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Kelly Parriman Co-op Pitch Out Spring & Summer 2014.

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1 Kelly Parriman Co-op Pitch Out Spring & Summer 2014

2 Accomplishments Managed the transition of the M69 HPT Disk tooling to the new supplier Conducted a pre-audit on the L38733G04 PPR Programmed wire EDM to fabricate a critical part marking fixture Assisted with the Genspect software updates Updated numerous planning packages throughout the HPT line for process improvements and safety Events Pitch In-Pitch Out Day Lean in the Carolinas – TPM / Tooling Team CFM and CF6 RAMP Events (Risk Assessment for Manufacturing Processes) M40 & M23 FTY AWO’s  Fantastic variety of complex projects completed

3 2383M83G03 STG 1 HPT GEnx Spline Problem Description: Reoccurring MRB on the profile of the spline teeth Results: FTY went from 79% to 100% Eliminated the 4 hour CMM Spline All inspection Savings: MRB cost avoidance: $26,000 / Year CMM inspection reduction: $11,254 / Part Project: Redesigned cutter Implemented new pitch target Lean Six Sigma: Statistically controlled process Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Old Cutter New Cutter

4 HPT Lifting Fixture Safety Problem Description: 4013349-904 lift device broke while being tightened onto HPT Actions: Developed a more robust fixture design Created an inspection procedure Leveraged inspection to similar lift devices Deep Dive Findings: Pin in the knob caused a weakness Vague check in the drawing - “excessive side motion” New Inspection Procedure: Total motion of knob is measured with a dial indicator. If limit is exceeded, device is repaired New design without pin

5 Volunteer Events / GE Activities Yahweh Center Brigade Boys and Girls Club Half United March of Dimes GE Softball Challenge Shotpeen and CTS Visit Trip to Durham Women’s Outing

6 Outstanding GE Experience What I Learned Importance of teaming Time / project management Effective communication Various manufacturing processes of rotating parts Lean Six Sigma concepts Computer Skills Minitab, CSCAPP, Unigraphics, Wire EDM software, MillWrite software, increased Excel skills What I Enjoyed Most Having easy access to the shop floor Working along side a well diverse team The GE culture – everyone was very helpful


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