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1 中國砂輪公司版權所有 © 非經同意不得轉載或翻印 KINIK Company ( 1560. TT )

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1 1 中國砂輪公司版權所有 © 非經同意不得轉載或翻印 KINIK Company ( 1560. TT )

2 2 中國砂輪公司版權所有 © 非經同意不得轉載或翻印 Company Profile Paid-in Capital : NTD $ 1,410 M No. of Employees : 1,555 ( July, 2013 ) Business Items : Traditional abrasives, diamond disk, reclaimed wafer and Others Head Office : No.10, Yanping S. Rd., Jhongjheng Dist., Taipei City 10043, Taiwan ( R.O.C. ) Factory Location : Yingge Township 、 Shulin City 、 Hsinchu Ind. Park, Zhubei City

3 3 中國砂輪公司版權所有 © 非經同意不得轉載或翻印 +7.3% +2.6% Combination of Main Products - 2013 H1 (Million) Kinik diamond disk and reclaimed wafer have outstanding performance in 2013 H1. YoY of diamond disk and reclaimed wafer is 18% and 7% separately. The conventional product keeps stable performance. Unit: Million NTD +18.1% -3.4%

4 4 中國砂輪公司版權所有 © 非經同意不得轉載或翻印 Performance of Gross Margin Inspired by the growth of the semiconductor related products, the gross margin in Q2 increase more 4% than Q1, which reaches 29.85%. Year Percentage

5 5 中國砂輪公司版權所有 © 非經同意不得轉載或翻印 Output Q’ty of Reclaimed Wafer -2013 H1 Unit: K pcs Compared with last year, the output of 8’’and 12’’ rises 3% and 6% respectively. We will follow our customer’s step to raise 12’’ production quantity in the future. +2.9% +6.1%

6 6 中國砂輪公司版權所有 © 非經同意不得轉載或翻印 Sales Performance of Dia. Disk -2013 H1 +9.3% +42.4% Unit: Million NTD The demand for Kinik’s diamond disk will increase with the strong growing demand of advanced process in semiconductor. Compared with the last year, Kinik’s DG Disk and SDG Disk create 9% and 42% growth rate

7 7 中國砂輪公司版權所有 © 非經同意不得轉載或翻印 Year Percentage Sales Analysis of Dia. Disk-1 Remark : 1.A single company, for example. 2.12’’ is on behalf of other process used in a proportion in addition to the advanced process.

8 8 中國砂輪公司版權所有 © 非經同意不得轉載或翻印 Sales Analysis of Dia. Disk-2 Year In pace with the rise of capacity utilization in Taiwan’s foundry and the enhance of market share in advanced process, the sales revenue of Kinik’s diamond disk will continue rising in the future. Percentage

9 9 中國砂輪公司版權所有 © 非經同意不得轉載或翻印 New Product Development -Electroplated Diamond Cutter For machining of optical glass 、 sapphire and cover glass etc. Used for processing panel glass of smart phone and tablet PC, from grinding,drilling, broaching to edge-chamfering. High precision and high processing efficiency.

10 10 中國砂輪公司版權所有 © 非經同意不得轉載或翻印 GlassStrengthening Frame pattern TP sensor process Glass CNC machining Glass cutting OGS (One Glass Solution) procedure Applications of OGS process 2nd strengthening Electroplated diamond cutter used

11 11 中國砂輪公司版權所有 © 非經同意不得轉載或翻印 Capacity of electroplated diamond cutter Remark: Because of making different specifications, the average capacity per line will decline.

12 12 中國砂輪公司版權所有 © 非經同意不得轉載或翻印 Current Customers Analysis Current Customers W company T company G company U company C company I company A company Percentage 82.78%11.59%1.66% 0.33%

13 13 中國砂輪公司版權所有 © 非經同意不得轉載或翻印 Thank you !

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