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TSP100ECO During the design and development of this product, Star has worked on every aspect of the product life cycle from its manufacturing…  An Advanced.

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3 During the design and development of this product, Star has worked on every aspect of the product life cycle from its manufacturing…  An Advanced ECO Engineered Product –Reduction in power consumption Power consumption reduced during operation (Star Technology) Power consumption reduction during non- operation (Energy Star) –Due to its low energy consumption while idle it has been Energy Star Certified –Less than 0.05 Watts in idle state –Materials of TSP100ECO Housing uses Environmental Friendly materials –Manufacturing of Printer Factory has reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions Star Micronics purchase of Carbon Offset Credits To its field use and finally to its waste management  Product Efficiency –Reduce blank space (top margin) –Reduce length of receipt –Reduce paper width  NEW Packaging –Use of recyclable material

4 Reduction in Power Consumption The TSP100ECO satisfies the Low Power Consumption Level for ENERGY STAR. Less than 0.05 Watts in idle state

5 The power consumption at “Print Ready Mode” on TSP100ECO is only 0.76 [W]! * Reference : TSP100U = 3.2 [W] System Check Mode 1.8W Print Ready Mode 0.76W USB Plug In Printing 34.0W Yes No Is Host Powered OFF? Yes Is Host Powered ON? No Yes No System Off Mode 0.05W System Check Mode 1.8W1 * Not Zero Power Consumption After 5 seconds 0.3 - 0.5 seconds 0.2 seconds * Rolling ASCII Print * Reduction in Power Consumption Through Power Management Print Signal?

6 Reduction in Power Consumption TSP100ECO vs. Competition Conditions [TIME]24 hours/day [Cycle]7 days/Week [Receipt Qty]300 receipts/day [Length of Receipt]150 mm Printer TSP100ECOTSP143UTM-T88IVHSP7000TM-H6000III +PS-180+PS60A-24B+PS-180 PowerConsumption kWh 36.7143.561.4151.2136.1 CO 2 CO 2 Emission kg 15.460.325.863.557.2 150 mm [ Note] CO 2 calculation methods are different among countries. In this table, it is calculated by Japanese method.

7 Modification of Printer Housing The Printer Housing of the new TSP100ECO is made of Polymer Alloy, a compound manufactured from Polystyrene (PS) and Polyphenylene Ether (PPE) Environmental Significance Halogen-free ⇒ Reduction of Environmental Impact No more Dioxin emission during the manufacturing process Made with 10% of recycled material ( PS ) ⇒ Conservation of Resources Light Resistance ⇒ no more color fading New Housing Material to stress the emphasis of Star’s Environmental Consideration for use of Halogen-Free and Recycled Material in the TSP100ECO printer.

8  Reduce Blank space Capability of changing the top margin from 11mm to 3mm in 1mm increments (default setting is 3mm) With Partial Cut only using back feed Savings on Paper Consumption 11 mm 3 mm

9 75 % Compress 50 % Compress 67 % Compress 100 % Paper Saving of 50% when utilizing vertical 50% compression Paper Saving increased when using 3mm top margin + vertical 50% compression Paper Saving increased additional 33% when using 53mm paper from 80mm paper  Capability of Vertical and Horizontal Receipt Compression Vertical : 100% · 75% · 50% Horizontal : 100% · 67%

10  Configuration Utililty o Eco Settings Scaling (Compress) Horizontal Vertical Top Margin 11mm to 3mm

11 Capability to Choose if a Receipt is to be printed If yes, the receipt is printed If no, the receipt is not printed, BUT the Receipt can be saved in the PC Hard Drive This function is available with OPOS and JavaPOS for Windows, as well. Instant paper savings when the receipt is not printed!

12  Configuration Utililty o Eco Settings “On Demand”

13 ECO Analysis Tool Users can simulate Money-Save-Effect by paper saving. * This tool is only for calculation of Paper Savings, not for Power Savings, as the “Money-Savings-Effect” by Power Savings may be perceived as small. * Working days Default : 365 * Receipts per day Max : 10,000 * Receipt Length Max : 1,000 mm * Monetary Unit JPY USD HKD MYR CNY GBP EUR AUD * Top margin 3 to 11 mm * Paper width used 58 or 80 mm * Receipt length reduction Original 25% reduction 50% reduction How many receipts do you print and just how much paper could you save?


