni

34 OPERATION PORTABILITY LOCATION CLIMBING CUTTING STABILITY Handle located at elbow level Treaded tires Initial push force < 55LB Sustained push force < 35 LB Mid-size cart with handle Elastic bands from pole to Oil Palm Tools: electric chisel, sickle, or rotary saw Manual controls for the cutter Screen on cart’s base Camera fixed to cutter Manual or automatic crank to raise telescopic pole If manual: Crank force < 10LB Telescoping mechanism Pole must reach 12m height Arduino microcontroller Mobile power source Operated by semi- autonomous manipulator on a joint Independent from tree Cart legs to stabilize on ground 34 Ricardo

35 House of Quality 35 Gianni

36 Correlations 36 Gianni

37 Results 37 Gianni

38 Competitive Analysis 38 Gianni

39 ›Safe ›Productive ›More advanced ›Rugged OUR PRODUCT ›Risky ›Inconsistent ›Expensive ›Simple HUMAN CLIMBING Conclusion 39 Ricardo

40 ›Goal –Reach the top of the tree –Locate ripe fruit –Harvest fruit –Move device easily –Minimize ergonomic risks –Prevent injuries –Minimize human input with automation Conclusion 40 Ricardo

41 Upcoming Plans 41 Ricardo

42 1.Manufacturing Facilities Design & Material Handling by F.E. Meyers, P. Stephens. 2.Quality Management 5 ed by Dr. David L. Goetsch, and Stanley B. Davis 3.Six Sigma – The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour-Course. by G. Brue and R. Howes 4.Engineering Design, G. Dieter, McGraw-Hill 5.Project Management and Team Work, K. Smith, McGraw- Hill 6. 7. IndonesianPalmOil.com_.gif IndonesianPalmOil.com_.gif 8. content/uploads/2012/06/WG_Indonesian_Palm_Oil_Benefits_Report-2_11.pdf content/uploads/2012/06/WG_Indonesian_Palm_Oil_Benefits_Report-2_11.pdf 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 2/NDJ_OilPlam_eng_booklet_130311F.pdf 2/NDJ_OilPlam_eng_booklet_130311F.pdf 14. References 42

43 Questions? 43

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