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Orthodontic Instruments and Pliers

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1 Orthodontic Instruments and Pliers

2 Ligature cutter: Distal-end cutter: For cutting ligature wire.
For cutting and holding the distal extension of the arch wire.

3 Heavy gauge cutter Bird peak pliers: Round head for rounded bends.
Sharp head for angled bends.

4 Adams pliers: -Both heads are sharp. Tweed pliers:
- Forming angled bends. -Used in forming Adams clasp. Tweed pliers: Forming twist in a rectangular arch wire, using a pair of pliers. This will induce a bucco-lingual torque of the roots.

5 Weingart pliers: Three-prong pliers For positioning and bending the
arch wire. Three-prong pliers

6 Band removing pliers Acetate tracing paper

7 Band Seater Band Pusher

8 Mathieu Forceps: Mosquito Forceps: modules.
- For ligating ligature wire. Mosquito Forceps: For placing elastics and elastic modules.

9 Elastic Modules and ligature wires:
- For tying the wire into the bracket. Ligature Director: Secure the fit of the wire into the bracket slot.


11 Removable Appliances

12 Hawley Retainer Clear Retainer

13 Band and Loop Lingual Holding Arch

14 Trans-palatal Arch (TPA) Habit Breaking Appliance
With Nance Button Habit Breaking Appliance

15 Functional Appliances

16 Activator Twin Block

17 Herbst Frankel

18 Face-bow Neck strap, Head cap

19 High-pull Headgear Cervical Headgear

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