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Transferring from Chabot to UC Berkeley Robert Moore May 5, 2014.

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1 Transferring from Chabot to UC Berkeley Robert Moore May 5, 2014

2 Why Engineering? Grew up around cars, always fascinated with anything with an engine Became interested in metal fabrication Graduated from James Logan in 2002 Took welding and machining classes in high school and at Chabot, as well as GE Started at Math 55 at Chabot Went to work as a machinist for 2 years

3 Path to Transferring Decided to go back to school to pursue Engineering Started back at Chabot full time in Fall 2006 Worked ~20 hours / week while going to school Took 3 years to complete coursework at Chabot

4 Chabot Class Schedule Fall 2006Course No.UnitsSpring 2007Course No.Units History of CaliforniaHIS 123General College ChemistryChem 1A5 Pre-Calculus MathematicsMTH 205Intro/Structured Progr in C++CSCI 144 Introduction to EngineeringENGR 102Engineering Design GraphicsENGR 223 Calculus 1MTH 15 Total Units10 Total Units17 Fall 2007Course No.UnitsSpring 2008Course No.Units Computational Methods for EngineersENGR 253Engineering Circuit AnalysisENGR 434 Calculus 2MTH 25Multivariable Calculus 3MTH 35 General Physics 1PHYS 4A5General Physics 2PHYS 4B5 Total Units13 Total Units14 Fall 2008Course No.UnitsSpring 2009Course No.Units Critical Readying & CompositionENGL 1A3Critical Thinking / Writing LitENGL 43 Engineering Mechanics - StaticsENGR 363Engineering MaterialsENGR 453 Elementary Linear AlgebraMTH 63Elementary Differential EquationsMTH 43 General Physics 3PHYS 4C5Speech CommunicationSPCH 13 Fitness for Everyone 2PHED 2FFE1 Total Units14 Total Units13 Final GPA: 3.52

5 Advice for Students Work to learn all you can in your math classes, math is essential in all future classes Take advantage of the help offered by professors Master study skills while at Chabot Become skilled in Matlab

6 Differences between Chabot and Cal Pace at Cal is twice as fast as Chabot Large Classes Test are harder and very time sensitive Biggest Surprises: Not everyone at Cal is a genius A student that started at Cal doesn’t have an advantage

7 Mechanical Engineering Curriculum All can be completed at Chabot College

8 UC Berkeley Schedule Fall 2009Course No.UnitsSpring 2010Course No.Units ThermodynamicsME 403Advanced Engineering Design GraphicsE1283 Intro To Solid MechanicsME C853Engineering Mechanics 2ME 1043 Dynamic system Feedback ControlME 1323Fluid MechanicsME 1063 Environmental EconomicsECON C34Mechanical Behavior of MaterialsME 1084 Transitioning to calEDU 1981Vehicle Dynamics and Control SystemsME 1313 Total Units14 Total Units16 Fall 2010Course No.UnitsSpring 2011Course No.Units Computer Aided Mechanical DesignME 1283Mechatronics DesignME 102B3 Heat TransferME 1093Mechanical Engineering LaboratoryME 1073 Intro to Measuring systems for MechatronicsME102A4Design of microprocessor-Based systemsME 1354 Energy and Society 100ER 1004Advanced Programming with MATLABE 1773 Total Units14 Total Units13 Summer 2010Course No.Units Macro Economic AnalysisECON 100B4 Electrical Tech for Engineers (circuits)EL ENG 1004 Total Units8 GPA at graduation: 3.587

9 Student Groups at CAL Super high Mileage Vehicle CalSol FSAE

10 Senior Design Project Project Goal: –Build CNC plasma cutter table using existing hypertherm plasma cutter. –Fulfill requirements for: Mechatronics design course (ME102B) Microprocessor-based design of mechanical systems (ME135)

11 CNC Plasma Cutter - requirements Requirements – Cut 4’ x 4’ sheet – Must be semi-portable – Cost not to exceed $2000 – Maximum Cutting speed 385 in/min. – Positioning accuracy to 0.005” –Cutting tip speed must be held constant for best cutting finish

12 CNC Plasma Cutter – Design Gantry Design Chosen –Provided minimum footprint for amount of travel. –Linear bearings chosen as guide ways. Drive System –Rack and Pinion drive for X and Y chosen. –Ball screw drive for Z axis.

13 CNC plasma cutter – build All parts machined and fabricated by team. Steel Frame weldment built at my shop. CNC work done at ProFAB

14 CNC plasma cutter - results Project won best design award for spring 2011.

15 Ekso Bionics (Formerly Berkeley Bionics) First job out of CAL, hired October 2011 Designed improvements for Ekso robotic suit Worked on grant funded by DARPA for advanced hydraulic pump research

16 Hyd pump & test stand Project Overview –DARPA grant funded project to build low- noise high efficiency mobile hydraulic system. –Worked with subcontractor to design hydraulic pump. All actuation designed in house. Project required a test stand to be designed to evaluate performance of new pumps versus existing technology.

17 Test Stand - Requirements Test stand must run two pumps simultaneously Must record enough data to calculate pump efficiency ( mechanical, volumetric and overall) Must be easily adapted to various pumps Hydraulic loading –Constant load for efficiency experiments –Dynamic load to simulate leg actuation on HULC device.

18 Test stand - design Measurements Required: –P1a, P2a, P1b, P2b - Pressure –Qa, Qb – Flow rate –ω – Shaft speed –Τ act – Input torque –Fluid Temperature –Displacement Position

19 Test stand - design Breadboard platforms created to allow maximum versatility. Static load provided by needle valve flowing through a flow-meter

20 Features adjustable inertia as well as a separate damping cylinder to provide external loading. Test stand - design Dynamic load designed to replicate inertia of leg from HULC. Inverted pendulum chosen as inertial load.

21 Test stand – results on existing pump Existing gear pump results from test stand

22 ZEE.AERO Hired November 2013 Working on Power and Propulsion team From

23 Any Questions? e-mail me any questions: Information:

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