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Authority Control : Names and Uniform Titles LIS 532 – Session 6.

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1 Authority Control : Names and Uniform Titles LIS 532 – Session 6

2 2 Choice of access points Chap. 21 Forms of access points (Chap ) AACR2 Part II Geographic names Corporate bodies Uniform titles Headings For Persons References

3 Name Authority Control The purposes of name authority control are: ◦ To ensure that all works by a particular author are retrievable by the same access point ◦ To ensure that only works by that author are entered under a particular heading ◦ To save the time and effort of having to establish the heading each time a work by the same author is catalogued 3

4 Unique & Uniform Headings Two important principles for headings: ◦ Unique – each name or title has a heading like no other ◦ Uniform – each heading is in the same form every time it is used All works by a particular author are entered under a uniform heading, regardless of how many names or how many forms of a name an author has used. 4

5 Ch Headings for Persons Choice of name  Choice of form  22.3 Choice of entry element  Additions for uniqueness  References from not chosen –

6 Seen From References Cutter, Charles A. (Charles Ammi), X Cutter, Charles Ammi X Cutter, C. A. (Charles Ammi) 6

7 7 Catalogue Display Cutter, Charles A. (Charles Ammi), Cutter, Charles Ammi Cutter, Charles Ammi See See Cutter, Charles A. (Charles Ammi), Cutter, Charles A. (Charles Ammi), Cutter, C. A. (Charles Ammi) See See Cutter, Charles A. (Charles Ammi),

8 MARC21 Fields for Name Authorities 1XX = authoritative heading 4XX = seen from reference 5XX = see also from / seen also from reference X00 = personal name X10 = corporate name X11 = conference name X30 = uniform title 8

9 Authority Record for Personal Name 100 1b $a Cutter, Charles A. $q (Charles Ammi), $d b $a Cutter, Charles Ammi, $d b $a Cutter, C. A. $q (Charles Ammi), $d

10 See Also References If the works of one person are entered under two different headings, make a See also reference from each heading to the other Example: Innes, Michael See also Stewart, J.I.M. Stewart, J.I.M. See also Innes, Michael 10

11 b $a Heilbrun, Carolyn G., $d b $a Heilbrun, Carolyn Gold, $d b $a Cross, Amanda, $d bb $a Her The Garnett family, bb $a Cont. auth., v. 45 $b (Heilbrun, Carolyn G(old); pseud. Amanda Cross. b. 1/13/26)

12 b $a Cross, Amanda, $d b $a Heilbrun, Carolyn G., $d bb $a Her Poetic justice, 1981, c1970: $b t.p. (Amanda Cross) verso t.p. (copr. : Carolyn Heilbrun) 670 bb $a Cont. auth., $b v. 45 (under Heilbrun, Carolyn G(old): pseud. Amanda Cross; b. 1/13/26)

13 13 Display in Catalogue Cross, Amanda, Search also under: Heilbrun, Carolyn G., Heilbrun, Carolyn G., Search also under: Cross, Amanda, Heilbrun, Carolyn Gold, Search under: Heilbrun, Carolyn G., 1926-

14 Ch Uniform titles 25.1A purposes ◦ Gather manifestations of a work ◦ Identify manifestations of a work ◦ Differentiate between works published under identical titles proper Use only when needed References –

15 Use of Uniform Titles Use of UTs is determined by factors such as ◦ How well a work is known ◦ How many manifestations of the work are involved ◦ Whether the main entry is under title ◦ Whether the work was originally in another language ◦ The extent to which the catalogue is used for research purposes 15

16 What types of works require uniform titles? Literary works (e.g., compilations and collections) Laws and treaties Sacred scriptures Liturgical works Music Complete works of a person Selections and translations of specific works 16

17 Examples Hemingway, Ernest [Sun also rises] Fiesta Uniform Title Swift, Jonathan [Gulliver’s travels] Travels into several remote nations of the world 17

18 MARC21 Bibliographic Fields for Uniform Titles 130 Main entry -- Uniform title 240 Uniform title 730 Added entry 18

19 Examples of Uniform Titles 100 1# García Márquez, Gabriel, $d Cien años de soledad. $l English One hundred years of solitude n Shakespeare, William, $d Works. $f $s New American Library 19 Uniform titles

20 20 Excerpts from Bibliographic records 100 1b $a Shakespeare, William, $d $a Hamlet $a The tragicall historie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke / $c edited and introduced by Graham Holderness and Bryan Loughrey b $a Shakespeare, William, $d $a Hamlet $a The first edition of the tragedy of Hamlet / $c by William Shakespeare b $a Shakespeare, William, $d $a Hamlet. $l French $a La tragique histoire d'Hamlet, prince de Danemark.

21 21 Name-title Authority Record $a Shakespeare, William, $d $t Hamlet $a Shakespeare, William, $d $t Ha-mu-lei-t`e $a Shakespeare, William, $d $t Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke $a Shakespeare, William, $d $t Three-text Hamlet $a Shakespeare, William, $d $t Tragicall historie of Hamlet Prince of Denmarke $a Shakespeare, William, $d $t Shakspeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark $a Shakespeare, William, $d $t First edition of the tragedy of Hamlet $a Shakespeare, William, $d $t Shakespeare's tragedy of Hamlet

22 22 Uniform Title Authority Record 130 _0 $a Talmud 430 _0 $a Talmud Bavli 430 _0 $a Babylonian Talmud 430 _0 $a Talmud, Babylonian 430 _0 $a Talmud Vavilonskii 430 _0 $a Talmoed, Babylonische 430 _0 $a Babylonische Talmoed 430 _0 $a Shas 430 _0 $a Shishah sedarim 430 _0 $a Talmud of Babylonia 430 _0 $a Talmud de Babilonia 430 _0 $a Talmud Babli 430 _0 $a Talmouth 430 _0 $a Talmod

23 23 Extracts from bibliographic records 130 0_ $a Talmud $a Talmud Bavli; `im Halakhah berurah, $b shel Avraham Yitshak ha-Kohen Kuk, be-tseruf Berur halakhah 130 0_ $a Talmud. $l English $a The Babylonian Talmud... $c Translated into English with notes, glossary, and indices under the editorship of I. Epstein _ $a Talmud. $p Avodah zarah $a Masekhet `Avodah zarah : $b `im kol ha-mefarshim _ $a Talmud. $p Avodah zarah. $l English $a Tractate Abodah zarah / $c translated by Jacob Neusner.

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