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SUBASE Kings Bay MWR Facility/Program “Bundling Initiatives”

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1 SUBASE Kings Bay MWR Facility/Program “Bundling Initiatives”

2 A strategy which looks to combine/partner two or more things with the intention of creating greater efficiency and effectiveness Can be used for programs, facilities, and/or staff/job positions Is a customer-focused strategy which looks at delivering what customers want in the most efficient way possible

3 Outdoor Adventure Center co-located with Information, Tickets, and Travel and staffs bundled. Combined two like facility programs and staffs at prime location to increase foot traffic, save labor expenses, and improve program delivery while meeting program standards.

4 Identified standard of services we wished to provide (only offer ITT services, tickets that our customer base wants) Formulated staffing model necessary to deliver to the standard desired Developed a plan and gained command approval and buy-in Renovated facility and cross-trained staff Performed necessary BBA’s and edited job PD’s

5 Organization prior to bundling OAC Manager NF-03 Engine Repairer WG-08 Administrative Clerk NF-02 Customer Service Rep. NF-01 ITT Manager NF-03 Recreation Assistant NF-02

6 Organization after bundling Parks/OAC Outdoor Lead NF-02 Rec Aide NF01 Rec Aides (2) Seasonal NF01 Engine Repairer WG-08 ITT/OAC Office Lead NF-02 Customer Service Rep NF02 Customer Service Rep Seasonal NF02

7 Results Decreased labor expenses by $40K annually through BBA and more flexible/seasonal staff Increased revenue by $10K annually through improved focus on business management and delivering what the customer asks for Decreased facility footprint and provided greater coverage with more bodies assigned to one facility Lessons Customers realized little negative impact and many provided positive feedback as more is available at one location Training staff in new programs is difficult and takes time and in-depth training resources There are some issues you can’t plan for but that does not mean success cannot be accomplished

8 This initiative revolves around utilizing one cross-programmer to satisfy Liberty/Outdoor Recreation/Fitness standards Programming for our 18-25 year-old population was identified as an area for improvement and national trends show outdoor recreation and high-adrenaline programming to meet that need

9 Results By programming for all departments, programs will have better focus with 1 position and there will be $80K in labor savings instead of having the 3 positions. This person will also assume the role of Navy Adventures Unleashed Coordinator and will focus on delivering extreme, adrenaline-filled adventure and fitness programs for service members ages 18-25 Lessons Programming across multiple program areas is hard and team buy-in is crucial Customers care less about who is delivering and more about what and how it is being delivered

10 1 Multi-purpose park which will service: Extreme fitness and outdoor programming focused at 18-25 year old population and families, Aquatics, and Special Events Bundling of Conference Center and Liberty Center staffing/counter – this will save labor dollars and streamline staffing/facility management Utilize NEX contractor to deliver automotive services – decrease labor spending and increase auto services on the installation

11 Not cookie cutter solutions Thought process which must be taken and viewed against unique installation situations EX. Kings Bay: rural location, high number of 18-25 y/o patrons, medium size, direct competition from Jacksonville area, facility locations Step 1: Overcome military recreation traditions “we always did it this way” Step 2: Brainstorm for ideas that will work at your installation What facilities struggle, do we have any program duplication, is a program manager needed for each program or can we “dual-hat” positions Step 3: Develop plan and begin implementing Seek funding for creative ideas, achieve command buy-in, put projects in strategic plans, perform BBA’s, develop new position descriptions, recruit to fit the need

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