15 WHQL Certified - Certified by Microsoft ® for effortless installation ESC/POS™ Emulation - Easy drop-in replacement 2D Bar Code Printing - 2D bar codes store more information than traditional 1D types and replicate the data multiple times for better scanning reliability. QR Code is supported. Maintenance Counter Status - Keep track of how many times the auto cutter has cut and the distance that the print head has printed for hardware performance measurable Two Color Printing Capability - Highlight important information Logo Utility - Store logos and other graphics for professional receipt branding Memory Switch Utility - Fine-tune your print outs or print in different languages by enabling, changing, or disabling certain settings

16 For every TSP100ECO printer manufactured, Star Micronics purchased Carbone Emission Credit equal to the printer manufacturing and operation for the first 5 years. “Carbon offsetting is the act of counterbalancing unavoidable CO 2 emissions from your daily life or economic activities by supporting the CO 2 reduction projects conducted globally” Amount of CO2 Offset per unit: Total 33.9 kg / unit (* From Manufacturing & disposal process : 11.9 Kg / From Power consumption for 5 years : 22.0 kg)


18 FOR the END USER TO Display to their customers – they are participating in SAVING the ENVIRONMENT

19  Printer Speed is now 28RPM from 22 RPM TSP100ECO available with CUTTER (Partial Cut only) NO TEAR BAR VERSION PUTTY OR CHARCOAL GRAY COLOR USB INTERFACE Best product ever needs the best warranty ever! First year has a Swap-A-Star + 4 year full warranty (cutter and Print head included)

20  Warranty on the TSP100ECO Full 3 Year Warranty (Print Head & Cutter included) Complimentary Swap-A-Star on 1 st Year Complimentary Extend-A-Star on Year 2, 3 & 4

21 Upper Guide – Installation required for Vertical Orientation of Printer Note : Upper Guide for TSP100ECO is not compatible with Upper Guide for previous TSP100 Series.

22 XML file which was created for current TSP100 Series can be used with TSP100ECO When the USB cable is connected to host, Plug & Play will work. The AC (Power) Cable does not have to be connected.

23 Print Speed is 150mm/sec  Print Speed has been improved compared with TSP100U (125 mm/s). No Power Switch  Printer automatically goes into System-Off-Mode (0.07W), when host is shut down.  Self-Print instructions: 1.Connect Power Cable 2. Connect ONE USB Plug 3. Hold FEED Button DOWN 4. Connect OTHER USB Plug

24 Printer Specifications [1] Print Method Direct Line Thermal Printing [2] Print Resolution 8 x 8 dots / 203 dpi [3] Print Speed 28 RPM [4] Paper Feed Speed Up to 150 mm per second [5] Printable Width Max. 72 mm [6] Top Margin 3 mm – 11 mm (Default 3 mm) [7] Paper Sensors PE sensor [8] Auto-Cutter Partial cut (Guillotine) [9] Min. Cut Length 24 mm [10] Auto-Cutter Life 1 million cuts [11] Print Head Life Max. 100 million pulse / 100 Km (using recommended paper) [12] Reliability 60 million lines MCBF [13] Dimensions 142 (W) x 204 (D) x 132 (H) mm [14] Weight 1.72 kg [15] Power Supply Internal (100V – 240V) [16] Power Consumption [System Off] 0.05 W [System Check] 1.8 W [Printing] 34W

25 Paper Specifications [1] Width 80 mm / 58 mm [2] 2 Color Printing Special thermal paper required [3] Thickness 0.065 ~0.085mm [4] Roll Diameter Max 83 mm Software [1] Emulations Star Line Mode & ESC/POS [2] Code Pages 40 pages [3] Interface USB only [4] Interface Options N/A [5] DriversWindows, Linux, OPOS, JPOS, Mac,


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